Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures
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H.P.S.T Chapter 275: The Elder Centaur

The Centaurs formed a circle and tightly surrounded the five of them. 

All around them, Evan saw a variety of Centaurs dressed in various colors, most of them looking very strong, arrows and long bows were slung over their shoulders. 

In the center was a silver-gray Centaur. 

He was apparently very old, about a hundred years old, with deep wrinkles on his face and a whitish beard that almost reached the ground.

He was the elder of the Centaurs, the oldest and wisest Centaur in the tribe. 

As Evan observed him, he also looked closely back at him. 

His eyes were very light in color, and he could only see shrouds of white when looking far. 

Magorian walked over and bowed down his head, not showing his previous irritable temper. 

He respectfully reported their story to the elder. Evan heard him tell them that the four human foals wanted to be recognized by the Centaurs and then try to get the magic item that had been kept in the sacred temple in the center of the colony.

Although he was very disgusted with human beings, he did not deliberately discredit them, or try to sabotage them. All he said was facts. 

The elder of the Centaurs nodded and motioned that he knew the matter, and Magorian retreated to the side. The older Centaur took a step forward. He didn’t speak, and he looked closely at Evan for a while. Then he looked up at the night sky as if he were observing the planets’ trajectories. 

Just as Evan felt that the elder would stay like this for ever, the latter suddenly took out an non-identified black herbal powder from the bag he carried. 

Evan didn’t see when he made it happen, but red flames suddenly rose before the elder.

He slowly threw the powder into the rising flames, and the color of the flames immediately changed from red to a fantastic dark blue, accompanied by a lot of smoke.

“Centaurs can prophesy by burning several herbs and leaves, and observing smoke and fire.” Hermione whispered, “I’ve seen it in the book, and the principle is probably similar to the crystal ball we saw.” 

“Except for the lines on the table, I have never seen anything from that ball.” Ron muttered, looking at the Centaur suspiciously. 

Harry nodded and agreed with Ron. 

Perhaps Professor Trelawney left a too much of an impression on him.

Until now, he thought that prophesying such things was deceptive. 

Unlike the three of them, Evan saw something different from the blue flame through the way Dumbledore taught him. He felt a strange wave of magic, a trace of magic hidden in the smoke, drifting toward him.

He hurried back and hoped to dodge. 

The elder Centaur looked up again at Evan, who smelled the burnt leaves as the smoke came straight in the breeze. Unlike the usual spells, the eccentric magic in the smoke didn’t harm him. It just revolved around Evan and floated to Harry next to him.

Like stargazing, this type of divination was particular to the Centaurs.

Not surprisingly, this magic should be very advanced. Besides to the elder, Evan had never seen any other Centaur using it. 

They usually observe the stars in the night sky and draw a harbinger of fate. 

This time, however, the Centaurs did not do so, and waited for the elder to make his prophecy. They were alert, surrounding Evan and the others, just like cherishing animals in the zoo, watching the five of them silently in the distance. 

Most of the Centaurs were looking at Harry, and they whispered, just like many wizards who first met him.

Only a few Centaurs who knew Sirius gave him a cold nod and immediately shifted their eyes elsewhere, pretending not to know him.

Evan had met Ronan and Bane a month ago, and they didn’t even look at him. 

In the silent crowd, the atmosphere was tense. The Centaurs had different faces, some with simple curiosity, some with harsh scrutiny, some with inexplicable anger, but more with suspicion and distrust.

They were watching from afar, and even took out their weapons.

Sirius told everyone not to put down their wands. If anything was to happen, they would have to not worry about him and leave the forest ahead of him. No matter what, Centaurs would not hurt children. 

Evan felt that Hermione was unconsciously approaching him. He knew that she must be worried. He skillfully held her small hand and reassured her with his eyes. 

Because of the overwhelming tension, Hermione’s palms were all sweaty. She looked at the Centaurs in front of her in awe, and an unknown fear emerged deep within her heart. These Centaurs looked very aggressive and frightening, as if they were going to attack at any time. 

If it wasn’t for Evan being there, she would have no idea what to do. 

As the Centaurs watched from afar and whispered, Firenze, with long, blond hair, came out, and he didn’t seem have changed much during the past month. In this atmosphere of hesitation and distrust, he was moving in casually.

Everyone looked at Firenze in surprise, amazed at his daring behavior. No one spoke; even the whisper of the Centaurs came to an abrupt end. 

“I am very glad to see you again after twenty years, Sirius Black!” Firenze whispered, he did not seem to notice the anomaly and came calmly. 

He shook hands with Sirius, the old friend whom he had not seen for a long time. 

After greeting Sirius, he turned his attention to Harry. 

“Harry Potter!” Firenze said softly. 

“Hello, Firenze, nice to meet you!” Harry hurriedly shook hands with him. 

“And you!” said the Centaur in an unquestionable tone, inclining his white-blond head.”It was foretold that we would meet again.” 

His expression was calm and there was no smile on his face. Nobody could see through what he was thinking. 

“The orbit of the planets has already given signs, and our shared fate will not end here.” Firenze nodded to Harry again. “We will meet again.”

He left Harry and walked slowly to Evan, holding out a hand. 

“The same for you, I knew you would come, Evan Mason!” His astonishing blue eyes looked at Evan without blinking, and he said softly, “On the night we first met, Mars that brought war shone brightly on our heads, brighter than ever. After that, I carefully observed its trajectory. I saw you in this upcoming war… …” 

“Shut up, Firenze!” Magorian rushed angrily and shouted. “We vowed not to reveal what we see so easily..”

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