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H.P.S.T Chapter 387: Dead Evil God

Evan looked around and felt as if his body was weightless.

Gravity seemed to have lost its effect. He could touch the top of the rock wall with a slight jump.

Then, Evan realized that he was in soul state. 

His soul had left his previous realm, got separated from the real world, and came alone here under the influence of the strange nameplate.

He didn’t know what the real world was like or where it was. Maybe it was the same as what he had experienced the other night, perhaps it was another magical illusion. 

A magical illusion left by Slytherin. Might it be another test?!

After all, in some theories, Azkaban was initially built by Salazar himself, and was his retirement place in his later years. There must be something unusual here.

Would he have hidden a certain part of the evil spirit’s body here, and that’s why the nameplate reacted?

If so, would it be the brain or the body?

Evan followed this line of thought for a while, but he didn’t feel things were quite right.

If the evil spirit created by Herpo the Foul was really here, then it wouldn’t be as quiet as it was now, and the whispers that he just heard were completely different from the previous ones. 

Even if they were words of an evil god, it was certainly not the same one. 

Evan looked at the huge pit in front of him, dark and invisible, and an idea suddenly immerged in his mind.

That was what Dumbledore called the Throat of the Abyss, the real underground abyss.

There was a voice calling for Evan. He hesitated whether he should go in.

A long time had passed, and Dumbledore had not yet arrived. That said, his current situation was extremely bad, and he might not even have a way out.

There was no other exit in this room except for the deep pit in front of him. 

It was not the way to keep waiting. If this was really the illusion left by Slytherin, then doing nothing could get him trapped here forever. 

Evan decided to follow his instincts instead of fantasizing.

He went to the dark pit and put in his shining wand.

It was dark below, and the pit seemed to be too deep for him to see anything.

The next second, Evan jumped right in. No matter what, he was now in a soul state. Besides evil Dark magic, nothing physical would hurt him no matter what happened. 

He went straight down, falling down in the endless dark abyss. 

Despite his best efforts, the light on his wand did not play any role. Darkness came from all sides, and Evan could not see anything. 

Despair and fear creeped in hand in hand, and gloominess of the mood was getting stronger. 

Evan kept falling, and started feeling he wasn’t going to land. But soon he felt difference. Instead of air, he was surrounded by a strange cold substance that completely wrapped him up.

Evan was stunned for a moment before he realized that it was water. 

He was now in the icy waters of the North Sea. After jumping into the deep pit, he had reached the bottom of Azkaban’s island.

Because he was in a soul state, Evan didn’t have to worry about oxygen and breathing. 

He relaxed completely and looked around in the light of his wand.

Unknown fish swam by him, turned around him for a while, and disappeared into the cold water. 

It did not take him too long before he found that he could move freely. 

He was not going down, and the strange shining nameplate in his arm gradually calmed down, which meant that he had reached his destination.

Although what was happening in front of Evan was totally beyond his scope of knowledge, there seemed to be something around him that attracted him and he could feel it. 

He tried not to think, not to explain these unreasonable things with magic or science. He only knew that if he found what the nameplate needed to show him, he could leave here and go back to the real world.

He kept swimming in the dark sea, and then, he seemed to have encountered something. 

He raised his wand, and in front of him was a gray creature’s body, round and long, no matter which direction he looked, he could not see the end. 

This creature seems to have died a long time ago; its body was motionless, and its surface was not shiny, showing a dark gray that was about to decay and deteriorate. 

“What is this?” Evan said strangely. “It looks like a giant rubber tube.” 

As he walked along the “tube”, the more he looked, the more frightened he became.

A few minutes later, seeing more of these tubes, Evan finally realized what it was. These tubes were probably the tentacles of some kind of creature. 

He couldn’t tell why, almost in an instant, he thought of the “evil god of the forest” and its tentacles. 

In front of him was a body of an evil god! He tried to rush out immediately, but stopped; he was feeling no threat!

The deathly silence, the whispers and calls that had just been chattering disappeared, as if they had never existed.

This creature, whether it was evil or not, was now dead! 

Evan did not know what kind of power could have killed this evil spirit from the void, as powerful and horrible as it was.

He approached again, ready to take a closer look. 

But no, the size of this guy in front of him was tremendous. 

Evan thought for a moment, and gently pointed his wand at the tentacles in front of him. 

He read a spell, and a little fluorescence emerged from the end of his wand and floated above the body of the evil god. 

More and more fluorescence spread out, and gradually covered the body of the entire evil spirit.

Now, Evan could finally see this guy. He was really shocked by the sight in front of him. Ahead was a huge octopus-shaped monster. 

Its body was quietly tilted in front of Evan, as majestic and frightening as nothing else he had ever seen. 

This Octopus-shaped evil was more than a thousand feet long. Its head was immersed deep in the sea. It seemed to be connected to the underground abyss. Numerous tentacles emerged from its head and grabbed the whole island of Azkaban upwards.

The edges of the tentacles had begun to assimilate into the rock and became one. 

In the middle, that is, where Evan fell, countless black egg-shaped things emerged from the mouth of the octopus to spray, slowly upward.

These eggs floated very slowly, but they were moving. 

Evan looked closely and immediately recognized what it was. These were not eggs at all. They were all Dementors… the evil god was making Dementors!

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