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H.P.S.T Chapter 222: Sudden Duel

In the dark alley, Hermione was without a trace, and he did not know where to go.

Evan and the strange girl in front of him were deadlocked. Two people stood under the Christmas tree. The shadows were reflected in the dark candles hanging on the trees. They stretched long and extended to the depths of the dark alley without any light.

Evan looked at the girl across the street with a headache. She was wearing a large, tattered black robe, her white, cute nose, sniffing the air. Like a kitten, she came up to him. Getting closer and closer…

Her movements were lovely, not seeming to be dangerous at all, but Evan was under great pressure. He also sniffed hard like she did, and there was no other special smell in the air except for the cold night air and the faint smell of wine coming from the distant revellers.

At the very least, Evan didn’t smell anything.

Looking at the girl’s appearance, she seemed to want to stick to him, relying on her nose to find the food she should have.

Evan took half a step back, even if he didn’t feel danger, it was extremely inappropriate for a girl he had just seen to get so close to him.

Under the Christmas tree, the girl walked to the position where Hermione had just stood. Through the faint candlelight around her, Evan clearly saw her appearance.

In the dark corner just a moment ago, he just instinctively felt that she was very beautiful, petite, fine features, fair skin, like a porcelain doll.

Looking closely at the girl by the candlelight, Evan found that her appearance could only be described by a word:”AMAZING”.

It was a kind of beauty that could directly touch the depths of the soul.

Especially her burgundy red eyes. Like two rubies, they were shining smartly.

On the contrary, her skin was still half-colored, as if all the blood of her body was concentrated in her eyes.

“Food…” The girl said vaguely and looked a bit weak.

“Hold on, if you come closer, I will attack!” Evan shouted.

He raised his wand in his hand, and as the magic gathered, the light at the end of the wand became stronger.

Hearing Evan’s words, the girl stopped and seemed to hesitate.

“Very good, we need to talk. As you can see, I am not malicious. I just accidentally heard your song. I was curious seeing you in the corner.” Evan patiently said, “My name is Evan Mason. What’s your name?”

“Evan Mason?! The girl repeated it. She didn’t say her name. She continued to sniff and said slowly, “The scent of food…”

Her state was very strange. She looked very weak, and looked like she had been hungry for a long time.

Besides food, there seemed to be nothing else to could attract her.

“I do not have anything to eat on me. If you do not mind, I can lead you to the Leaky cauldron, where a Christmas party is being held, with lots of delicious food.”

“I can’t go, I have to stay here. There are important things!” The girl shook her head obstinately. “I smell the scent of food, it’s on you…”

She finished her sentence and came closer to Evan.

She had no reason to say this sentence, which made Evan puzzled.

He was sure that he had nothing to eat except for a lot of Dark magic books that had been reduced by the Shrinking Charm.

Looking at the girl getting closer, Evan did not hesitate; he clenched his wand and shouted, “Petrificus Totalus!”

The white light flew out of his wand and hit her accurately.

Although he didn’t know what the girl wanted to do, Evan decided it would be better to be careful. The girl’s behavior was too abnormal.

He planned to use the Full Body-Bind Curse to freeze her, and then, have a good chat.

If there was really no way out, he could take her back to the Leaky Cauldron pub and ask the barkeeper, Lupin, Sirius or anyone else to go find the girl’s family or find things out about her.

Evan’s petrifying spell went towards her, and just as he thought he was successful, the white light suddenly turned to the right, changed its course, brushed the girl’s body and landed on the opposite wall.

Evan was stunned. He saw the girl’s little hand hidden in her big sleeve, holding a black wand.

The wand wasvery short, about seven inches long.

It was amazing that she actually had a wand.

On top of this wand, what Evan cared most about was that this girl was very strong.

She had just released a Protective Spell almost at the same time as the Full Body-Bind Curse was about to hit her, and she used a silent spell, a spell silently recited in her heart.

Casting a silent Spell at this speed, Evan thought that it should prove very difficult even for him to do that.

Thinking of her blood spot-like strange stains, and the faint powerful magic, made Evan focus so strongly. He could not afford to be careless.

He waved his wand and issued several spells in succession.

The girl did not counterattack, but Evan’s Spells which were all about to hit her, were deflected at the last second, and grazed her body to the side.

There was a magic Shield around her body that protected her from harm.

Evan was sure that she was not using the Shield Charm.

It should be a protective spell that he didn’t know. Every time his curse attack was about to hit her, there was always a flash of red light around her body.

He could not continue that way. Evan could confirm that she was stronger than him.

He was about to use more powerful magic, or perhaps, more spectacular, to create a huge sound, attracting the crowds from the streets.

But before he could do anything, a red chain suddenly appeared out of thin air. It was like a viper, and it tied Evan firmly from the bottom up.

“Damn, it was a silent spell!”

Evan fell to the ground heavily. It was then that he realized what was happening.

He found himself too inexperienced in battle. In fact, he had faced this problem since his last battles with the werewolf Greyback and Snape.

They were two different styles of fighting, but there was one thing in common. That was, Evan had made a lot of mistakes that he should not have made, and there were too many opportunities for him that were not grasped. Just like this time, his real strength had not been fully exerted.

In the exchange with Sirius, he also pointed out that Evan had this problem.

Like Hermione, they both read a lot of magic books and mastered a lot of spells, but in actual combat, because of lack of experience, they could not fully demonstrate their strength.

And this gap had become increasingly evident in his successive battles.

Before that, Evan had never fought an enemy who used a Silent Spell. He did not master this spell-casting technique nor did he know how to deal with it.

His opponent used silent spells to take the lead, and used two magic Spells that Evan did not know. So, he could not defend himself at all. He was so muddled and overpowered.


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