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H.P.S.T Chapter 214: Evan’s Attack

“Impedimenta!” Evan shouted, and a red light appeared at the end of his wand.

He used the Impediment Jinx tripping up an Inferius that had just climbed the island.

On the rock behind, more Inferi emerged from the water, merely stepped over the fallen bodies and walked over again.

Evan kept issuing several curses to delay the progress of the Inferi.

Then he pointed his wand at the rock under their feet and focused on the stone. When he had his duel against Snape a few days ago, he saw the latter turn a round wooden table into a big black snake, and cast a continuous spell to turn the snake into small, dense cobras.

These powerful, seemingly wonderful spells belong to the category of Transfiguration.

The principle is exactly the same as that of turning a hedgehog into a teapot that Evan learned in Professor McGonagall’s Transfiguration class.

But the more complex things are, and the shorter the completion time is, the higher the difficulty of casting becomes.

What Snape did, turning a round wooden table into a giant python, and then transforming the giant python into dozens of cobras, required a high degree of casting skills, theoretical knowledge of Transfiguration and a lot of magical power.

Evan was not yet able to do such a thing, but it gave him a hint.

In a situation where magic can’t grow and improve rapidly and one can’t use powerful black magic at will, mastering various spells and techniques such as Transfiguration is very helpful to enhance the combat strength and win a battle.

The Dueling club held by Lockhart last year, where two people held their wands and stood in place to spell at each other, showed a relatively low-level form of combat.

A real wizard duel, besides the spell competition, depends on whose reaction is quicker.

More flexible use of the surrounding terrain, as well as the ability to mix and match different spells can win duels.

As the basis of all magic, Transfiguration is an important part of this.

Of course, this concerns only battles between wizards in the general sense.

When talking about wizards as strong as Dumbledore and Voldemort, the battle between them would have a completely different style, beyond everyone’s imagination.

Evan pointed his wand at a rock not far away, and quickly recited a spell in his mouth, focusing on his target.

He had never tried to make such a big stone change before.

He wasn’t skilled to make it work, not before a lot of Inferi passed. But then the rock gradually began to change.

“Success!” Evan looked at the stones on the shore of the lake happily.

Under his control, this blue-black boulder rose slowly.

It seemed to become alive, and it began to change, growing arms and legs that, although extremely rough in outline, were visible, in a monstrous shape.

It is well known that the Troll is a notoriously fearsome creature that is 12 feet tall and weighs more than a ton. It is extremely aggressive, powerful, but stupid.

The rock was changing towards the shape of a troll and then suddenly stopped.

That was already Evan’s limit. Although he did not succeed in making a montrollster, but for a 12-year-old wizard like him, it is an achievement to turn a boulder that’s over a dozen feet long into a living object.

Now, this boulder looks more like a stone giant.

It staggered and stood up, debris and dust flying, with a sultry momentum.

In front of it, those dark, terrifying Inferi were like children.

Crash, crash!

Between the rock and rock, there was a huge, heart-rending rubbing sound.

On the island, everyone stopped their attacks, surprised to see the giant who suddenly appeared. Even the thoughtless Inferi were stunned, staring expressionlessly with their blank spider web filled eyeholes.

No one could imagine that Evan had actually created such a big creature.

Looking at its appearance was enough to make everyone feel scared…

Only Evan himself knew that this stone giant was only really powerful on the outside. In fact, the attack power was nothing to rave about. Because of its massive size, it consumed a lot of magical power.

Feeling the magic draining inside him, Evan knew that he couldn’t take much more time. He hurriedly controlled the stone giant to launch an attack.

The Inferi seemed to be scared and dumbfounded. With an amazing explosive force, the Stone Giant swept all the Inferi that had climbed up on the right side of the island back into the lake.

Bang! ! !

The violent impact of the collision, and the deafening sound continued.

In just a few seconds, after a storm of attacks, Evan gasped and let go of control of the stone giant. It fell heavily to the ground, crushing around six Inferi, causing the horrifying sound of their bones as they cracked.

Everyone was stunned by what happened in the blink of an eye, and even Dumbledore looked at the stone giant that fell to the ground and broke into pieces.

In his opinion, Evan’s magic was somewhat flashy, there were a lot of flaws in his execution, his magic was not perfect enough, and…

But considering Evan’s age, it was really good that he was able to do this. That was not easy at all.

Dumbledore could see that the kind of childish attack that Evan had just made was actually an exercise and a bold attempt.

Giving him enough time and training, this child’s future holds limitless potential.

There was a glimmer of anxiety in Dumbledore’s eyes, and he re-thought about the fact that when the boat arrived, it quickly sank after Evan came up.

No one knew that he had consumed nearly a quarter of his magical power to drag the boat down.

That showed that Evan had already a quarter of Dumbledore’s magic.

That was of course impossible. Dumbledore was well aware of his own current magic status. At his age, although his actual combat power might be getting weaker due to physical reasons, etc… the magic within him was at the pinnacle of what a wizard could aspire to have.

It’s not just Evan, even Sirius couldn’t have so much magic.

Dumbledore had just quietly thought it over, and while Evan’s current magic status was extremely good compared to his peers, it was incomparable a quarter of his own.

This wasn’t Evan’s own magic. That meant that Evan must have carried a powerful magic item on him. What could it be?!

Dumbledore looked at Evan carefully, and his pale blue eyes were full of curiosity.

Like Tom Riddle back in the day, this student brought too much surprise to him.

In all honesty, Dumbledore did not like the feeling of Evan being beyond his control.

However, he did not intend to take action. What happened to Tom Riddle had taught him enough.

Over the years, Dumbledore had been thinking about Riddle going further and further along the wrong path, and he had an escapable responsibility for what he did.

Gellert Grindelwald, his once intimate friend, left a deep impression on him.

Dumbledore had thought that he had forgotten those things, but many years later, when he saw the young Tom Riddle in the orphanage, it was like seeing Gellert again.

He knew he had to stop the young Riddle, preventing him from becoming the second Grindelwald and preventing him from going astray to become the second Dark Lord.

But he failed, and the end result was even worse.

Dumbledore sighed; the idea came to his mind that he was maybe doomed to fail.

Perhaps that was the root causing of all the unfortunate events that followed.


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