Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures
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H.P.S.T Chapter 330: Thoughts and Intentions

Hermione seemed to have noticed Evan’s abnormality, and she stared at him again for a while. 

When Harry and Ron talked about the Bulgarian Seeker Krum, she clearly felt that Evan was distracted. Although he didn’t say anything, but because she knew him well, Hermione sharply captured Evan’s mood changes and general thoughts. He did not seem to want to let her know about Krum. 

This was really suspicious, was that Seeker a girl?! And if so, why didn’t Evan want her know that she existed? 

As soon as the idea came to her mind, Hermione shook her head and almost laughed at her ridiculous thoughts.

Viktor Krum was clearly a male name, she immediately relieved herself. No matter how Evan knew him, and no matter what secrets there were between them that he couldn’t let her know about, since Evan did not want to say it, then there was no need for her to continue questioning… 

After all, she believed in Evan completely, unconditionally! 

Hermione didn’t think much about it. In fact, if she knew Evan’s worries and plans, she would laugh at him for thinking too much. 

Let alone dating, she didn’t even know who Krum was now. 

Hermione didn’t know that the matter was related to her, nor did she know that there would be an indescribable resentment between her and Krum in the coming semester.

In Evan’s plan, the Christmas ball should reach an unprecedented level and have an unprecedented impact in the history of Hogwarts.

“This map carved behind the stone is too strange. Since Slytherin intentionally left it in the underground ruins, it means it must be very important.” Feeling Hermione’s eyes, Evan said stiffly, “What message might he be trying to convey?”

“There might be something in this temple that Slytherin cared about very much.” Hermione also redirected her attention to the map, following Evan’s line of thought, “He didn’t take it away because he was too hasty or for other reasons.”

“Good thought, Hermione, that’s a great possibility. There’s something in the temple that Slytherin was bound to get.” Evan admired, “I don’t know what it is, but it should undoubtedly be very precious.” 

If Slytherin was interested in it, then the item must be of great importance. 

Considering the status of Herpo the Foul, Evan could imagine his most precious collection. He had many legendary magic items in his mind that he had seen in the history books of magic.

“Besides that, I think there is another possibility.” Evan kept his voice down and continued, “You know, what I told you before…” 

“You mean?!” Hermione raised her eyebrows. 

She thought of Evan telling her that he had brought back the black magic books from the Black family collection, including even books on the Horcrux. 

Although she believed in Evan, this topic was too sensitive. 

Hermione, in particular, had just had a quarrel with Ron about it a few months ago. Ron thought he should tell the professors to stop Evan from studying Dark magic, but he had no evidence.

At the persuasion of Harry and Hermione, Ron finally had to stop. 

The incident was over, but then the truth came out, and Hermione knew that Ron’s guess was not just a fool’s errand. On the contrary, all he said was right. 

As he said, Evan was studying evil black magic. 

Hermione concentrated and told herself not to think nonsense. 

Evan had promised her that he would not use black magic to do evil things and change his thinking. 

He used these black magic books as a reference to study and create corresponding white magic. 

And indeed, Hermione fully believed in Evan, but in order to avoid unnecessary disturbances, she still didn’t tell Harry and Ron for the time being. 

It wouldn’t be too late to tell them when the time would be right. 

“Yes, that’s it. In those books, I learned the steps and methods of making the Horcrux.” Under Hermione’s reluctant eyes, Evan looked at Harry and Ron sitting at the foot of the bed, still concentrating on the Quidditch game, then whispered, “At the same time, I’ve seen the monster and the black magic carved on the rock walls to make it. That magic is very similar to the way the Horcrux is made. Many Spells are exactly the same.”

“Oh, my God, how can this be possible? What are you saying?” Hermione stared.

“It’s still speculation that the monster is very likely to be immortal,” said Evan. “Maybe Slytherin left this map to tell us that it is only in this ancient temple could it be completely eliminated.” 

“What exactly should we do?” Hermione asked subconsciously.

Because she was too agitated, her breathing was a little messy. 

“I don’t know, this is all speculation. But I think it should have something to do with the dark red nameplate I finally picked up. It didn’t appear until the monster disappeared.” Evan thought and said, “I gave it to Dumbledore, and he might find out some clues.” 

“In that case, we should find the location of the temple as soon as possible and tell Dumbledore about it!” Hermione nodded, looked at the stone carefully again and asked softly, “Do you know where it is?”

“I’ve just been looking at it. I don’t have any impression of the place marked upon it.” Evan shook his head. 

For a moment, neither of them spoke again. They rearranged the broken stones, and the map above became more and more complete.

“I have an idea!” Hermione squinted. “Although a bit stupid, we can try to compare this map with the map of ancient Greece. There are oceans, forests and deep canyons. The terrain is also very peculiar. There are not many places to meet these conditions…” 

“It’s really a good idea. You can try it.” Evan nodded. “Besides, we must continue to collect information about Herpo the Foul.” 

If possible, he would also like to find out the specific location of the monster’s body and brain taken away by Slytherin, and be prepared for it. This matter might have something to do with vampires. 

But now that Dumbledore knew, he would definitely be prepared.

Considering the gap between their intelligence ressources, if Dumbledore wanted to investigate, he would definitely find the remaining hidden parts of the monster before him. 

What Evan needed to do now was to record this map in his mind as soon as possible. 

“The direction of this dotted line should lead to the right path. It seems to go through an underground passage in the middle.” His fingers groped forward on the back of the stone and he said softly, “Only this direction is positive, and no other direction is possible. Although it is not clear what is drawn in front of it, there must be risks.”

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