Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures
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H.P.S.T Chapter 371: Dispelling Methods and New Journey

“Oh no…. the future Star of the Wizarding World is falling!” Snape looked at Evan maliciously. “As long as this curse exists, even if Mr. Masterstone mastered more magic in the future, he won’t use it. He can only show the level that a young wizard should have. It’ really a sad thing” 

Evan did not hear any sorrow from Snape’s words. On the contrary, they were oozing with irony. He was just attacking him and Sirius.

From having the magic power of a top tier adult wizard to falling back to the level of the average twelve-thirteen-year-old wizard, the gap was not a bit small; it was difficult for ordinary people to accept.

However, Evan did not feel all that bad. His powerful magic was somewhat baffling. It was Slytherin’s Locket that absorbed the accumulation of a thousand years from the underground ruins and infused it into his body. He had not yet had time to adapt. 

The sudden increase in power lead to a weak foundation and was prone to problems. 

He was happy to have temporary suppression to his magic, giving him more opportunities to hone his spelling skills instead of relying on brute power to solve all problems. 

Perhaps this was the main reason why Gryffindor knew about Voldemort’s Curse on the Philosopher’s Stone and insisted that he touched it. 

“Of course, having the magical power of a student your age is no fault!” Snape continued. “But I have to remind you that you’d better pray that you never appear in front of that man. Otherwise, if he wanted, he could probably trigger the Curse and take your life at any time! Well, even though he could do it with any other magic.” 

Evan frowned. It was not too good to be incapacitated in front of Voldemort. 

In the upcoming semester, Voldemort and his followers should use the Goblet of Fire to engage in an astonishing conspiracy and eventually return the Dark Lord physically. 

Although Peter Pettigrew had been detained in Azkaban, Evan did not think that Voldemort wouldn’t do anything, he would definitely try to seize Harry.

The only strange thing was that Voldemort had this opportunity in Harry’s first year. 

Why didn’t he do that at the time? Was it better to restore power with the help of the Philosopher’s Stone than with that magic?

Evan shook his head and stopped thinking about it. He only knew that a head-on confrontation was essential after Voldemort’s return. He could not keep away from him.

“What can we do to dispel this Curse?!” Sirius clenched his fist, “Whatever is necessary; I’m willing to help Evan at any cost.” 

“This is the fault you should bear!” Snape said viciously, “You don’t seem to believe me. Don’t think I’m talking about a solution…” 

“Severus!” “Dumbledore warned him again, adding to his tone. 

Snape’s hatred, which had just appeared on his face, suddenly turned into a sneer and hung on his lips. “To unlock this curse, we must know what magic this is. If you are willing to ask the Dark Lord himself, perhaps he would be merciful enough to tell you.”

“What else?” “Dumbledore asked calmly. 

“Also, I noticed that this Philosopher’s Stone was split, and Mr. Mason is lucky. The magic in this Stone has a strong effect on the curse.” Snape reluctantly said, “Finding the remaining half of the Philosopher’s Stone may work.”

“In this way, we have two solutions!” “Dumbledore nodded and said with satisfaction, “I have clues about both approaches.” 

Hearing what he said, everyone looked at Dumbledore in awe.

Even Snape looked surprised and his eyes narrowed tightly.

Either of the two solutions he just mentioned was very difficult, and it seemed almost impossible for ordinary people to achieve them, but Dumbledore actually said that he had clues.

Asking Voldemort what the Curse he left behind was, they didn’t even think about it. As for finding the other half of the Philosopher’s Stone, it was not that easy. After the Centaurs’ Civil War eight hundred years ago, no one knew where the fallen Centaurs ran with the fragment of the Philosopher’s Stone. 

Time had passed so long that the Fallen Centaurs clan might have been extinct long ago. After all, there was no place where the evil god really appeared.

If they were not extinct, the current situation might be worse.

They might be hiding in a dark corner, secretly accumulating strength and planning to conjure the evil god again.

After Dumbledore said he had clues, everyone in the ward was surprised. No one doubted Dumbledore’s power and knowledge.  Everyone had long been used to it. 

“Professor, what shall we do?” Evan hurriedly asked. 

Sirius, Harry, Ron, and Hermione were also asking Dumbledore about it, wondering what the clues he just said were. 

“Don’t worry; I’ll tackle them one by one!” 

Dumbledore waved to everyone to be quiet. “First of all, I’m going to the Ministry of Magic. To get to that place, there must be a decree from the Minister of Magic. And I have to explain to Fudge what happened tonight. The appearance of the Dark Mark is no joke, even if not noticed by many people.”

Evan was stunned; ‘go to the Ministry of Magic and get Fudge’s permission?!’ 

He didn’t know what Dumbledore meant by the place that needed the permission of the Minister of Magic to enter it, and where it was. 

He looked into Dumbledore’s eyes, his head spinning fast, and then he thought of something. 

Evan recalled a few months ago, when he talked to the Headmaster separately about his experience of catching Peter Pettigrew. In Professor Lupin’s Office, Peter proposed to give him Voldemort’s solution to the Curse left in The Centaurs’ colony, hoping that Evan would let him go. 

He remembered that Pettigrew had said that without that, he would never get the Philosopher’s Stone left by Gryffindor.

Evan didn’t care at the time, and now it seemed that it was really the case. 

This was indeed part of the clue. Since Peter Pettigrew knew how to break the curse, he could infer from it what the curse was. 

So it did seem necessary to ask Peter Pettigrew. 

And this guy was currently in Azkaban Wizard Prison, guarded by countless Dementors, and getting there needed Fudge’s permission.

Although there was no communication, Dumbledore seemed to know what Evan was thinking. He nodded and confirmed that Evan was right. 

“Although this curse does not have much impact on Mr. Mason at present, I think the faster we dispel it the better!” Dumbledore said, “I am going to take him to look for these two clues. It won’t be surprising if we had to be away for a long time.”

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