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H.P.S.T Chapter 228: Do You Want to be a Vampire?

The explosive news that some of Salazar Slytherin’s descendants became vampires would have shocked the entire wizarding world.

Evan didn’t know what the others would think.

But knowing Voldemort, the latter himself would never tolerate the existence of these vampires who tarnished Slytherin’s reputation.

He was the only descendant of Slytherin and he was unique.

If there were other Slytherin’s descendants, then he would be nothing special.

No wonder after Voldemort’s second rise, no vampires had joined his camp. This certainly had something to do with it.

Now it seemed to Evan that fate was really that wonderful. Who would have thought that Slytherin’s descendants would actually become vampires…?

Just then, thinking of fate, Evan suddenly thought of what the girl had just said.

She mentioned that the person who would help their family in the prophecy would carry with him a token from Salazar Slytherin to prove his identity.

Evan suddenly realized that Slytherin’s locket was on him right at that moment. The person mentioned in the prophecy would not be him, would it?!

Looking at this kitten-like girl in front of him, Evan had a feeling that he was going to be involved in something strange.

Vampires are stronger than ordinary wizards, and even them couldn’t solve their dilemma. Evan was very skeptical about what he could do to help with his own strength.

“Since you know the wand, you should believe me now…” The girl suddenly stopped and seemed to realize something. There was a trace of doubt in her red eyes. She looked at Evan with vigilance. “Wait a minute, even within our family; the wand left by Salazar himself is a secret. How do you know?”

The short wand in her hand immediately pointed to Evan, as if threatening him silently.

In fact, when it came to magic, Evan was more afraid that she would come and bite him. With the two sharp canine teeth in her mouth, a bite should be very painful.

“This…” he muttered, “You know, Slytherin was one of the four founders of Hogwarts. There is a portrait of him in the school with a wand.”

In fact, besides the two statues of Slytherin in the Chamber of Secrets, Hogwarts had no statues or portraits associated with him. But Evan couldn’t tell the girl that he had once returned to Hogwarts a thousand years ago and met Slytherin himself. It was impossible for anyone to believe this kind of incredible thing.

The more he explained the odd situation, the more careful he had to be, especially when facing a vampire girl who would come up and bite him.

Evan vaguely explained, and the girl nodded when she heard him.

“I also wanted to go to Hogwarts to study. I heard that it is the largest magic school in Europe.” The girl’s hoarse voice was slightly lost, “I received the Hogwarts admission letter from the owl last year. But my uncle didn’t agree with me to go there. He said that the wizards were all evil. If they knew my identity, they would kill me…”

Evan realized that the girl was the same age as him.

However, the things she worried about were absolutely impossible. With Dumbledore’s character, if he knew that a vampire was coming to Hogwarts to go to school, he would definitely give him extra privileges and care, just like he had been treating Hagrid and Professor Lupin.

Especially considering her identity as a direct descendant of Slytherin, it would be even more valuable and would play an unexpected role in fighting Voldemort.

However, going to Hogwarts is not mandatory.

Under the influence of the magical items left by Gryffindor, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff, every young wizard who is 11 years old will receive a Hogwarts admission notice, but whether or not they come to school is entirely up to their personal wishes.

There are many ancient pure-blood wizard families who, following their inherited educational philosophy, will choose to train their children within the family instead of sending them to Hogwarts.

There are also some Muggles who do not believe in the existence of magic.

Therefore, after Voldemort came to power, he ordered all the young wizards of the appropriate age to go to Hogwarts for school. His purpose was not only to train black wizards more conveniently, but also to fundamentally eliminate the Muggle-born wizards.

Looking at the girl’s face, Evan knew she wanted him to tell her about Hogwarts.

However, Evan thought it over, and felt he had better get straight to the point and tell her of Slytherin’s Locket on him as soon as possible. It was not a pleasant experience to be tied up on the cold ground on a cold winter night.

“You just said that the person mentioned in your family’s prophecy will carry with him a token of Salazar Slytherin as proof.” Evan said slowly, “Actually, I have one on me right now. Slytherin’s locket is on me.”

After Evan finished, the girl did not respond.

Her burgundy eyes looked at him in confusion, as if she didn’t know what he was talking about.

“Did you hear me? Slytherin’s Locket is on me.” Evan repeated it again, helplessly saying, “If your family’s prophecy is true, I might be the one you’re looking for, and what is destined to be…”

“You are the person I am looking for?!” It took a few seconds for the girl to realize what Evan had said, she shouted, “Where is that locket?”

Her voice was full of surprise. She rose up from the ground shaking.

The next second, she lost her balance because of excessive exertion, and she fell down on him.

“It hurts!”

Because of the pain, Evan also took a breath of cool air.

He had a headache and looked at the girl who was as clumsy as a kitten. Suddenly, Evan had a bad feeling

Was it too impulsive for him to say something about the Locket? At the very least, he should first listen to what difficulties he would encounter before making a decision. If it was too complicated and dangerous, he still had room to refuse, unlike now.

Under Evan’s guidance, the girl took Slytherin’s Locket from his neck.

She looked at the locket carefully, especially the upper one, which was inlaid with emeralds, with a snake-like S.

Then she looked up again and stared quietly at Evan who wondered what she was thinking.

“Do you believe me now?”

“This Locket is real. It is indeed the item left by Salazar Slytherin. I can feel the magic in it, just like the magic on the wand he left behind.” The girl continued staring at Evan, “But I doubt that you are the person mentioned in the prophecy!”

“Why?” Evan was surprised.

“It’s very simple. You’re too weak to be him. You can’t even duel. How can you help the family resist those guys? My uncle is so strong and is no opponent of them.”

Looking at the girl’s serious look, Evan was speechless.

He was belittled by this girl. He had been determined to tell the story of the Locket. Who would have thought that the girl would simply look down on him?

“I just lost to you because I was just too careless!” said Evan. “Still, how many people you think are going to run around with what Salazar Slytherin has left behind?”

“All right!” The girl nodded as if she agreed with Evan. She moved closer to him, almost to his face, and she said earnestly, “I believe in the arrangement of fate. Since it is you, then do you want to be a vampire? I can give you the First Embrace, you will feel absolutely no pain!”


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