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H.P.S.T Chapter 370: End of the Centaurs’ Chapter

“Albus, since the Dark Mark is here, will that person…” Professor McGonagall said worriedly, her lips pressed together and her expression was particularly serious. 

“I don’t think so, Minerva!” said Dumbledore calmly. “My sources show that he is still in the Albanian Forest. There’s been a lot of excitement and bustle around there recently, and so many things have happened. I don’t think he has the energy to think about Hogwarts for the time being, nor will he hide behind the scenes and plot anything.” 

At Dumbledore’s words, Snape’s eyebrows were stirred up unnaturally.

Apart from him, no one knew what Dumbledore meant by the bustle about the Albanian forest. 

Sirius hesitated for a moment and seemed to want to ask, but in the end he said nothing. He lowered his head and looked sadly at Evan in the hospital bed.

Voldemort did not return to Hogwarts, he had not regained his strength. The Dark Mark was only showing that he had once been there. 

But this did not make the people in the ward happy. They were silent for a moment, and everyone was looking at Evan, who was unconscious. 

Harry thought of Voldemort in the Albanian forest, and remembered what Sirius had said about the Dark Mark on their way back. 

Thirteen years ago, it was the most horrific era of the Wizarding World. 

Voldemort and his followers sent the Dark Mark in the air whenever they killed. 

In a sense, this Mark represented Voldemort himself, he was death. 

Now, the Dark Mark reappeared in Hogwarts. Evan had taken the black magic left by Voldemort, what would happen to him?! 

Death, the word recurred in Harry’s mind. 

He felt so bad that he shook his head to shake the idea out.

“What happened to Evan?” Hermione sobbed and wiped her tears.

“He’s not dead yet!” Snape said maliciously. “He’s lucky. He was holding the Philosopher’s Stone in his hand. The magic in it alleviated the power of the curse.” 

“What about the little black snake around his wrist?” Harry asked.

“I don’t think your hollow head can take my detailed explanation of this curse magic.”Snape sneered and said, “You just need to know that as long as Mr. Mason has this Philosopher’s Stone with him, he can stop the power of the curse from spreading in him and keep his life.” 

Hearing this, everyone’s nervous expression slightly eased. 

As long as Evan had the Philosopher’s Stone with him, nothing would happen to him.

“When will he wake up?” Hermione hurriedly asked. 

Snape snorted coldly, seemingly showing his disdain to answer such a silly question.

He re-observed the black snake on Evan’s wrist, and his eyes fell on the snake’s head. 

There was an awkward silence in the ward. Hermione was not sure if she should ask, but she was afraid to disturb Snape who was observing Evan’s condition. 

“At any time!” Dumbledore raised his head and said softly, “Miss Granger, Mr. Mason is likely to wake up at any time, and the magic of incitement has returned to calm.” 

His calm light blue eyes slowly crossed the faces of everyone, giving them great confidence, and eventually fell on the red Philosopher’s Stone held tightly by Evan’s right hand. 

Dumbledore seemed suddenly interested, pulled out his wand and knocked on it. 

“Very wonderful, very wonderful!”

He couldn’t help exclaiming, his light blue eyes sparkling, “I have to say, this Philosopher’s Stone, from the perspective of alchemy …” 

“I’m sorry, Headmaster!” Snape interrupted him suddenly, and a cold smile reappeared in the corner of his mouth.

He looked at Sirius maliciously and said in a protracted voice, “I don’t think it’s time to admire a stone. The Dark Mark appeared in the school, a student has been subjected to a fatal curse. Someone must be held responsible for this.” 

“Severus…” Dumbledore frowned. 

“I don’t think it’s appropriate for someone to stay in school as a professor!” Snape stared at Sirius and said provocatively, “Without permission, he sneaked into the Forbidden Forest with a group of idiots who were not afraid of death and can’t even distinguish the cursed black magic items. I can’t think of any reason for him to stay here.”

“Shut up!” Sirius clenched his fist and immediately loosened it. “This is because of me. I only wish that Evan wakes up and I am willing to take any punishment.” 

“Great, but I don’t think you have…” Snape suddenly stopped. 

In the bed next to him, Evan’s head moved slightly and he was waking up. 

A few seconds later, Evan opened his eyes and the first thing he saw was Dumbledore’s calm, blue eyes.

His nerves finally relaxed completely. Behind Dumbledore, there were Sirius, Professor McGonagall, Harry, Ron and Hermione with caring faces.

Hermione’s face was full of joy, but her nose and eyes were red. During this coma, the poor girl must have been crying so badly. 

Evan looked up and he saw the sulky Snape trying to shrink himself into the shadows of the corner, as if he hoped he would not be noticed. 

Outside the ward, Madam Pomfrey and Firenze the Centaur, were standing there. 

“Professor, there is a curse on this piece of the Philosopher’s Stone left by Gryffindor!” said Evan. “It’s Voldemort who left it, I…” 

“We already know, Mr. Mason!” Dumbledore said calmly and he gave Evan a brief explanation of his current physical condition.

“As long as I keep this magic stone with me, I’ll be all right?!”

Evan looked at the red Stone in his hand, and he could feel the powerful magic coming out of it. 

Then his eyes fell on the tiny snake on his wrist.

“I don’t feel anything unusual, but this curse?” He asked uncertainly, remembering Professor Trelawney’s prediction.

This was the Mark left by Voldemort. Perhaps he was the chosen one. 

“The Philosopher’s Stone, the Curse and the power of your body have reached a delicate balance,” Dumbledore whispered. “Mr. Mason, before we find a way to crack it, I hope you don’t use your magic as much as before. It’s very dangerous to break this balance rashly.” 

“So what should Evan do?” Sirius cried out, “We can’t expect him to live with Voldemort’s curse all the time and use magic carefully.”

“Whose responsibility do you think it is?” Snape’s voice, like a poisonous snake, continued to sting Sirius.”Think about how we can explain it to Mr. Mason’s Muggle parents. They believe in Hogwarts. They sent their child here to a school they don’t know at all. But what happened now? Because of your recklessness and stupidity alone, we destroyed the future of a very promising young wizard.”

Sirius was silent. It was rare for him not to respond to Snape.

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