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H.P.S.T Chapter 223: Vampires

Evan was tied tightly by the red chain that suddenly appeared, and fell heavily to the ground.

Unable to manage his pain, he struggled to get up and failed. He was all cold and sweaty, and he didn’t know what the girl wanted.

Evan tried several spells in succession, but none of them had been released.

These red chains not only bound his body, but also gave off a strange magic smell, which hindered the magic in him.

Evan looked up and saw the girl swaying like a kitten.

She seemed to be dazed, as if she had just woken up, and her expression had not changed at all. To her, subduing him with this unprecedented power of magic seemed like a trivial task.

The girl did not speak, and went straight to Evan’s side. Her crimson eyes fell on his neck. She seemed hesitant and gulped.

Under the wide, dark robe, you couldn’t pinpoint where she had put her short wand. The girl wrinkled her nose and sniffed again, and then extended a pale little hand to Evan.

Despite her thick clothes, Evan could feel the girl’s hand like ice, really cold, even colder than the winter night air.

Because he was very close, he could smell a strange odor on her.

It was not the peculiar girl’s smell like Hermione’s, but a faint smell of blood.

Evan could be sure that the spots on her black robe were not traces of magic potions or drinks, but blood drops that fell on it.

Wine-red eyes, pale skin, cold body temperature, smell of blood, when these are all descriptions of one person, they are enough proof to conclude that…

This girl is a vampire!!!

Evan just had doubts, but now he was completely sure.

He couldn’t believe that his luck was really that bad. In Diagon Alley, on the opposite corner of the most prosperous commercial street in the wizarding and magic world, where there were so many wizards, he was the one to casually meet a vampire that other wizards had never met in their lifetime.

Even in a dark alley, if you want to meet a vampire, you need to be lucky as to win the jackpot.

It is to be known that in the wizarding world, vampires do exist. But they are very rare; their numbers are scarce and many mysteries revolve around them.

Vampires usually pay great attention to the protection of their own secrets, and generally do not actively contact the mainstream magic society. They have their own closed society and survival rules.

Even if there’s occasional contact, it is difficult to identify them.

With this, many wizards even thought that vampires were extinct, or that they were simply fabricated magical creatures, existing only in mythological stories.

Evan vaguely remembered that in the original book, there was no excessive description of the vampires.

After Voldemort returned, he sent a Death Eater to contact various dark creatures to overthrow the Ministry of Magic. The three most desired allies were werewolves, giants and vampires, especially vampires, but they rejected Voldemort’s invitation. .

In the original book, there seemed to be something big that happened inside the vampire community. They had no energy to care about anything else, and finally they were gone.

Looking at the vampire girl in front of him, she seemed to be hungry, wanting to pounce on his neck, and suck his blood…

Evan gulped, and his body slammed back to dodge.

Because he did not expect to encounter a vampire, he did not collect relevant books, and the second-year Defence Against the Dark Arts class did not have content about them.

Normally, Defence Against Vampire is a seventh-grade course, or an elective course, relying entirely on the professor’s personal mood and preferences.

Occasionally, there may be questions related to vampires on the Advanced Wizard’s level test, which were also very simple.

The only thing Evan had in mind about vampires was from last year, when he was bored enough to flip through Lockhart’s “Voyages with Vampires”.

With Lockhart’s peculiar hyperbole, the book describes in detail a vampire he met on his journey, and how he fought with wit and courage, went through life-and-death battles, and ultimately defeated him.

Although there are many exaggerations, and although it was not Lockhart’s personal experience, this book was based on a true story.

The girl in front of him corresponded exactly to the Vampire’s description in the book.

According to “Voyages with Vampires”, to deform into a vampire is, like the werewolf, acquired.

But unlike the werewolves, where anyone, as long as they are bitten, may be infected to become a werewolf; the way to become a vampire is called the first embrace.

The entire process is extremely demanding and the success rate is very low.

The first embrace can cause great harm to the vampires themselves. They don’t do it at random, and usually choose only intimate and talented wizards.

All kinds of restrictive factors stack up, which greatly limits the number of vampires.

In the traditional sense, the first embrace is regarded as a kind of a magic ritual.

This magic evolved from the ancient dark magic that specialized in the study of the dead spirit, the devil’s dark wizard, the sacrifice to the undead, and the summoning of the demon. Because of this, unlike other magical creatures such as goblins, house elves, Centaurs, and werewolves, the first embrace is the only way to become a Vampire, and Vampires are considered to be the result of wizards’ mutation.

They are not magical creatures in essence, but wizards whose magical power had been mutated under the influence of magic, and are more taboo than the evil dark wizards.

This point can be seen from the internal settings of the Ministry of Magic’s Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures.

As it is known to all, the Department is divided into a number of Divisions, responsible for all matters related to the management of magical creatures in the wizarding world.

Up to now, the Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures includes the Centaur Liaison Office, the Committee for the Disposal of Dangerous Creatures, the Dragon’s Research and Control Office, the Pest Advisory Board, the Troll Management Office, the Werewolf Registry, the Werewolf Capture Unit, the Goblin Liaison Office, the Office for House-Elf Relocation, the Spirit Division, etc.

None of them is related to vampires.

When a wizard is unfortunately bitten by a transformed werewolf, and becomes a werewolf like Lupin, he has to report to the Werewolf Registry.

If he refuses the support of the Ministry of Magic, then the werewolf will be tracked by the Werewolf Capture Unit.

However, if a wizard is turned to be a vampire, his shape and appearance do not change a lot.

He will still be considered a human, a wizard, just like a dark wizard, not accepted nor trusted by the mainstream society, or considered to be a more evil being.

But as long as he does not infringe upon others and suck blood from them, he has nothing to fear.

It sounds simple, but it is practically impossible. Unlike ordinary wizards, the strength of vampires comes mainly from blood.

The stronger the magic contained in blood is, the more power they gain. Although it is possible to survive on the blood of an animal, the power of a vampire slowly fades when it is consumed for a long time, unless it is a magical creature of extraordinary power.

In the end, it is even possible for them to lose magic for good.

Because they must consume magical blood, among the target objects that can be hunt, the blood of the wizard is easier to obtain than the dangerous powerful magical creatures. So although it is banned, there are still vampire attacks on wizards.

But with the number of vampires getting smaller and smaller, such attacks have gradually disappeared.


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