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H.P.S.T Chapter 188: The Best Christmas Present

Evan and Hermione looked at each other, and the mood in the word became strange.

“This scarf!” Hermione hesitated, her voice dwindling. “I originally intended to sew a Gryffindor lion on it, but I couldn’t do it. So in the end…”

“Don’t worry about this, Hermione!” Seeing Hermione’s appearance, Evan smiled and said, “In fact, I really like this pattern, and this scarf.”

“But it isn’t as good as the one sent by Cho Chang. It’s too badly sewn.” Hermione’s face was a seductive crimson. She said nervously, “I did this kind of thing for the first time. I’m not very skilled in some areas. I should have…”

“You still don’t understand, Hermione? This scarf may have many shortcomings, and its workmanship is not too fine, but I did receive the first thing that my girl had personally sewed for me. In fact, this intention is what touched me the most.”

Hermione blushed more and more when she heard Evan’s words. She looked down and couldn’t speak, and she seemed to be shy to the extreme.

It was rare to see Hermione like this. Evan couldn’t help but be moved. From the top down, his eyes fell uncontrollably onto the girl’s skin outside her pajamas. Looking at Hermione’s slender, white wrists and ankles, Evan gulped and couldn’t tell why, a strange, but very strong, strange feeling rose from the bottom of his heart.

Evan had a feeling that if he did something at this time, Hermione would not object.

“Hermione …”

As he was about to continue, Harry suddenly looked up and said, “Evan, Hermione, do you see Sirius’s present, how can I find it?”

“Sirius’s present?!”

Hearing Harry’s reminder, Evan and Hermione paused for a moment, and the strange feeling vanished instantly. They hurriedly looked down.

In the pile of presents, they saw the presents of Hagrid and Lupin, and even Professors McGonagall, Professor Flitwick, and Professor Sprout wrote Christmas cards to them, but there was no present from Sirius Black.

This was impossible. He didn’t dare to say it, but Evan saw Sirius personally ordering a Firebolt for Harry at the Owl Post Office. This should be the most important Christmas present of this year. Nobody but Black was generous enough to buy a Firebolt for a young wizard, not even Lucius Malfoy.

As the latest model, limited edition world-class flying broom, the price of the Firebolt was out of this world, more expensive than the broomsticks of all the young wizards in the school.

“How is it that Sirius’s present is not here, Professor Lupin clearly…”

Harry was halfway through his sentence, when he suddenly stopped. He saw the door of the ward being opened, and Sirius Black came in with a smile. .

The appearance of Sirius was different from what Evan, Harry, and Hermione remembered of him. Just a week ago, when they met in the castle last time, Sirius’s face was thin and sloppy, and it was surrounded by unkempt, black and long hair.

But now?!

Sirius wore a brand new sky blue robe, he had shorter hair, clean and tidy, and full cheeks, which made him look younger, closer to Sirius from 12 years ago, closer to his handsome image before he was caught.

“Sirius?!” Harry sat up from the bed and looked at Black in disbelief. He rubbed his eyes hard and thought he was in a dream.

When Professor Lupin came yesterday, he also told them that Sirius’s case was on going the Ministry of Magic. The Wizengamot’s trial had reached a critical point, and he couldn’t get out just yet.

But now, what is he seeing?!

It was simply unbelievable that Sirius actually appeared in the ward of the Hogwarts School Hospital in front of them.

“Merry Christmas, Harry, Evan, Hermione!” Sirius opened his arms and smiled. “How are your three little bodies recovering?”

“We’re fine, Sirius!” Harry hurriedly yelled. He jumped out of bed and walked over to give Black a big hug. Evan and Hermione also embraced him.

The three of them had their first large, burden free smile in a long time.

Ever since they knew that Peter Pettigrew was Ron’s rat, and knew the truth of all the events of the year, knowing that Sirius Black was being wrongly shackled, Evan, Harry, and Hermione were having a depressed and tense mood.

They had to be cautious in dealing with everything; for fear that Peter Pettigrew would run away.

This uneasiness peaked when Ron was controlled by Peter Pettigrew, Professor Lupin was accused of attacking his students, and Sirius was caught by Snape, almost pressing everyone out of breath.

However, now that Sirius was swaying in Hogwarts, the three of them knew that everything was over, and they finally succeeded in proving Black’s innocence.

“Sirius, how are you?” Harry said with a red eye, his tears flowed out of control.

“I am fine, Harry!” Sirius gently rubbed his head, his face full of kindness and love. “I dare say that you three certainly haven’t looked at the “Daily Prophet” this morning. With your help and effort, I have been acquitted by the Wizengamot, just earlier.”

Hearing his words, Evan hurriedly found the “Prophet Daily” mixed in the pile of presents. The front page headlines of the magazine were the smiling Sirius Black and the haggard and sad Peter Pettigrew. The photos of the two people were in stark contrast.

Below the photo was a big article title: Black was found innocent by the Wizengamot, and Peter Pettigrew is found guilty of treason and will be sent to Azkaban.

Evan briefly looked at the case. The article described the trial process, the story of Sirius Black, the evidence against Peter Pettigrew and so on.

Taking into account the impact of this incident, the Wizengamot launched a special approval procedure. After the routine evidence and inquiry, there was the final vote, which was amazingly quick. After Black’s case, there was the trial of other crimes committed by Peter Pettigrew.

“It’s really a shame that I can’t kill Peter Pettigrew myself, but I have to say that things are actually quite good now.” Sirius said with a smile.

“This is already the best outcome possible!” Harry rubbed his tears, hugged Sirius tightly again, his body trembled and he looked very excited.

Next, the four people talked a lot.

They kept talking about the truth of the events of the year, about what happened in the castle a few days ago, about the future, and so on.

Especially Harry, he kept talking about his future plans.

“Ok, ok, you three, these words can be said later, we have time.” Sirius smiled and said, “Today is Christmas, you are not going to stay in the ward all day.”

Evan, Harry, and Hermione looked up at Sirius in amazement.

“Come on, I have seen Dumbledore before I came. He agreed to let me take you three out to go shopping.” Sirius said happily, “I haven’t sent you a Christmas present yet, but I’ve got a surprise ready for each of you.”


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