Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures
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H.P.S.T Chapter 313: kill it Deep Underground

So it seemed that the origin of this matter was Evan’s fire. 

Apparently, Aragog was full of resentment towards both the incident and Evan. It was waving its big pincers at an unprecedented speed, and its whole body was shaking.

If it could, it would now rush up and tear him apart… 

Evan clenched his wand. It wasn’t until Aragog regained calm that he relaxed his guard.

He could understand Aragog’s thoughts. In its view, he set fire to hundreds of Acromantulas and made things worse and worse. 

However, the root cause was that Aragog’s belief in the Dark forces, blood thirst, cruelty, and rebellion. He put himself on a path of self destruction. 

At that time, if it could keep its promise and let Evan and Peter Pettigrew leave, none of this would have happened. Aragog and its descendants could live in the Forbidden Forest as before, and continue to rely on the way of offering sacrifices to the unknown creature deep underground to continue their wicked life. 

Evan sighed coldly and looked at the old spider in disgust. It was really disgusting to survive by sacrificing others’ lives. 

In a sense, Aragog in front of him was no different from the giant female spider outside, and had mutated into a monster. 

However, he also knew that Aragog was not to blame for this. 

It was a dark creature itself, it was difficult for him to bind with human moral standards, let alone deem what he did as wrong. 

Few people can accept death, and what they have to say can only be described by the arrangement of fate.

And Evan could be sure that even without his own fire, the evil creature hidden in the depths of the earth would not be willing to give up. 

In the original story, Aragog did keep living for too many more days. 

After his death, his descendants soon joined Voldemort’s camp to participate in the final battle, but did not know how Voldemort dealt with that creature. 

Was it a direct extermination or some unknown secret?

Now that things had reached this point, it made no sense to think about it any longer.

Evan now only hoped that Aragog would do what it said, and not rush to settle with him the grudge of killing its descendants before eliminating their common foe.

Of course, if it really wanted to do that, Evan would not be afraid.

Looking at Aragog’s current state, he was sure he could kill it with just one spell. 

“Its existence has always been a secret. Only I knew, I don’t let the children get close to here.” Click, click, Aragog waved its big pincers, and said excitedly, “But from that day, it grew stronger and whispered throughout the Lair. It began to bypass me and take direct control of my children. I want to stop it, but nothing can be done. It stopped supplying me with energy. I’ve become extremely weak, aging, death being closer and closer to me. I can only lie here, alone.” 

A strong chilly wind blew from the deep pit, and Aragog huddled like an old man on the verge of death, completely stripped of his formervigor of the Spider King. 

Evan was not confused by the sight before him. He quietly raised his wand and pointed it at Aragog in the middle of the spider web. “Before I came here, I was in the big cave outside. I saw your spouse with ten thousands of spider eggs…” 

“My children!” Aragog replied weakly. “How are they? I haven’t seen them for a long time since I was imprisoned here.”

“Very bad. With the transformation of the dark forces, they can no longer be called Acromantulas. They have completely become monsters.” Evan squinted and continued, “I can’t let these monsters live in the Forbidden Forest, so I eliminated them. Swallowed by the Fiendfyre, they will not leave any ashes. I’m sorry, but I had to do that. Maybe Hagrid will find a way to help you find a new spouse.”

Aragog didn’t react when he heard Evan. 

It did not speak, and lay there quietly. His thoughts were well hidden.

In the dark, Evan held his breath, straightened his arm and held his wand, waiting for Aragog’s choice.

He was ready to use magic. If Aragog did anything wrong, he would kill it first, and then find a way to deal with the guy below and save Malfoy. 

“As you said, they all mutated into monsters, not obeying my orders. They are no longer Acromantulas and should be eliminated…” Aragog said bitterly, “It’s all because of the thing bellow that my children and I became what we are today, I swear to kill it, I want revenge!” 

“Very well, I’m glad you can have this kind of awareness.” Evan released a sigh of relief and continued. “Tell me your plan. What do you want me to do?” 

“It’s very simple, kill the thing below and help me get my revenge!” Aragog moved forward and its big pincers swayed fiercely. “It is right below here along with the human boy. I don’t know what happened. It is extremely weak and has little power now. If you go down, you should be able to kill it rather easily…” 

“How can I get down there?” Evan took another look at the deep pit under his feet. He was more aware than Aragog of the current state of the guy hiding in the depths of the ground. After it failed to cast its spell on Evan, it suffered from severe consequences. 

The question now was how could he get to the bottom of this pit? 

“My child can help you.” Aragog’s big pincers clasped fast as if to summon something. 

A few seconds later, Evan saw a blue-black Acromantula descending from above. 

It slowly fell between him and Aragog, and as it approached, Evan noticed a spider silk thread hanging from its tail. 

“It can help you get to the bottom of this deep pit, Hagrid’s friend.” Click, click, Aragog said slowly, “After killing that guy, it will bring you and your companion up from below, and I will give you an extra gift to thank you…” 

Evan looked suspiciously at the two Acromantulas in front of him. He didn’t expect any gift from Aragog at all. He just hoped that it would not throw him down from mid-air. 

Considering the nature of the Acromantula, such a thing was very likely to happen.

He hesitated. The Acromantula hanging in the air looked fiercely at him, and its eight black eyes glittered maliciously under the light of the wand. 

“I can go down, but you must accompany me.” Evan took out a glass bottle filled with green liquid from his pocket. 

He had learned a lesson since he missed taking many treasured magic books at the Black family’s old house at Christmas because he had no parcels.

Over the past few months, Evan had been researching and trying. In the end, he finally succeeded in casting an Undetectable Extension Charm on a small parcel. 

Although this spell was not perfect, it was usable. 

Now, this small space was filled with magic books that Evan was studying recently, commonly used potions and other everyday items.

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