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H.P.S.T Chapter 314: Underworld

Evan poured out the potion from the glass bottle. This potion could boost the spirit and was very helpful for reading books late at night. 

He had intended to give Hermione some, so he made a lot of it. 

This was the biggest bottle Evan carried with him. He pointed the bottle at Aragog. 

“Although we have a common enemy, to be honest, I don’t believe you. You must be the same!” Evan said bluntly, “To avoid mutual suspicion, I have a suggestion. If you don’t have that Evil power in your body, then my magic should work. I’ll shrink you into this bottle with the Shrinking Charm. After killing that monster, I’ll release you and let you out again.” 

In the darkness, Aragog was obviously hesitant and silent.

“That’s fair, isn’t it?” Evan shook his wand and asked again. 

“Very fair indeed, Hagrid’s friend!” Click, click, Aragog said slowly, his voice full of doubts. “I can grant your request, but after killing it, how can you guarantee that you will let me go?” 

“You have no choice but to cooperate or be killed by me here now.” Evan gave a cold smirk and said rudely, “I repeat, I don’t care about Malfoy’s life or death. I can wait for rescue and choose a more secure way to go below!” 

They were deadlocked, and Evan’s last words clearly shook Aragog. 

He was right. Aragog and the other Acromantula had no other choice. They had little bargaining space with Evan, and little capital. 

After several serious losses, they had been badly damaged. 

If it didn’t do what Evan said, it might die immediately, and if it didn’t kill the monster below, it was afraid that the entire Acromantula population would be extinct.

“You won!” Aragog slowly climbed to Evan’s side. “Do as you will. I hope that after everything is over, you will keep your promise.” 

Looking at the old spider lying beside him, all over its body was grey and fluffy; Evan gently waved his wand and shouted, “REDUCIO!”

A burst of purple light flashed, and a few seconds later, Aragog’s body was rapidly shrinking. 

Soon, it changed from the size of a baby elephant to that of a normal spider, probably no bigger than Evan’s palm. 

“For Hagrid’s sake…” Evan heard Aragog’s voice. 

“Rest assured, I’ve always been truthful to my words; at least, more than you.” 

Aragog trembled and climbed down the spider web into the bottle. 

Evan sealed the bottle and cast a spell on it to make it more resistant, to not afraid of any accidents. He stuffed the bottle back into his carry-on package, turned around and looked at the Acromantula floating in mid-air, took a deep breath and was ready. 

“Come on, take me down, I can’t wait to see the true face of the guy below, I hope you won’t let me down.” 

He opened his arms, like a captured prey, the Acromantula grabbed him tightly from behind with its two first stout spider legs. 

Then, they slowly descended the crevice along the edge of the spider web…

This feeling was really bizarre; Evan was uncomfortable with the rubbed fur of the spider. He became even more disgusted at the thought of being held up by an ugly spider.

His back was now almost unprotected, and if it wished, the Acromantula behind him could open its big pincers and bite him to death. 

Or, more simply, throw him down and smash him into pieces. 

Fortunately, what Evan worried about did not happen. They swayed to the depths of the earth in a gust of cloudy wind, as if they were going to another world. 

With every sway, Evan was nervous and anxious for quite a while. 

It was not that he was timid, but the state he was in was so terrifying. The deep pit which end could not be seen because of darkness was like a big mouth of a beast that was devouring them slowly and mercilessly. 

Evan tried not to think about the Acromantula behind him, or what to do if he fell from here. He forced himself to observe the surroundings. 

He originally thought that the depths of the underground would be the same as what he saw above, all so dark that one could not see at the reach of his fingers, but that was not the case.

Even without the faint light at the tip of his wand, there were fluorescent underground plants growing on the rock wall.

Some of them gave off a beaming green light, and some emitted a dim yellow and white light. 

Evan focused his attention and looked closely. He saw that most of these glowing plants were precious fungi he had never seen before. 

Among them, there was a kind of mushroom “Lux Aeterna” which had been recorded only in the oldest version of “One Thousand Magical Herbs and Fungi “, and had now been deemed as extinct. It was one of the main materials used to boil magic potions. 

If there were not more important things waiting him to do, he would’ve definitely stopped the spider behind him and collected all these precious plants. 

Continuing downward, silver floating planktons began to appear around Evan. 

They floated slowly in the air, like stars in the night sky, looking very beautiful. 

These planktons seemed to be spores of certain plants, floating out of the surrounding rock crevices, gathering together and floating throughout the deep pit. 

As the depth continued to increase, there were more and more planktons, and Evan seemed to be in a silvery ocean. 

The scene in front of him was like one out of a dream, beautiful to the extreme. 

Evan couldn’t help but think that he had to find a chance to bring Hermione here to have a look. She would love this fairytale world. 

These tiny silver-white planktons all seemed magical. Because they were too dense, Evan accidentally breathed some of them in. 

The next second, he was pleasantly surprised to find that the magic he had just consumed in combat was being recovered quickly. 

It was really weird. What was this?! 

Instead of looking around, he hurriedly took out a small bottle, loaded some planktons in midair, ready to return to Hogwarts for research. 

He had a hunch that with these unknown spores, he was likely to develop a new potion.

This magic potion could help the wizard recover his magic quickly. If it succeeded, it would be a feat to change the history of magic. He would become the youngest Potions Master ever, and the Ministry of Magic would award him the Order of Merlin First Class as recognition.

Of course, this was all just a thought. 

Just as Evan was distracted, they seemed to have reached the bottom of the pit, and a huge figure of a statue appeared in front of him. 

As Aragog said before, the scarred statue, full of Acromantulas’ damage marks, was carved with a serpentine logo and the Slytherin family’s emblem. 

This huge green stone statue was of Salazar Slytherin himself!

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