Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures
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H.P.S.T Chapter 276: Firenze’s Warning

“Like anyone cares!” Sirius immediately responded. 

Faced with Magorian’s provocation, he went to the confrontation. The oppressive atmosphere in front of him made him feel uncomfortable, and there was a feeling of depression that could not be released. 

If he could choose, he was more than willing to face Magorian. 

But Harry and Hermione stepped in to stop him with a pleading look, hoping that he would not do so. Sirius stared for a moment, and then gradually calmed down.

Before meeting the Centaurs, he repeatedly warned everyone to regard them as human beings with equal status and to not despise them. 

Obviously, he did too well in this respect, even without basic politeness, and completely regarded Magorian as another Snape.

“Calm down, Sirius!” Harry turned to Magorian. “Firenze didn’t mean anything else. He just wanted to help us…” 

Harry’s “soothing” remark was obviously counterproductive. More intense shouts broke out among the Centaurs, who looked at them even more unfriendly. 

“You made a big mistake, human!” Magorian shouted. “Centaurs are not the servants of humans. We have no obligation to help you.” 

Harry stepped back in panic, and Firenze helped him. 

“Don’t be too hasty, Magorian!” he said calmly. “I did not reveal anything that could change destiny. I just wanted to warn Evan. Those who can read the stars, see the fate of all races.” 

“Hmm, you have to be careful. We all know the boy’s fate, which is doomed to be unchanged.” Magorian looked at Evan again and continued addressing Firenze “Remember; don’t betray our race and leak our knowledge to humans. Such a shame will never be recovered.” 

He turned to the Centaurs and stood quietly beside the elder, he and Sirius staring at each other with anger. It was hard to say who looked angrier.

“Magorian has a bad temper, but nothing more.” Firenze looked at Evan again, and his sapphire eyes glowed in the night sky. “Evan, I hope you can understand no matter what omen we see is not important, what matters is your own choice. The trajectory of the planets may change at any time; sometimes even Centaurs look away, so it’s foolish to believe too much in such things.” 

Evan nodded. He didn’t care much about prophecies. 

But what did Magorian just talk out? What did he see? 

There was also Firenze, who repeatedly emphasized this matter tonight, hoping that Evan should not believe too much about the arrangement of fate, but firmly believe in his choice. 

This was too unusual. With Evan’s understanding of the Centaurs, he should not have said such a thing, which was totally contrary to the centaurs’ way.

Unless, Firenze did indeed see some bad signs in the sky… 

The atmosphere was getting heavier in the dark woods. 

In the darkness, everything around was shadowed, and a breeze blew over him. Evan found that he was soaked in cold sweat. Looking at the elder of the Centaurs who was focused on observing the shape of the smoke rising from the blue flame, he felt a strong foreboding, as if something bad was about to happen. 

Evan thought; Firenze just mentioned Mars and war. 

Not surprisingly, this should mean a war with Voldemort. The question was what role would he play in it? 

What eventually happened that actually made Firenze feel uneasy? 

Everything was too vague, and the more he thought about it, the more he felt worried. 

“Remember, Evan!” Firenze said softly. “Nothing is foolproof; even the Centaurs’ knowledge is no exception. When you need to decide your fate, I hope that you can make the right choice.” 

When he finished, he did not give Evan time to ask any question, and directly went back to the Centaurs. 

“What exactly does Firenze mean?” Looking at his back, Harry said strangely. “He seems to have something to tell us.” 

“These Centaurs make me feel sick.” Ron whispered. He looked at Evan in awe. “You listened to what he said. It seems that something terrible is going to happen to you. It’s weird, you know, it’s usually Harry…”

“What terrible things? How do you still believe in such things?!” Hermione said quickly, “Just like Professor Trelawney’s tricks, I can see no essential difference. Seeing what she thought was the grim in the tea cup, she began to predict the death of Harry for a whole semester. We finally learned that the big black dog, representing the unknown omen, was no other but Sirius. Not only did Harry not encounter any unfortunate events, but everything has been going well.”

“This is not the same. Hermione, Centaurs’ prophecy is much more accurate than ours.” Ron murmured in a vague, careful look at Evan’s eyes.

Firenze mentioned war. If there was war, then the enemy should be a very evil Dark wizard. It’s common sense that this Dark wizard should be Voldemort, but he had been defeated and lost all his power, not to mention that Dumbledore, should make it difficult for him to rise again. 

If it wasn’t Voldemort, who could this Dark wizard be? 

It was unclear why Ron thought of Evan’s study of black magic at that moment. At that time, there were no signs that Evan was probably the Dark wizard.

“However, the Centaurs would not have been duped; they must have seen it all!” Ron thought. The more he thought about it, the more he felt it was plausible. All the pieces were falling into place, and he reminded himself of the need to be careful.

“Hermione, prophecies are real!” Harry continued. “Think about Evan’s hearing of the real language…” 

“I mean, Professor Trelawney is a liar in a state of true prophecy, and so are the Centaurs.” Hermione said sharply, “I decided to give up Divination class, for it is a waste of time.”

” You need to learn to use such opportunities, Hermione!” Ron interjected. “Why give up this class?! You just have to predict in your homework that something bad will happen to you, and she will give you a high score. It is the easiest course I’ve ever had.”

Evan was not involved in their discussion, and he was still thinking about what Firenze had said and what Professor Trelawney had predicted.

Gryffindor’s key was preserved in the temple of the Centaurs, and Professor Trelawney predicted that the place where everything was going to happen was also a temple. 

Could there be  any connection between these two places, or was it a simple coincidence?! 

With a growing sense of uneasiness, Evan remembered what Peter Pettigrew had said when he had caught him. He learned from Voldemort how to get the key to Gryffindor’s secret treasure. Voldemort must have been to that temple!

Evan suddenly realized: if he got the key, wouldn’t he be the one chosen by Voldemort according to Professor Trelawney’s prediction?!

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