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H.P.S.T Chapter 229: Elaine Slytherin

The girl was very close, and Evan could sense her scent.

“Do you want to be a vampire?” she asked softly, her voice was low, and there was hoarseness in her crisp tone as if she was whispering.

The girl, with her wine-red eyes fixed on Evan, said earnestly, “If you like, I can give you the First Embrace!”

After saying this, she seemed to think of something, holding her legs and curling aside. Her face turned red and her expression was somewhat unnatural.

For the first time, Evan saw red on her pale, half-bloodless face. For her, the word “First Embrace” seemed to hold a special meaning.

She looked like Hermione when she spoke of mistletoe, nervous and shy, with a bit of anticipation.

She looked at him and waited for his answer.

“No way!” Evan didn’t even think about it. He shook his head and refused.

Although they were in the same place, beneath the huge mistletoe patches of the Christmas tree, and the two girls looked alike, this was a far cry from the feeling when Hermione spoke about mistletoe customs and wanted Evan to kiss her. The mood was also quite different.

One could say that the first was akin to a sweet and warm love story, and the latter to a shocking horror story.

Do you want to become a vampire?!

When he heard this, Evan’s hair stood up all over his body instantaneously. He shrank back as hard as he could to stay away from the girl.

It was really terrifying. Just thinking about it was enough to give him goosebumps.

What did she just say? Did she actually invite him to become a vampire?!

Seeing that she was looking serious, it seemed that if Evan nodded, she would come and bite him.

This time not to suck his blood and full her appetite, but to give Evan the First Embrace and make him into a vampire!

In Evan’s view, the two different behaviors of blood-sucking and First Embrace were practically the same. He must be bitten by the girl in front of him, and she must suck out a certain amount of his blood.

With the former, he would be used as food, in a one-way sucking process.

In the latter case, after biting Evan, the girl would instill her blood back and pour it into Evan in a special manner, making the blood of both of them fuse.

No matter what, Evan felt that it all was just too evil…

He thought of that scene, and hurriedly shook his head. It was totally unacceptable.

And on top of being ideologically unacceptable, another key point was that he did not want to give up his human identity and become a vampire.

For evil dark wizards, becoming a vampire may be a rare opportunity. This means that their power can grow rapidly; they can use black magic more easily, and master the magic of many blood races.

Because of the scarcity of vampires and their extremely strict requirements for new members, few wizards can get this opportunity.

It’s to be known that the magic of the “First Embrace” can cause great damage to the casting vampire himself.

So unless they’re very intimate with their subject, vampires hardly ever agree to give a wizard the First Embrace.

But this girl, within less than ten minutes of first meeting Evan, and not even knowing what kind of person he was, she offered him a First Embrace.

In theory, the odds of such an event occurring was practically zero.

Looking at the serious girl in front of him, Evan, apart from shaking his head, didn’t know if he should be happy, or just cry out.

If it was anyone else, eager for strength, they would never refuse this kind of temptation falling into their lap like a pie from the sky.

One needs to give up a lot when becoming a vampire, but what he could get in return is even more.

Compared with other wizards, they can go further on the road of strength.

Of course, this concerns only regular wizards.

Someone like Voldemort, for example, would never take the First Embrace.

In pursuit of powerful strength, he directly used black magic to carry out various fundamental transformations on his body, transcending above humans in magical ability.

The strength brought by becoming a vampire was nothing in his eyes.

After Evan refused, the girl did not give up. She came up like a kitten, and kept whispering in his ear the perks of being a vampire.

But she didn’t seem to know too much. She repeated the same words over and over.

It appeared that she was thinking that the main reason why Evan refused to become a vampire was because he was afraid of pain. So what she emphasized most was that the magic of the “First Embrace” would never cause any pain, as if it were done in a sleep.

It took Evan a good while to figure out why she had been emphasizing this “painless” aspect.

It turned out that a few years ago, when her uncle was about to give her the 1st Embrace, she was afraid of pain and death and disagreed, and he had to make a lot of effort to get her to accept it.

Judging from her own experience, she also thought that Evan refused for this reason.

Evan looked at her silently, not knowing how to explain the problem. He didn’t know what to say to make her understand that he didn’t want to be a vampire not because he was afraid of pain, but because the vampire itself was an evil taboo…

Because she rarely contacted with the outside world, she seemed to be totally unable to understand this.

Evan spent all his time trying his best, only to find out that it was in vain.

He had no idea what the girl was thinking, and why did he have to become a vampire when it appeared he was the one in their family’s prophecy?!

“I never did it before. You are my first subject, but I have seen this magic many times, and it will not go wrong…”

The girl continued to persuade, and Evan only shook his head and hoped that Hermione would come to him as soon as possible.

“Don’t worry; it may hurt a little bit when the teeth pierce the skin. I have never bitten someone else, and I don’t know what it feels like. My uncle prepared all the food before, but…” The girl opened her mouth and revealed two canine teeth. “My teeth are very sharp, and one bite will definitely succeed.”

Evan looked at the two sharp teeth in her mouth and shook his head.

He was almost certain that if he let this girl bite him, she would have to bite hard enough to get to the blood vessels. It was painful enough to think about it.

“Why do you have to start with me?” Seeing the girl still trying to persuade him, Evan hurriedly interrupted her. “Even if I am the one who appears in your family prophecy, there is no need to make me a vampire.”

“You’re too weak, if you don’t become a vampire, then, they would not agree to let you participate…” The girl said and suddenly stopped.

She seemed to feel something, hurriedly stood up and looked around nervously.

“What’s wrong?” Evan said strangely, not knowing what the girl wanted to do.

“My uncle came for me. I’d better stay away from you. He doesn’t like wizards. Don’t let him know you’ve been in contact with me. Otherwise, you will be brought back to become food.” The girl knocked on the chain around Evan’s body with her wand, and the chain instantly turned into a red mist and dissipated.

She didn’t care about Evan’s reaction, and hurriedly ran outside the alley.

Looking at her back, Evan was totally out of the picture.

To tell the truth, if possible, he hoped he would never see the girl who wanted to give him the First Embrace.

In addition, he couldn’t keep up with her ideas. Just like now, Evan did not understand why she wanted to run?

Since he was the one who could help her family get out of trouble, he should meet her uncle and make the whole matter clear with him.

In particular, this family is a direct descendant of Slytherin. If he could win them over, that would be very helpful in resisting Voldemort, and it would have an unexpected impact.

“Wait a minute…”

“Evan Mason! I’ll remember you; I will go to you later.” The girl ran and shouted. “Remember, my name is Elaine Slytherin!”

She ran very fast, and in a blink of an eye, her figure disappeared from the alley, as if she had never been there before.


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