Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures
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H.P.S.T Chapter 230: Forest in Albania

When Evan came out from the alley, he could not see the girl.

The main streets of Diagon Alley were filled with carnival crowds, cheering, celebrating, drinking warm butterbeer, dancing along the streets accompanied by Christmas music, and the atmosphere was full of bustling noises and laughter.

Looking at the lively scene in front of him, Evan was in a daze.

He thought of the mysterious vampire girl named Elaine, and felt like he was in an unreal dream. In his mind, he kept thinking about what she had just said, the mysterious vampire, the forgotten descendants of the Slytherins, the arrangement of fate, and the dangerous prophecy…

Evan took a deep breath. He didn’t know what fate was waiting for him.

When he returned to the Leaky Cauldron pub, not far from the bustling Diagon Alley, the silent and gloomy nocturne alley showed another image.

Under the pale, bleak moonlight, no one could see in the dark, dirty alley, and the shabby shops on both sides of the street were all dark.

These were all black magic shops. In the windows, there were some shrunken heads on display, dead nails and the like, which looked creepy.

At the corner of the street, an old wooden street sign hung in front of a shop selling poisonous candles, with black letters screwed on it, telling people that it was a turn down alley.

Across the two facades, a large cage was placed in front of the main entrance of the store, and huge black spiders were crawling inside, making a strange sound.

Everything there looked unpleasant and had nothing to do with Christmas.

Near the entrance to the street, in a dark doorway, a shabby old witch was hiding there.

Her yellow eyes were glinting maliciously, no doubt well staring at the street outside, and her incomplete teeth were covered with green moss.

She smiled gloomily as she found a rare prey.

Not far from her, a little girl, dressed in a large black robe, with delicate features and a stunningly beautiful face, was hurrying into the down alley.

From time to time, she raised her head and looked around, as if she didn’t know where she was.

The old witch licked her teeth. To her, the girl looked like a poor kitten that got lost and fell into the alley. She was a good prey.

She opened her mouth and grinned even happier.

Look what you’ve come across: a nice Christmas present, her body will be the perfect collection.

Elaine gasped, unaware that someone was watching her in the dark, and she tried her best to run as far as possible.

She felt that her uncle’s scent was getting closer and closer. She found herself unable to let him know that she had already talked about the family’s prophecy, and the most important point was that she could not let him know about Evan’s affairs, otherwise… ..

Just as Elaine was thinking about what to do, a voice suddenly came to her ear and startled her.

“Aren’t you lost, dear?”

She saw an old witch standing in front of her and looking at her greedily.

Elaine stepped back, and before she could speak, a long, narrow, sharp red magic with a triangular tip came flying.

Like a blood-red arrow, it passed through the body of the old witch in front of her.

The old witch’s body was drawn with a long wound. The peculiar thing was that there was no blood gushing out of the wound.

She screamed loudly, and her face twisted as she agonized.

Elaine raised her head in surprise beyond the witch who was running away. She saw the air rolling from the bottom up and down like a small tornado.

A middle-aged man in a black wizard robe with a cold face suddenly emerged from the whirlpool of the air.

“Uncle…” she shouted weakly and feebly.

“Elaine, what you’ve done this time is too outrageous. You’ve ran away to the wizard’s street alone while I was not there, and you didn’t dare to think about the consequences. What would you do if anyone found out about your identity?” The middle-aged man blamed, walking straight ahead.

“I want to help, too!” Elaine had some grievances and whispered, “I also want to help the family find the person mentioned in the prophecy as soon as possible, this time…”

“There are already some positive signs about the matter. I’ve been out all this time to verify the news. He has been recently seen in the forests of Albania.”

“Forest in Albania?!” Elaine said, “Who would be in that place? Is it the wizard you mentioned before, the guy named Voldemort?”

“Exactly, it’s him. He is the only descendant of Salazar among the wizards.” The middle-aged man sighed when he mentioned Voldemort, and his face became gloomier.

“But…” Elaine hesitated and continued. “Is it possible that it is not him? I mean, maybe we made a mistake. The person in the prophecy who can help us is not Voldemort. In fact, there is someone else…”

She remembered Evan, who had Slytherin’s Locket, which was also in line with the requirements of the prophecy. Elaine believed that it was the arrangement of fate to meet Evan.

“I also hope that it is not him.” The middle-aged man meditated and said, “No matter how you look at it, it is extremely stupid to cooperate with the most evil Dark Wizard in history. If we do this, it would probably lead to our end, and he will not be willing to help us. But Voldemort is the only one right now, and I just want him to look at Slytherin… ”

“Uncle, I found one this time…” Hearing that Voldemort was the only person selected, Elaine hurriedly wanted to explain and tell her uncle about Evan.

However, she immediately hesitated. Although Evan satisfied the conditions of the prophecy, he was weak, too weak to even beat her.

In Elaine’s opinion, making Evan enter the place was equivalent to looking for his death.

“What did you find?!” The middle-aged man looked at Elaine strangely.

“No, nothing, I found that the streets of the wizards were so lively, more interesting than home, I want to go to Hogwarts to study, I received the admission letter last year, why not let me go?” Elaine said in a hurry.

She decided to keep Evan’s affair secret, and to go to Hogwarts to find him by herself, to make him a vampire by the First Embrace.

In this case, Evan’s strength should be enhanced.

“Hogwarts?!” The middle-aged man snorted and resolutely refused. “I have said it many times. This matter is not to be discussed. Our identity is a taboo in the outside world. If you let other wizards know, they will definitely kill you.”

“But…” Elaine argued that when Evan just knew she was a vampire, he didn’t look very surprised.

“But nothing! Don’t run around these days, and practice the magic I’ve taught you at home!” He walked over and pulled Elaine. «We have to be ready to go to the forests of Albania to find Voldemort and try to get in touch with him. No matter what the future is, this is a fate that the family cannot escape. ”

There was a slight noise, they Apparated, and disappeared, and silence was restored in the deserted streets of the knockturn alley.


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