Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures
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H.P.S.T Chapter 329: Events That MUST Be Prevented

That horrible monster was Herpo himself… 

This idea had been lingering in Evan’s mind since it appeared. 

He thought about it. If he were an evil Dark wizard, then he would certainly never speak out about his most powerful black magic. 

Even if he would’ve written it down, he would certainly keep it secretly preserved. 

It could be inferred from this that the Horcrux was certainly not the most powerful and evil magic that Herpo the Foul had possessed.

In every way imaginable, the steps involved in making the monster were very similar to the methods used in making the Horcrux. 

It wouldn’t be that much of a stretch to say that the monster creating black magic is an advanced version of a Horcrux. 

The only difference was that one was based on splitting his own unstable soul through murder, and the other was to murdering many people and collecting their souls and pouring them into one’s body.

Similar spells, radically different steps, how big would the difference be?! 

Evan was not sure about his conjunctures, as there was no way to verify them. 

However, the more he thought about it, the more he felt he was right.

In this way, Herpo the Foul transformed his body into that evil creature and became an immortal existence. This was the amazing secret that Slytherin had discovered! 

That’s why the Eyeball Monster controlled the Acromantulas to destroy all the key messages in the underground ruins for fear of revealing its identity… 

While Evan came to this conclusion, Harry, Ron and Hermione were still discussing issues related to Horcruxes and speculating about what Voldemort’s remaining Horcruxes were.

“First of all, we must first determine the number of Voldemort’s Horcruxes.” Hermione said thoughtfully, “So far, we have destroyed two. There shouldn’t be too much left. One does not simply split his soul too many times; he would go mad before he’s through.”

“That’s if for normal wizards. Do you think that You-Know-Who is normal?!” Ron wrinkled his nose and said. “If I were him, I would only split my soul once and hide it instead of splitting it over and over again and leaving my soul behind everywhere.”

“He’s obviously not normal…” Harry couldn’t help but touch his scar. 

“Like I said, whether it’s You-Know-Who or the Dark wizard called Herpo, THEY ARE ALL ALREADY MAD.” Ron said, “To live forever…” 

“Hold on, I suddenly thought of Herpo the Foul!” Hermione raised her voice and said, “If his Horcrux had not been destroyed, then he must be alive, so where is he now? He wouldn’t stay idle, watching Slytherin and other wizards enter his Lair and take away all his beloved treasures. ” 

Evan nodded. Hermione’s words confirmed his conjecture again. 

But he couldn’t speak his mind because he had no factual basis, and it was just too shocking. 

“Maybe we can use this map.” Harry stared at the stones in Evan’s hand. “We can go and find the temple relics on it, all the mysteries…”

“Hold on, Harry!” Ron hurriedly interrupted him, saying uneasily. “The site on this map is in ancient Greece. You don’t want to venture there, do you?”

“Yeah, you’re right.” Harry lowered his voice and said disappointedly. “Don’t talk about going abroad. I just hope to be separated from the Dursleys during the summer vacation.”

“Didn’t Sirius invite you to live with him?” Hermione wondered.

“That’s what he said, but Dumbledore disagreed. He asked me to keep living with the Dursleys every summer until I become an adult.” Harry waved his arm forcefully and said in frustration, “I don’t know how Dumbledore persuaded Sirius. Anyway, I’m going back to the Dursleys this summer vacation.”

Harry was in a low mood, and the topic changed directly from the discussion of Voldemort’s Horcruxes and the wicked Dark wizard Herpo to concerns about the upcoming summer vacation. 

He was willing to pay any price just to get separated from the Dursleys. 

He did not understand why Dumbledore insisted that he should answer the Dursleys. Now that he had a godfather, he could live with Sirius.

“Don’t worry too much, Harry, with my knowledge of Sirius, he won’t sit idle.” Evan comforted Harry. “Perhaps, he will live with you in your aunt’s house. In due course, I can also visit every day.” 

“Yes, I’d so happily as well!” Ron followed. “You know, this summer is the Quidditch World Cup final. This is the most important sports ever in the wizarding world. This year’s cup will be held in England. My dad will definitely get tickets, you can come to my house in advance, and we can go to the game together.” 

When it came to Quidditch, Harry’s interest was completely aroused. 

With the school Quidditch Cup final held, Hogwarts Magic Newspaper recently increased the collection and reporting of Quidditch related news. Professor Lupin even hired reporters to give special interviews on the ongoing Quidditch World Cup under the delegation of Evan.

Because of this, the Quidditch World Cup final, which was to be held in the summer vacation, had become a hot topic in the castle as early as possible, and many boys were discussing it over and over.

Harry and Ron were discussing the possibility of Ireland’s National Team winning, which was the favorite to win the championship.

“I think the Irish National Team will win. Their players are all top performers in the professional league.” Harry said, “They fly very well. Every time they trained, Wood gave us a special account of the tactics they used.”  

“It’s hard to say, Harry! Ireland is really strong, but from the latest news, the biggest upset this year is the Bulgarian National Team, they found a talented Seeker- Viktor Krum!” Ron said cheerfully. “It is said that he flies faster than a meteor. He always catches the Golden Snitch before anyone and even broke the world record. He is a legendary figure who suddenly emerged in the past two years…”

Hermione was not involved in the conversation. She was not interested in the Quidditch game or Krum. 

Evan walked for a while, thinking about things related to Krum.

As a legendary Star that emerged in the past two years, Krum’s reputation was much stronger than that of Evan. His magic power was also very strong, and he was very popular with girls. 

He was to come to Hogwarts next semester for the Triwizard Tournament.

Evan remembered that at the Christmas ball, Hermione would be his partner… 

This couldn’t happen. He secretly made up his mind that something had to be done to stop that. 

“What are you thinking about?” Hermione suddenly came over and stared at Evan. 

“No, nothing, it’s about Quidditch…” Evan looked back, and some words could not be said to Hermione. He hurriedly avoided Hermione’s suspicious eyes and shifted the subject. “What do you think about the map on the Stone?”

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