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H.P.S.T Chapter 224: History of Vampires and the First Embrace

Evan hadn’t studied the specific origin of this Dark Magic yet..

But there is no doubt that the special species of vampires was born at the same time as the original black wizards studied the magic of the “First Embrace” from the evil black magic rituals such as undead sacrifices and summoning demons.

Through the First Embrace, the magic within the wizard’s body will be integrated into his blood. Without physical obstruction, the magic will run faster and become more pure.

The Dark wizards were delighted to discover that their magical power had become stronger, and it was easier to grasp the essence of dark magic without forcing their heart to become evil.

On top of the magical operation and the use of black magic being handier, the biggest advantage after the First embrace was physical change.

Their physical strength had been enhanced, but their senses had not changed.

For wizards who had been engaged in magic research for a long time and who were generally weak physically, this was a miracle.

There seemed to be a lot of benefits, but the essence of the “First Embrace” was evil magic.

In the Middle Ages, believing in the existence of gods, this astonishing power to radically alter the body of a wizard was thought to come from evil spirits or powerful demons.

In fact, after the first embrace, the wizards were surprised to find that their skin grew paler and paler, eventually becoming white and totally bloodless.

Moreover, they began to become afraid of the sun and could only move in the dark.

Black wizards generally believed that this was a curse, the price that should be paid for gaining such immense strength.

The most worrying thing about these changes was that after the first embrace, they were no longer interested in ordinary food.

With the transformation, their stomachs could no longer adapt to ordinary food. Any food they swallowed made them feel nauseous and they quickly vomited.

Instead, they began to become extremely sensitive to blood.

The first Dark wizards to pass through their first embrace soon discovered that only by sucking blood could he be fed and not remain hungry, and that they became monsters who live on blood.

For ordinary people, this change was enough to create a strong sense of guilt. Consume blood like a demon, every day, would make people fall into madness.

But for the evil Dark wizards themselves, this was not a problem, not even a psychological burden.

They devoted themselves to the new magic experiment with great enthusiasm. Through numerous experiments, they even found that taking the blood of different animals has completely different effects on them. To put it simply, the more magical the creature, the greater the gain from its blood becomes.

Because they could no longer rely on natural growth to enhance and restore magic as normal wizards do, they began to suck the blood of magical animals.

After this behavior was discovered, other wizards began to call these special wizards vampires.

Because of bloodsucking, vampires were not understood by the mainstream magic society, they were gradually being squeezed into the edge or shadow of the magic world to form a special existence.

Within the vampires, this direct physical change was regarded as a gift from the devil.

They did not agree with what other wizards called them. They called themselves “Blood Clan!”

The time when the vampires lived in peace with other wizards did not last long.

Because the creature they were choosing to suck were getting more and more magical, the more time the vampires got, the faster their own magical level grew.

But everyone knows that the magical creatures with stronger magic often mean more danger.

Needless to say, the rare vampires were normal wizards, and relied on absolute numerical superiority to succeed in hunting a dangerous and magical creature.

It’s not known when the vampire first sucked the blood of a wizard.

After hunting magical creatures, other wizards were targeted. They were significantly less dangerous and had a much larger payoff.

Perhaps for compatibility reasons, the wizard’s blood has an irresistible allure for vampires, tastes better, is easier to absorb. The magic grows and changes faster.

Of course, this evil act of extermination was immediately condemned and unanimously opposed by all wizards after being discovered by the mainstream magic society.

The Ministry of Magic quickly passed a bill that would prohibit vampires from being allowed to exist, and the “First Embrace” was listed as a prohibited black magic.

The Aurors began to arrest vampires, trial them, and even execute them on the spot.

A large number of books on vampire magic were destroyed, and the word “vampire” became a taboo, more evil than “Dark wizard” and was not allowed to be mentioned.

Through several large-scale cleanings, the number of vampires had become scarcer.

The remnant vampires moved from the top of the earth to the underground, and they gradually disappeared from people’s eyes, eventually vanishing.

But they were not extinct. After centuries of development, the vampires had fully developed to a complete and independent mysterious existence.

They live in families in unknown places.

The dark magic of the “First Embrace” had been constantly improved, and wasn’t as difficult as the original, which had many limitations, requiring a large number of creatures to be sacrificed to the devil.

Now, if they want to turn a wizard into a new vampire, the vampires only need to suck a certain proportion of his blood, and then use their special magic to inject their blood back into the other person. If it can be merged, the magic is successfully completed.

What has not changed is the degree of danger of the entire process, and the initial success rate is very low.

During the first embrace, the selected wizard could die at any time because of a failed blood fusion.

Moreover, the source of the vampire’s own strength is blood, and when it is injected into the other’s body, it’s particularly harmful to him.

Therefore, vampires are very cautious in selecting objects and preparing them, rather than using the precious “First Embrace” on passers-by who are unfitting.

The same is true of this vampire girl in front of Evan. She must now regard him as food, rather than wanting to give him the “First Embrace”.

It is said that vampires can smell blood that is difficult for ordinary people to smell, and use the magical power contained in it as a standard to distinguish between good and bad blood.

With Evan’s current magical power, the magic in his body is stronger than most young wizards.

The vampire girl in front of him, at first glance, looked like she had been hungry for a long time. When she saw the lonely Evan, she couldn’t help but come close to him and kept saying that she smelled food. She probably thought of Evan as that.


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