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H.P.S.T Chapter 219: Christmas Carnival in Diagon Alley

A date… it was another date!

Hermione’s face was red, and she remembered the last time she was alone with Evan. The two of them went to Hogsmeade on the last day of the last semester, spent a whole day there, and even went to Madam Puddifoot’s Tea Shop…

Hermione’s heart beat increased slightly, and her thoughts returned to the lovers’ Tea Shop, which was all pink with its air filled with lovely aromas.

She thought of what Evan was going to do to her under the big Christmas tree, he was about to kiss her, and almost succeeded.

When it came to Evan’s actions, Hermione couldn’t tell whether she was surprised, expecting them or…

Anyway, her heart was beating stronger and stronger, and her face was getting redder.

In fact, she didn’t expect Evan to be so bold at the time as to kiss her, and if he did, she didn’t know what to do.

Fortunately, he wasn’t successful at that time, and reason told Hermione that it was the right thing.

It was undeniable that she really liked Evan. But Hermione was not sure if Evan liked her, or if he was just influenced by the atmosphere in the Tea Shop.

She was overwhelmed at the time, and there were so many couples doing that.

In that atmosphere, anyone couldn’t help but do something stupid.

In Hermione’s view, Evan was so good, so magical, always the focus of people’s chats, and there were many girls in the school who liked him.

For example, Ravenclaw’s Cho Chang, she was much more beautiful than her.

Hermione was a bit frustrated. She was just a bookworm who only knew how to read. She was not very good-tempered, nor was she very good looking.

She was nothing like Cho, boys should all like girls like her.

Every time Cho passed by them, Evan, Harry, and Ron, the three of them looked up at her.

Therefore, Hermione had always been unsure whether Evan really liked her.

But after that, they had experienced this series of events together.

Whether it was the horrible werewolf attack, or next when Professor Lupin was accused by Ron, the plot of Peter Pettigrew, the rescue of Sirius, the search for Regulus in a dangerous cave, etc. The things that kept happening in the past few days felt like they lasted centuries to Hermione.

Many times, they had been near death.

While maintaining a high degree of mental stress, Hermione and Evan became more and more intimate.

At any time, Evan kept protecting her, disregarding his own life.

While Hermione was moved, she trusted Evan in the depths of her heart, and other unclear emotions were getting stronger and stronger.

She suddenly regretted that she had not taken the opportunity to clarify their relationship at Madam Puddifoot’s Tea Shop last time, perhaps she should had been more outgoing…

It was really a pity to miss that chance, and one thing was certain, that she had absolutely no courage to go there again with Evan.

But she still had the chance to have a Christmas party tonight.

They were all in the festive Diagon Alley, where the atmosphere was even better than Hogsmeade, and there should never be disturbances from monsters like werewolves and Inferi.

Hermione was increasingly expecting this evening to be a real date with Evan.

She peeked at Evan, and if there was a chance like the last time at Madam Puddifoot’s Tea Shop, she would take it.

The atmosphere in the narrow little patio behind the Leaky Cauldron was somewhat different.

Neither of them knew how it started, but Evan and Hermione suddenly quieted down. They were talking about Regulus, and then neither of them spoke.

Evan was scratching his head, his heart pounding.

Through the bar’s neon lights, he saw that Hermione’s face showed an attractive pink color, like a ripe apple, ready to be bitten.

He subconsciously took a half step forward and was getting closer and closer to Hermione.

Their palms were all sweaty, and the strange atmosphere was getting more and more intense.

Evan looked carelessly into Hermione’s eyes, and he found that the girl’s fascinating gaze had a hint of fanaticism that looked particularly appealing.

He and Hermione looked at each other and the two of them hurriedly looked away.

Evan couldn’t explain why he just felt Hermione’s special beauty tonight.

Just as he summoned up his courage and was about to say something, the stone wall in front of him suddenly began to move, scaring them.

Evan and Hermione hurriedly turned their heads. In front of them, a small hole appeared in the middle of the stone wall leading to Diagon Alley. The hole grew bigger and bigger, and in a short while, a wide archway appeared in front of them, enough to let them pass through, leading to a winding, invisible cobblestone street.

“Merry Christmas, Children” A group of wizards dressed in red and green festive costumes stepped out and cheerfully greeted Evan and Hermione.

They hurried through the two people, ready to have a drink in Diagon Alley.

Evan and Hermione looked at each other, slightly embarrassed, and Evan was so clumsy that he didn’t know what to do or where to put his hands.

Seeing his nervous appearance, Hermione suddenly smiled. The corners of her mouth rose slightly, her smiling eyes bent into a beautiful crescent shape.

She bit her lip, took Evan’s right hand and stepped forward into Diagon Alley.

This evening, Diagon Alley had a special charm, almost all the shops were brightly lit.

The streets were filled with cheerful Christmas songs. There were rows of Christmas trees on both sides, which were covered with various decorations and Christmas gifts. Some of them had small icicles with sparkling crystals, and some trees were littering with hundreds of candles. Through the Christmas trees, you could see that behind the brick wall there was also a special magic, hanging with holly and mistletoe flower ribbons, color changing.

There were also those grotesque mascots, each of which looked extraordinarily odd, some dressed up as wizards, and some transformed by Transfiguration.

The scent of sweet food perfumed the streets, and the whole street was filled with revellers, dancing and celebrating the arrival of Christmas.

“Look over there, Evan,” said Hermione happily, with a sweet smile on her face and a look of high spirits.

Along the direction of her finger, Evan saw a small square at Gringotts on the front, with a red Christmas hat, more than 20 inch Paper Dragon flew over the head of the crowd, over which was a goblin that continued to throw Christmas gifts into the crowd below.

Those gifts were glittering golden galleons; many wizards were grabbing these gold coins below, bursting into loud laughter from time to time.

Evan knew that those gold coins should be fake, or else the Goblins would not have done such a thing with their stinginess and greed.

Instead of joining the carnival crowd, they strolled aimlessly on the lively streets and chatted happily.

Every shop had a celebration and free Christmas gifts.

The sound of magical fireworks rang from time to time above their heads, and was not muffled like ordinary firecrackers, but made explosions like artillery bombardments, engulfing the crowd in smoke of various colors.

Inside the fireworks’ smoke, there were various kinds of egg gifts.

Evan picked up an Admiral’s hat and put it on the top of his head, it was especially funny.

Hermione wanted a straw hat that looked particularly cute in pink, and they ran around in Diagon Alley with other wizards.

They followed the direction of firecrackers landing and collected gifts everywhere on the ground.

At the door of Gambol and Japes Wizarding Joke Shop, a gift box burst open with a bang, a burst of green smoke drifted by. Evan saw the pink hat fall into the alley not far away, and he hurriedly pulled Hermione and ran over.

In front of them, there was a lonely and quiet alley, and there was no one walking in. Like the outside, there was a towering Christmas tree in the alley with mistletoe and dozens of candles hanging out, emitting a faint, hazy light that looked very romantic.


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