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H.P.S.T Chapter 195: Kreacher and Regulus

“What happened above?” Sirius pulled Evan up and asked in a hurry. “We just heard the scream, a dying man’s scream.”

“Yes, that horrible sound was terrible; it seemed to reach the deepest part of the soul, giving a chilling feeling.” Hermione nodded, her eyes fixed on Evan, and then said with concern, “What happened to you Evan?”

“My scar hurts, I feel like … “said Harry.

“Don’t worry, I’m all right. That sound was made when I broke this thing.” Evan passed Slytherin’s Locket.

Although this Horcrux was no longer useful, he did not throw it away.

Not to mention its possible link to Slytherin’s treasure, this pendant itself has great collection value.

The weird text lines above also made Evan very concerned.

Salazar Slytherin could not have left these things on the locket box for no reason. They couldn’t be simple decoration; he should be conveying some kind of message.

Evan speculated that if those lines were not words, they should be a very rare magical array that even Voldemort himself had not found.

Although this possibility was very low, it could not be denied.

Evan was going to head back and study to see if he could make any new discoveries related to them.

“Is this?” Sirius stared at the locket in his hand, his eyes focused on the uppercase letter S, and he seemed to have seen a similar pattern somewhere.

“This is the Locket handed down by Salazar Slytherin himself. The uppercase S letter is a special emblem of the Slytherin family.”

Sirius was so stunned, no wonder he felt he had seen this pattern before.

In the book ” Nature’s Nobility: A Wizarding Genealogy “, the third series of pure blood wizards introduced is the Slytherin family. The most memorable thing about it is the snake-like family emblem.

“This Slytherin’s Locket, I just found it in the dining room’s window. Because of curiosity, I took it out, and then I found something wrong. This pendant was talking to me. It’s a black magic item.” Evan explained, “Harry, Hermione, do you remember Tom Riddle’s Diary we met last year? If I’m not mistaken, this locket and the diary are the same kind of thing.”

Hearing him, Harry and Hermione turned pale in an instant, and they understood what Evan wanted to say. This Locket was a magic item left by Voldemort.

Looking at Harry and Hermione’s eyes, Evan nodded.

In fact, he had just thought the matter through and finally decided to say it, instead of continuing to conceal it.

Now that this Horcrux had been destroyed, it was natural to tell Dumbledore about it, and there was no more need to conceal the matter. Although it was a coincidence, it was good luck to discover and destroy this Horcrux.

Sirius, Harry, and Hermione were also there. Dumbledore would have no doubts and would not think too much.

What’s more, through the capture of Peter Pettigrew, Evan suddenly realized that Dumbledore was not as he imagined. Since he was that tolerant, Evan could get more freedom with his actions.

The mood on the stairs was heavy, and Harry and Hermione were pale and bloodless. They were still immersed in the horrible news brought by Evan.

“Tom Riddle’s diary, what are the three of you talking about?”

Only Sirius did not know what was going on. They hurriedly explained to him and told him about what happened last year.

“I don’t understand. If this Locket is a black magic item made by Voldemort, why is it in this house?” Sirius’s face became more serious.

“This question should be asked to Kreacher, he should know.” Evan whispered.

They returned to the dining room and Sirius immediately summoned Kreacher.

Kreacher was still holding the old, dusty and wormhole filled green tapestry. He stood in front of the cold, empty fireplace and looked at them four contemptuously.

“Young Master, what do you call old Kreacher for?” Kreacher said hoarsely with his bullfrog voice, bowed low and whispered to his knees. “After destroying the Black family’s collection, the young Master and the three nasty little brats he brought back still have more plans…”

“Don’t say these words in front of me again.” Sirius said, “I have a question to ask you, you must answer truthfully, understand?”

“Yes, Master!” Kreacher bowed low. .

Evan saw his lips squirming silently, undoubtedly meditating on the insulting words that he had just been forbidden to say.

“This Locket!” Sirius threw Slytherin’s Locket over. “It’s not something from the Black family. Where did you get it?”

“This, this is the Locket of young Master Regulus!” Holding the Locket, Kreacher shivered and shook.

“My brother’s?” Sirius stared. He had just heard the explanations from the three of them, knowing that this was a magic item made by Voldemort.

It seemed to be similar to what he imagined; it should be Voldemort who made Regulus save this thing.

Although he didn’t know what they planned to do, it was definitely not a good thing.

“The Locket of the young Master Regulus!” Kreacher gasped, and his dry chest was undulating. “Kreacher made a mistake and failed to execute the young Master’s orders!”

Then he let out a scream to coagulate blood.

In the next second, Kreacher rushed to the fire stick at the fireside with extraordinary speed. Harry standing beside him instinctively reacted and rushed to catch him.

Kreacher was still resisting, and Evan rushed to help Harry.

Hermione’s screams mixed with Kreacher’s cry, but Sirius’s snoring was louder than all of them.

“Enough, Kreacher, I order you not to move!”

Kreacher immediately stopped struggling, tears flowing down his long nose into his open mouth, into which a gray tooth could be seen.

Evan and Harry were panting on top of him, and Sirius came over to separate them. He held Kreacher in his hand and swayed him violently, as if the house-elf were a ragged dress.

“Tell me everything you know, where did this Locket come from? And what did my brother Regulus have to do with it?” Sirius shouted loudly. “I command you; tell me everything about the Locket!”

Kreacher’s reaction towards Sirius was abnormal. He told him that this Locket had a lot to do with the death of his brother, and what they had done in that year.


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