Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures
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H.P.S.T Chapter 221: Strange Girl

With kissing and such matters, one really cannot afford be too hasty.

The normal “protocol” should be to make a contact first, and then do it.

Under the Christmas tree, Evan’s face was red and hot. He looked up at the dark night sky and took a deep breath, trying to calm himself down.

Since “this” has become an established fact, he’s now responsible of it, and he should take up the appropriate responsibilities. It doesn’t make much sense to continue to struggle.

However, it was cool, soft and sweet when he thought he had just touched Hermione’s lips…

Evan’s face turned red again, and he wondered if Hermione would agree if he asked for it.

If she agreed, would that mean that he could do that with her again in the future?

Evan shook his head hard and couldn’t think about it anymore.

He tried to adjust his breathing rhythm, was ready to look for Hermione in the Alley, and had just taken two steps away before he immediately stopped.

He heard a crisp, subtle sound coming from the dark corner where someone was humming a song in a low voice.

It was a very strange tune, not a Christmas song, but a slow, beautiful melody. There was a bit of melancholy in the crisp voice. Evan had never heard a similar song before.

He hurriedly turned his head, and in the faint light of his wand saw a girl crouching in a dark doorway, humming a song.

The girl had long blond hair, slightly curled.

On her head, she was wearing the pink straw hat Evan and Hermione had been looking for, the brim of which was so low that he could not see exactly what she looked like.

Outwardly, she was very slender and thin, about the same height as Ginny and about the same age, about eleven or twelve years old.

The girl was wearing a shabby black wizard’s robe. It was pretty old fashioned. It was very unfitting of her. It seemed to be a large-sized adult wizard’s clothes. It was slightly modified and put on her body. The cuffs had been rolled up several times just to be kept from falling down.

On the dusty robe, red stains were scattered from top to bottom, everywhere.

It wasn’t known what kind of liquid left these stains behind.

It looked shocking, as if a kind of potion or blood left its traces.

Evan, squinting, carefully moved forward half a step.

He was on the alert. He did not know whether the dark red spots on the girl were magic potions or blood stains, but they were obviously not normal stains.

According to Dumbledore’s method that he learned in the cave, Evan felt danger from the girl.

This seemingly delicate girl had a strong magic power, and the traces of the powerful magic left on her side were looming.

Evan didn’t know what magic marks were left behind. It should be a curse that he had never grasped.

Apart from the suspicious stains on the robe and the unusually powerful magic incompatible with her age, it was unreasonable for a young girl of this age to sit alone in this remote, dark, silent alley at night.

Even though there was a Christmas party in Diagon Alley this evening, and lots of people were gathering there, it was still very unusual.

As the distance between the two narrowed, Evan noticed the girl’s skin outside her clothes.

Her skin was very white, but it was not the healthy milky white of a normal person. It was the paleness of someone who had not seen the sun for a long time.

It was like the Inferi’s, but it didn’t seem to be very disgusting.

Of course, this might also be because the girl was too beautiful.

Evan saw her face hidden under the brim of her hat, and her facial features were more beautiful than all the girls he had ever seen, just like a porcelain doll. She had an indescribable special temperament.

The most striking thing was her eyes. The girl’s smart eyes were not common colors, but very rare wine red. The red was very pure and thorough.

When Evan took a look, he fell deeply into it. He shook his head in a hurry and made his mind sober.

“Merry Christmas!” Evan briefly nodded, and said softly, “My name is Evan Mason, Hogwarts second-year student. Who are you and why are you here?”

As he spoke, he placed his wand naturally across his chest and looked at the girl with vigilance.

Hearing Evan’s voice, the girl stopped singing. She did not answer, and even did not move.

She just looked up at Evan, with a slightly surprised look, as if she hadn’t expected anyone to speak to her.

Then her delicate nose shook a little, as if smelling something

“Tasty food!” She said softly, with a little hoarse sound in her crisp voice.

The girl’s confusing words made Evan step back.

He looked at his opponent in horror, focusing his energy, and the magic of his whole body naturally converged to the wand in his hand.

Imagine that you are not carrying anything eatable, but when a stranger sees you, the first thing he says mentions the taste of food as he looks at you with consternation, as if you were the food itself in his eyes. What would you feel like?

This was bizarre, creepy and horrifying!

The last time Evan heard something like this; it was from the Werewolf Greyback who said it to him and Hermione.

Greyback had been obsessed with the taste of human flesh for a long time. In his eyes, human beings were just ordinary food. Even if not transformed, he had always liked eating human beings, especially children.

If the girl, like the Werewolf Greyback, saw him as food in her eyes, then she was probably not human.

Looking at the blood stains on her black robe, and the powerful magic, Evan felt a chill down his spine.

That was not good news. It was still Christmas. He didn’t want to complicate matters, and then encounter some puzzling things again. However, Evan was not worried. It was different from Hogsmeade. There was a carnival crowd just outside the alley. If there was a fight, they would be there soon.

Evan stepped back. He was going to leave to find Hermione.

But the girl opposite seemed to be interested in him. She wrinkled her nose and sniffed in the air.

She repeated again, “Tasty food!”

There was hoarseness in her crisp voice which was very pleasant to hear, but what she said was absolutely abnormal.

She stood up and walked over to Evan, as if she had not seen the wand in his hand, nor was she aware of its dangerous capabilities, such as casting spells, Transfiguration, and so on. In fact, her body looked even thinner and weaker in her black robe, and she did not look dangerous at all.

Evan hesitated and did not know what to do.

If only the girl used black magic to attack him, or said a few words more, Evan would not have been so flustered.

He stood there with his wand, not knowing what to do. Was he to communicate with her or directly use magic attacks?

At the very least, the present situation should be cleared now!


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