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H.P.S.T Chapter 220: Sweetness Under the Mistletoe

Mistletoe, as the name suggests, is a parasitic plant that grows on other trees.

It is evergreen, representing hope and fertility.

There is a popular saying in the United Kingdom, that is: No mistletoe, no happy!

Even in the magic world, it is regarded as a traditional evil repellent, with great magic power, often hung by wizards in doorways to prevent bad luck or evil black magic invasion. On top of that, it had many other uses.

For example, in divination, the green branches of mistletoe are used for divination.

The white or red berry juice that it produces in winter is one of the essential ingredients for making Felix Felicis potion, which can bring good luck to the user.

Mistletoe is also known as the “Golden Bough of Life” in Muggle traditional history and culture.

It is said that on Christmas Day, as long as the girl passes by or stands where the mistletoe hangs, the man next to her can walk up and kiss her.

Looking at the Christmas tree shining in front of her eyes, and the mistletoe hanging from it, somehow, Hermione suddenly remembered this old custom.

She looked at Evan slyly, her eyes both expecting and a little scared.

She seemed to want Evan to take the initiative. But if Evan really came over, she had no idea what to do.

“Let’s find it, Hermione, I saw that hat drop here…” Evan gasped, not noticing Hermione’s strange reaction.

He held up his wand and whispered Lumos Spell, and began to look for it in the dark alley. There was nothing on the ground. Evan thought for a moment that when the hat fell, it might hang on the huge Christmas tree in front of him.

He looked up and looked at the branches of the Christmas tree from top to bottom.

“Evan” Hermione shouted softly, her heart beating fiercely.

She remembered the determination she had just made in the patio that she should take the initiative tonight and seize the opportunity. It was an excellent opportunity.

“Did you find that hat?” Hermione called, and Evan hurriedly lowered his head and suddenly stopped when she spoke.

Hermione was very close to him, ant they looked at each other in the eyes.

When their eyes met instantly, he even stopped breathing.

At that moment, Evan was completely conquered by Hermione’s beauty.

His heart was full of strange feelings. Perhaps this was the feeling of love. He made up his mind that the girl in front of him was the one he liked, and he was willing to give everything to protect her, even his life.

Hermione’s face was reddish, and her glowing eyes looked back at Evan.

“Don’t worry about that hat, do you know that custom?”

“What custom!” Evan tried to concentrate.

“Yes, that’s about the mistletoe. You know, on Christmas Day, if only a girl stood under it, the mistletoe, then…” Hermione couldn’t say it, her face blushed to the extreme, she bit her lip gently, her face full of shyness.

She felt that she was very hot up and down all over her body.

She could hardly believe what he had just said.

In this way, it was like she was asking Evan to do the same to her.

The candles on the Christmas tree shone and the atmosphere became beautiful.

Along with Hermione’s gaze, Evan saw the large mistletoe over their heads. He instantly thought of the custom that Hermione talked about: On Christmas Day, as long as the boy and the girl were standing under the mistletoe, the boy could kiss her, and the girl has no right to refuse.

Hermione just talked about this custom, did she want herself…

Evan was lost in various fancies, under the dim candlelight on the Christmas tree; he felt Hermione was particularly beautiful, much more beautiful than usual.

Deep in his heart, he felt a sudden urge to kiss Hermione.

An invisible air field attracted Evan. He took a deep breath and couldn’t help but step forward and try to hold Hermione’s little hand.

A feeling like that of a slight electric shock came from the tips of his fingers. Hermione trembled and did not resist.

Evan felt her breath, the peculiar sweet scent of the girl.

His brain stopped working, and all his thoughts were converted into blank spaces.

He gulped and leaned forward.

The distance between the two was like an un-crossable gully. He felt so tense that even his breathing stopped.

Evan’s right hand bottom-up surrounded Hermione tightly.

In his arms, Hermione dodged as far back as she could, looking a little scared, and then, as if remembering something, stopped abruptly and closed her eyes tightly.

The long eyelashes on her eyelids trembled in the winter night wind, and the merry Christmas melody slowly came from far away. Hermione’s heart trembled as it loomed.

Her body was tight, and she was full of both anticipation and nervousness.

The distance between the two was getting closer and closer. Looking at Hermione in his arms, Evan gave command to his heart and made up his mind, and then closed his eyes, and his lips gently touched Hermione down.

The girl’s body trembled again and, in panic, she pushed him away hard.

Evan did not flinch this time. He felt that he had kissed Hermione, a sweet, cold feeling, very soft, just like eating sugar.

Her lips were pure and refreshingly cold.

Soon, he was immersed in this enchanting feeling.

For a moment after pushing Evan, Hermione also had the strange feeling between her lips, she closed her eyes tightly and dared not open them. She felt the coolness coming from her mouth and the taste of Evan’s lips.

The two remained standing and didn’t move.

It was for just a second, but for both of them, it seemed to be a century.

If, in the eyes of others, their movement was not so much a kiss as a gentle touch between their lips, for Evan and Hermione, that was already an extremely difficult challenge.

Evan could feel Hermione’s tension. She bit her teeth and did not loosen.

He knew that at this time, the boy must take the initiative, and Evan was ready to take further action, but at that moment, Hermione jerked him away.

She was short of breath, avoiding Evan’s eyes, bowing her head, and her little face was red…

“No, no, Evan, we can’t do this…” Hermione gasped, her eyes involuntarily moved to another place, panicked and said, “I just saw the hat fall in, I… I’ll go and find it.”

When she finished, she turned her head and ran deep into the alley.

Evan paused, Hermione must be nervous now, and he is the same. He didn’t know if he should chase her or what to say.

He began to think again. Since this started, it should happen properly.

This kind of half-done behavior, for lack of better words, could only be described by being really awkward.


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