Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures
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H.P.S.T Chapter 264: The Marauder’s Map Making Process

Before Harry found him, Evan was in Sirius’s office discussing the matter of the Centaurs and the item they had. 

After talking to Firenze that night, he became sure that it was the key to Gryffindor’s Treasure. The only thing that he did not expect was that it would be split. 

Anyway, Evan needed to get that thing. 

In his plan, this was a key to enhance his magical power. 

Lack of magic had become the biggest constraint to Evan’s strength. 

If his magic could not be improved, even if he gathered more knowledge, knowing the magic spells that were more powerful, it was just mere talk, with no practical value. 

Evan couldn’t wait for his magic to grow with age, like any other wizard. He had no time.

Voldemort was likely to come back at any time. He had to be prepared. 

He saved Sirius and the future had changed. He could no longer rely on Voldemort being defeated and killed for using the wrong wand. He had to take a more practical approach. 

Dumbledore had his plan, and Evan also had his own ideas. In this case, Gryffindor’s magical item that would enhance his magic was particularly important, not to mention that it was one of the keys to a secret treasure. 

Sirius had promised to help Evan win the approval of the Centaurs’ colony.

They were discussing this matter; and Sirius told Evan how he had been recognized by the Centaurs’ colony. 

“You know, during our student days, I worked with James, Remus, and Peter to make the Marauder’s Map.” Sirius proudly said, “That Map not only shows the names of everyone in Hogwarts, but also has the simple thoughts of the four of us. Only those who satisfy our requirements can use it. When someone like Snape touches it, it would just humiliate them.”

“It’s really amazing. I’ve studied that map. It involves a very complicated and esoteric knowledge of magic.” Evan said with amazement, “Especially when names are displayed on the map, this magic has gone far beyond the general sense of magic.”

“About that magic, I found a book in the Restricted Section, the one above…” 

“I know, “the Magic of the Names.” Evan took out a magic book from his backpack, laughed and said, “I just borrowed it a few days ago. I saw the research notes on it. These notes gave me a lot of inspiration.” 

When he studied the dark magic of summoning a devil in “Secrets of the Darkest Art”, Evan came up with the magic book about names.

According to the book, the key to summon a devil is to know their real name. Only by knowing the real name can the caster enslave the summoned devil. Otherwise the one doing the summoning would be killed by it, or controlled by the Devil to become the slave himself. 

Evan was very skeptical of this magic. He did not believe in the existence of devils. 

He had never seen any records of this ancient black magic in any other place except the one recorded in “Secrets of the Darkest Art”.

He didn’t know what he would summon with this black magic! 

However, based on this, it was a good opportunity to study the magic of the names. 

As for the magic of summoning the devil, Evan estimated that he would never use it in his life.

Like making a Horcrux and the previous black magic that caused damage to the soul, summoning the devil required a sacrifice. In the summoning method described in “Secrets of the Darkest Arts”, the caster is required to kill a person with a special spell when summoning. 

The soul of that man is a sacrifice. Different souls can summon different degrees of devils, in short, the more evil the caster’s methods are, the more painful the sacrifice is when it dies, and the more powerful the summons are.

This evil magic sounds chilling. 

Sirius took Evan’s magic book and smiled bitterly. “I knew there was nothing to hide from you!”

For Evan’s omniscience, he had changed from shock to numbness. 

Looking at the thin boy in front of him, Sirius shook his head helplessly. 

When he was running away, he once managed to escape the pursuit of the Ministry of Magic.

But just seconds after meeting Evan on that Muggle Street, he recognized him, which was simply too incredible.

Perhaps that was what made Evan different. 

Sirius remembered his conversation with Dumbledore before, and he looked at Evan again from head to toe. If no incident took place, he believed that Evan would eventually grow up to be a great wizard like Dumbledore.

“I’ve studied this book and your notes carefully, and it’s clear that names are magical, but it’s very difficult to mark the names of everyone in Hogwarts on a piece of parchment.” Evan frowned. “Not to mention, the four of you have merged your simple thoughts into the Marauder’s Map. To do this, magic theory is secondary and, what’s most crucial is very, very powerful magic.”

“Your analysis is absolutely correct. If it was in class, it would grant Gryffindor fifty points.” Sirius put the magic book aside, smiled and said, “You guessed it. None of the four of us could do it by their own magic.”

“I heard Professor Lupin mention that you got the help of the item collected by the Centaurs’ colony, which had powerful magic.” Evan said, “What is it?” 

“Unfortunately, I don’t know!” Sirius shook his head. “We didn’t see the shape of that thing. I remember that it was a night when, under the starlight, it reflected a soft light and had a very strong magic power.”

“Light?!” Evan was surprised. 

“Yes, the magic in those rays was incredible.” Sirius recalled, “The four of us, following the Centaurs, went up in turn and tried to get the object, but no one succeeded. Finally, before we left, James suggested completing the Marauder’s Map there. We had been studying it for a long time, and we did not find a source of magic that’s powerful enough. The parchment used to make the map was James’s spell class assignment, and fortunately he had it on him at that time.”

Listening to Sirius’s description, Evan could imagine the whole process of making the Marauder’s Map.

Since even Sirius didn’t know what the key left by Gryffindor was, then Evan could only see it with his own eyes. 

The crucial question was, how could he get the approval of the Centaurs?!