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H.P.S.T Chapter 391: The Kiss and the Welcome Dinner

“Are all French girls so… open?!”

Evan looked at Gabrielle getting closer and closer to him, trying to hide as he could. 

His heart thumped violently. In front of him, the girl showed a lovely smile, with white milk stains on the corners of her mouth, giving off a sweet scent….

She wanted to kiss him!!! 

Evan could feel Gabrielle’s warm breath on his face.

He thought about what he had done in Diagon Alley and Hermione on Christmas Day, and that was the same at that time. The wonderful scent of a girl…

“Meow!” Evan meowed weakly, almost panting.

It was not a boy’s wheezing but a soft cry of a kitten. 

At that moment, such a weak meow could not stop her. On the contrary, it aroused her interest and was counterproductive!

Evan was almost suffocating, and his brain almost stopped working. However, whatever reason he had left told him that something had to be done to stop Gabriel. 

She thought she was kissing a cat, but he was not a real one! 

But there was an impulse deep in his heart to do nothing. After all, he was now a cat. No matter what happened, it wouldn’t be discovered. 

Besides, all this was the girl’s initiative! 


While Evan was still hesitating, Gabrielle’s cold lips had been printed on his face. 

He could no longer hear his heartbeats, but his body tensed sharply. 

The girl’s lips were very cool and soft; she kissed Evan gently and rubbed her face on his cheek. In Evan’s trembling, all the white milk stains on her lips touched him.

He had to admit that, from an outside perspective, the scene was amazing! 

A lovely little girl with long blond hair and a cute face like an angel, holding a black kitten in her arms. In a sense, it was cute to the extreme. 

Gabrielle’s little face rubbed against Evan, but this was not all. 

Immediately, she lifted him up again and seemed to want to kiss him on the lips. 

Evan looked at her pitifully, watching Gabrielle’s cute little mouth approaching him again. 

He gasped and felt that he could not stand such excitement.

Continuing this way, he was afraid of… 

Evan blinked and, just as Gabrielle’s mouth was about to touch him, his pure black claws were subconsciously raised.

With a snap, she gently pressed on the girl’s face.

“Meow!” In his “opponent’s” unexpected surprise, Evan ran out by force.

He jumped on the windowsill not far away, ignored the shouts of the girl behind him, steadied his breath, and jumped out gently without looking back.

By the time Evan returned to his room, Sirius was back. 

“Well, Your impressions of Beauxbatons?” Sirius said. “It’s the most beautiful campus in Europe. There are many kinds of plants in the nearby woods. There are more than 300 kinds of magical creatures living here. If Hagrid could come, he would definitely fall in love with it.” 

“Very beautiful indeed!” Evan muttered.

He touched his right cheek, which seemed to be stained with milk from Gabrielle.

“In addition to the beautiful campus environment, France also abounds in beautiful women!” Sirius looked at the blushing face of Evan, with some insight, “I have to admit that all the girls here are very cute. I just saw one in Madame Maxime’s office. She’s definitely a Veela. If I were a few decades younger…” 

Sirius should have just seen Fleur, for the description fit her perfectly. 

Evan really wanted to tell him that he had just had intimate contact with her sister.

But it was better not to say such things, if Hermione knew… 

They chatted for a while before they set off to attend the welcome dinner. 

For tonight’s banquet, Beauxbatons was clearly prepared. 

The glittering Great Hall was even more eye-catching, and the school emblems, curtains and decorations on the walls were all new. 

Countless golden candles floated in the sky and looked very spectacular.

Just above the Great Hall was a round marble dome. 

It didn’t directly reflect the weather outside like Hogwarts. Instead, a beautiful mural was painted, with blue as the main tone, clouds floating within it, giving it a divine feel. 

Evan didn’t know what the mural represented exactly, because almost all the ghosts, portraits, mural figures and animals in the school were crowded there, and they stared closely at Sirius and Evan, who had just entered the Great Hall. 

That was the same for the students of Beauxbatons. 

They were wearing their newest school uniform robes and sitting at different long tables according to their age. Evan saw nearly a thousand pairs of eyes looking at him, with inquiry and curiosity. 

Nobody spoke, and Beauxbatons’ administration seemed very strict.

If it happened in Hogwarts that people from other schools could come to dinner, the young wizards would talk about it for so long. 

They might even dare directly invite visitors to their long table. 

But it was totally different here, and Beauxbatons students were all trying to restrain themselves. 

As Sirius passed, the students along the way nodded politely, but Evan noticed that they did not look so politely at him.

He ignored all the provocations in the boys’ eyes, and also pretended not to see the eager eyes of girls.

Overall, the young wizards of Beauxbatons were not very friendly to Evan. Besides their curiosity, he didn’t know where their sense of superiority came from. 

None of these emotions was concealed, clearly written on their faces. 

Among the three major wizarding schools in Europe, the young wizards thought that their school was the best, but thanks to Dumbledore, Hogwarts had far surpassed the other two wizarding schools in recent decades. Evan’s strength and reputation were also much better than others.  

In this case, it was natural that there would be no good looks at Evan. Many people wanted to have a try with him to see who was better. 

Nevertheless, Evan would not care about such boredom at all.

He looked around and noticed that Gabrielle was sitting in the first-year seat. She was raising her neck and trying to look at him. He turned and waved.

The girl smiled and waved to him. 

If she knew that the black cat she had kissed not long ago was Evan, she would certainly not be so calm. 

At the forefront of the guest table, Dumbledore sat in the middle seat. 

On his left side, an old man with a beard longer than his was sitting, and he was very noticeable. 

He was the alchemist Nicolas Flamel. Very old, but in good spirits, he wore a beautiful golden wizard robe. 

He was talking to Dumbledore, and he was playing with strange magic items in his hand. 

Considering his identity, Evan wondered if his dress was made of pure gold.

Anyway, Flamel was not short on gold. For an alchemist who could alter matter itself, gold was as common as roadside stones.

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