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H.P.S.T Chapter 278: Harry’s decision

On their way back, everyone seemed to have accepted this fact. 

Evan, Harry, Ron, and Hermione were still worried about the Centaur’s demands. Sirius was very dissatisfied with Magorian’s attitude, and looked extremely contemptuous. 

“Those Centaurs are a bunch of sick old mules, aren’t they?” He said dissatisfiedly, bypassing a small nettle. “They are too stubborn and look down on the human wizards.” 

“Besides stubbornness, they are absolutely mad to ask us to weaken the power of the Acromantulas!” Ron said out of breath, “They don’t want to think how four twelve or thirteen-year-old wizards could beat Acromantulas?”

No one spoke, and no one knew how to answer Ron. 

“Think about it, you have to dig out the spider’s eyes and bring them to them. It’s crazy!” Ron continued, with a shiver in his voice. 

He had no liking to spiders; he was extremely frightened. 

“The question now is not whether we can, but what should we do?” Hermione said in a flustered manner. “Firenze said that we can only choose to accept or reject it.” 

“Yeah, we have to do this to get the magic item that Gryffindor left behind, and there’s no other choice!” Ron aggressively broke a branch in front of him. “Damn it, Gryffindor himself must have been confused before he went to the Centaurs.”

“According to Firenze, the Centaurs are not asking us to kill or destroy many Acromantulas, but to show enough courage and sincerity.” Hermione said, “This must be a hint. Things may not be as difficult as we thought.”

“To me, it’s all an idea.” Ron wrinkled his nose and said in a how tone. “Anyway, we’re going to have to fight those monsters and kill them. Oh, Acromantulas, I will have nightmares tonight!” 

There was another silence, and everyone felt very bad.

Evan’s mind was filled with the horror of the Acromantulas, the eight Black-painted eyes on their heads, their hairy legs, and their big pincers that occasionally clicked and clicked.

Besides the disgust he had, Evan did not have much fear of Acromantulas. 

In terms of combat strength, he was now better than those monsters.

The problem now was insuring the Centaurs’ satisfaction. 

It seemed to be something very challenging, and Evan was even considering the possibility of getting to Aragog’s Lair again and killing the king of the Acromantulas. 

Although dangerous, if well planned, such a mission would not be impossible! 

Evan was not sure whether he should do so. He looked up at Sirius and wanted to see what he had to say. 

Sirius did not speak, and his face looked arrogant and disdainful as usual. He noticed Evan’s gaze. He smiled slightly and seemed to want to express his opinions after everyone had decided. 

In this manner, the five people walked silently forward, and the Forbidden Forest late at night was particularly gloomy. Several unknown giant creatures flew overhead and made terrible noises, but the invisible pressure of having to face Acromantulas was more frightening than the darkness around them.

“Evan, as you said before, you’ve met Acromantulas and fought them after you chased Peter into the Forbidden Forest.” Harry suddenly said, his voice sounding strange in the dark. “What are their strengths?”

“They are very dangerous, it’s best not to provoke them.” Evan told the truth, “The Acromantulas are very aggressive, their sharp fangs are extremely strong and toxic, and they have an immense bite force that can tear a human apart. The most dangerous thing however is their number, you know, I saw at least hundreds of them last time.” 

Ron’s face turned pale when he heard Evan’s description.

“There are too many of them. We can’t face them head-on. We must think of a way.” Hermione whispered, “Evan, do the Acromantulas have any weaknesses?” 

“They attack mainly in only one way. Their main tool is their fangs, and they have no long-range attack ability.” Evan continued, ”Their defense is relatively poor, general attack spells can cause damage to them, I think Petrification or Impedimenta are good choices.” 

“Poor defense, single attack,” Hermione said uncertainly.”This way, as long as you don’t get close to them, they’re not invincible.”

“God, Hermione, you are not really going to fight those Acromantulas!” Ron exclaimed. “The Centaurs just ask for spiders’ eyes. I just thought about it. We don’t have to do it ourselves. We can simply ask Sirius or other professors.”

Harry and Hermione looked a bit hesitant. Ron’s idea seemed to be actually really good. 

“Sirius, will you help us?” Ron asked with hope in his eyes. 

“Yes!” Sirius nodded simply. “I promised Evan to help him get the recognition of the Centaurs. If you need it, I will help you clean up those Acromantulas. Is that your final decision? ” 

His gaze slowly slipped through everyone and finally fell on Harry. 

“No, Sirius!” Harry shook his head and hesitated. “You don’t have to help; I think we have to do it ourselves.” 

“HARRY!” Ron hurriedly shouted, his face full of surprise and confusion.

“You know, Ron!” Harry’s voice became more and more determined. “We must do it ourselves. Don’t forget what Firenze said. The Centaur’s request is not really to annihilate the Acromantulas, but to show our courage and sincerity.”

“But” Ron opened his mouth unwillingly, not knowing what to say. 

He turned to Evan and Hermione, hoping for their support. Harry’s decision was too risky and irrational. 

Evan and Hermione didn’t talk. They all took a step in the direction of Harry showing their position. 

Looking at his friends’ decision, Ron stood hesitant, his face changed rapidly, and finally he had to sigh and walked over to their side as well. 

“Very well, Harry, you didn’t let me down!” Sirius looked at them in silence for a while, smiling happily and saying, “In the face of danger, not everyone has the courage to face the challenges they get, this is a rare quality that you have.”

“I just said my inner thoughts without thinking too much,” Harry said with embarrassment.

“I know that the decision you made today may seem dangerous and irrational to others, but I would say that your father would be proud of you.” Sirius said slowly, “Harry, Evan, Ron, Hermione, I hope the four of you will remember that the most precious quality of a Gryffindor is unbeatable courage. Knowing the danger, a Gryffindor keeps his courage to face the difficulties for the sake of protecting the faith in his heart. It is Slytherin’s way to achieve their goals by any means. “

Harry, Ron, and Hermione looked very excited when they heard him. 

Harry, in particular, had a flicker of eagerness on his face, as if he wished to find an Acromantula and fight at once.

Although he did not quite agree with Sirius, Evan still had to admire it. 

For friends, he stuck around through thick and thin, even if death was at stake. That’s what Sirius deserved to be respected for.

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