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H.P.S.T Chapter 277: Centaurs’ Requirements

“I am the chosen one!!!” 

In the dark Forbidden Forest, Evan suddenly thought of this possibility. 

He felt all the blood in his body getting ice cold, and the ominous premonition deep in the bottom of his heart grew stronger and stronger. 

Firenze must have seen something in the trajectory of Mars before warning Evan. What he said just now was vague. He only mentioned war. No one could guarantee that in the future he saw, Evan would be the chosen one. 

If this was to be correct, in the dark temple of the Centaurs’ colony, Evan would be marked by magic left behind by Voldemort, and he would help him return and gain unprecedented power.

If such a thing was to happen, then the whole magic world would be shrouded in terror and chaos… 

A breeze blew over, and Evan shook his head and just could not think about it anymore.

Voldemort was evil and powerful enough; if he was to be helped by other more powerful forces, then he would become invincible, and the future would be unimaginable. 

Such things can’t happen, and Dumbledore wouldn’t sit idly by. 

Moreover, the idea of

being the chosen person was too ridiculous and absurd. Evan was sure that unless he was controlled by black magic; such as the Imperius Curse, he would never help Voldemort.

As Sirius said to Peter Pettigrew, he would rather die than betray his friends. In the face of the mighty and evil Voldemort, he would only choose to fight until death. 

Like Sirius, Evan also had his own objects of persistence, faith and guardianship. 

He would rather die than help Voldemort. 

He took a deep breath and secretly made up his mind. 

No matter what was awaiting him, he had to get the treasure key left by Gryffindor, become stronger, and protect Hermione when the time comes.

But would the future really be as simple as he imagined?! 

In the dark, the thick smoke in front of the elder of the Centaurs was getting weaker and lighter, and the blue flame gradually faded. He completed his observations of the flames and smoke. He seemed to know the fate of Evan, Harry, Ron, and Hermione, and he made a decision. 

With the dissipation of smoke, Evan felt the strange magic wave around him disappear.

In front of everyone, the old Centaur looked very tired, the wrinkles on his face became deeper and deeper, and he slowly waved to Magorian. 

The strong Centaur walked over and they whispered something. 

Then, the elder Centaur raised his head and glanced at Evan and the others. He turned and walked deep into the Forbidden Forest surrounded by other Centaurs. 

The Centaurs’ army left, and the rumbling sound of the hoofs gradually drifted away.

Magorian stood still, and he looked at Evan and the others arrogantly. 

Everyone looked back at him nervously, waiting for him to say the final verdict. 

“The elder has already made a decision…” Magorian shouted. “The stars give clear instructions that you four foals can get the recognition of the Centaurs.” 

Evan, Harry, Ron, and Hermione had not had time to be happy, and they heard him continue. “But to get that recognition, you have to prove yourselves and accomplish one thing…” 

He seemed not satisfied with the elder’s decision. There was some anger in his voice. 

“What is it?” Sirius asked with a frown. 

“Reduce the powers of those Acromantulas in the Forbidden Forest and bring their eyes to the tribe. The elder will be awaiting you in the middle of the temple.” 

“Reduce the power of Acromantulas?!” Sirius frowned deeper, “Magorian, do you know what you are talking about?! Those Dark creatures are very strong. It is not something that the young wizards can handle. And how many Acromantulas do we need to kill to satisfy you?” 

“That’s something for you consider.” Magorian said hard, “Remember, you get only one chance to get the Centaurs’ recognition. Before we completely lose patience, bring those monsters’ eyes to the tribe.” 

Magorian turned around and left without looking back.

Looking at Magorian’s back, no one spoke. No one expected that the Elder of the Centaurs would actually make such a request. As Sirius said, encircling and suppressing the Acromantulas was something Evan and the others were reluctant for. 

Those dark creatures are highly dangerous, and their individual combat ability is enough to rival adult wizards, not to mention that they have always been in groups. 

They hated Evan to death after he set Aragog’s Lair on fire. Now, as long as he dared to appear in their territory, all Acromantulas were expected to rush over and attack him.

Facing thousands of Acromantulas at the same time, even Dumbledore shouldn’t be able to pull it off. 

“Firenze, what in the world is this?” Sirius asked. “Why would you want to weaken the power of the Acromantulas?” 

“Those ferocious creatures do not belong to this forest, I do not know when they started, but their number is increasing, causing us a lot of trouble.” Firenze gently replied; he was now the only remaining Centaur on the grounds. “Especially after the fire a month ago, they became increasingly irritable, wantonly attacking Centaurs and other creatures, causing great damage to the ecology of the Forbidden Forest.”

He looked at Evan’s eyes as if he had known it was his fire.

“I know that the Acromantulas have caused you a lot of trouble, but let us…” Sirius said worriedly. 

“The elder has made a request, you can only choose to accept or reject.” Firenze’s sapphire eyes did not have the slightest wave. 

“Well, how many Acromantulas should we kill in order to satisfy you?” Sirius stared. “We can’t kill all of them.” 

“Quantity is not important, the key is attitude!” Firenze turned and looked at Evan, Harry, Ron, and Hermione, and said calmly, “If you want to be recognized, the Centaurs want to see the courage hidden in your four hearts and the importance you attach to Centaurs”. 

“Courage… and importance?!” Evan repeated. 

“Evan, I remember you told us about what Gryffindor left in the Chamber of secrets!” Hermione seemed to think of something, she recalled, “Brave Gryffindor; emerge from the swamp of desolation! He shall bestow the greatest rewards upon he who is most courageous! The key to unlocking the treasure is the courage buried deep in your heart. You need to get his proud followers’ recognition!” 

Although there had been many speculations before, it was very clear now. . 

Proud followers refer to these proud Centaurs in the Forbidden Forest, and the treasure key he left behind is the courage buried deep in the heart. 

The Centaurs’ colony does keep the item that Gryffindor himself had left, but what is the use of courage here?! 

Do the Centaurs want to test the four of them and then decide whether to give them the item?

“This phrase has also been running down in the tribe.” Firenze turned his head and looked at Evan, slowly saying, “Remember, courage is key to get that item.” 

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