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H.P.S.T Chapter 390: Gabrielle and the Black Cat

Although in Hogwarts, he was often the focus of attention and discussion, this was the first time Evan experienced such a situation, being surrounded by such a group of girls. 

From time to time, they burst into laughter and spoke French that he could not understand. 

There were several bold girls who looked at Evan warmly, their looks conveying obvious messages. Evan, on the other hand, was rather shy.

If he wanted, he could have a nice cozy conversation with one of them at anytime.  

That sounded good, especially because these girls were all stunningly beautiful…

Evan shook his head in a hurry and cleared out his mind. Now was not the time to think about such things.

All in all, this situation was really not suitable for staying to study magic. He had to walk back along the way he came.

Behind him, more and more people were crowding up. 

Many of them came to see Evan after being informed by their peers.

Evan had a headache. These French girls were too enthusiastic.

After a quick turn around a corner, he quickly murmured. His body began to shrink rapidly, turning into a black cat that leaped out gently.

He watched with amusement the students who suddenly lost their target and were at a loss. He shook his tail and got out of the crowd, ready to continue his tour around the campus. 

Evan planned to go to the library and have a look at the books here.

“Where did the boy from Hogwarts go?” 

“I don’t know, he’s just turned this corner. There is no place to hide around here. He can’t walk that fast either.”

“I heard that he is very strong. He defeated the Basilisk, many Dementors, and the most evil Dark wizard to clean up Sirius Black’s name…” 

“We all know what you’re talking about. He’s almost the most frequently mentioned wizard in newspapers. Every few weeks, we can see reports about him!”

“Well I mean… would he go invisible?” 

“This is impossible. That spell is not allowed in schools. But perhaps Hogwarts has some special unknown magic. That school is very strong. ” 

As the discussion continued, Evan carefully crossed the crowd. 

He decided to go back and study French hard. Otherwise he really wouldn’t understand what these people were saying. 

They should be talking about him, and he just didn’t know whether what they were saying good or bad. 

Just as he was about to get out, his body suddenly jerked stiffly.

On the outermost side of the crowd, Evan found himself being picked up from behind. 

He turned and saw a particularly beautiful girl, a few years younger than him, wearing a pale blue wizard’s robe.

She looked at him with her blue eyes, and waist-length of pure, silvery blonde hair. 

“This black cat is so cute!” “The girl smiled, her long eyelashes twinkled up and down, as beautiful and lovely as an angel. 

Without introduction, Evan recognized that this girl was Gabrielle Delacour. 

She looked very much like a Veela, which was a very rare lineage. 

In Beauxbatons, it was estimated that only she and her sister, Fleur, were like this; and they were very easy to identify.  

Evan struggled for a moment, trying to break free. Although he said that he wanted to see Gabrielle, but meeting her in this way was really too bad! 

“Hey, stop being naughty!” Gabrielle ignored Evan’s struggle, and held him tightly in her arms. 

There was a soft moment in front of him, and Evan dared not really exert himself.

He could only let her embrace him and follow the crowd around him. 

“Come on, Gabrielle!” 

A few minutes later, a girl next to her said with disappointment, “I don’t know where that Evan Mason went. He’s not here anymore!” 

“But I haven’t seen him yet!” 

“There’s a welcome banquet tonight. You’ll see him sooner or later.” The girl took Gabrielle. “Besides, wasn’t your sister assigned by the headmistress to show that fellow around the campus? You can follow them. Remember to take me with you then.” 

They walked to the school while chatting, and the topic naturally shifted from Evan to the black cat that Gabrielle was holding. 

“I’ve never seen this cat on the campus!” The girl with short brown hair said, “Black cats are rare. In legend, they have strong magic. It’s maybe a pet for senior students.” 

“In that case, I can go and ask my sister to help!” Gabrielle said, holding Evan in front of her and staring into his eyes. 

Evan was immersed in the beauty of the girl and felt his heart pounding. 

His mind became blank, and he only felt an extreme joy. 

Everything in the world didn’t matter as long as he could keep looking at her.

This feeling was only for a moment, and immediately, Evan sobered up. 

He knew that this was because of her being a Veela, which was magical in itself and had the power to make a woman irresistible.

Evan let out  a low meow and turned his head away from Gabrielle.

He wanted to say that she didn’t have to take the trouble to find the owner, and just put him down. 

But Gabrielle turned Evan back in her arms. In fact, at that moment, she also felt her heart beat faster. 

The black cat in her arms seemed to have real magic. Its eyes could reach the deepest part of the human heart. Gabrielle had never felt that way before.

“You go back to the Common Room first. I’ll get my sister’s help. See you at dinner!” Gabrielle waved and ran in the other direction with Evan in her arms.

Evan didn’t know what she wanted to do, but he was thinking about how to get out of this situation. 

He meowed twice again. It seemed that he couldn’t leave this girl without using tough means. If he couldn’t do it, he could just turn right back to his human form. 

That was embarrassing, but it was better than being seen by others. 

Gabrielle ran for a while and stopped. She lifted Evan again and said with uncertainty. “Why do you keep meowing, are you hungry?” 

Evan couldn’t understand what she was asking, and another meow was his answer. 

Then he saw the girl nodding a little, as if she understood something. 

She took Evan downstairs and ran to an empty classroom. 

“Found it!” Gabrielle felt something behind her desk. 

She took out a bottle of milk and swayed at Evan. “My sister gave it to me at breakfast, I forgot to drink it!” 

Evan watched in silence as she poured milk into a box and pushed it in front of him.

Seeing that Evan didn’t seem to want to drink, Gabrielle thought for a moment, and forced his head down.

Being caught off guard, the splashed Evan was covered with milk!

Gabrielle laughed, released Evan, and drank the remaining half bottle of milk. 

Her mouth was stained with milky white stains, and she picked up Evan, who was cleaning his face, and his arms huddled closer and closer. 

Looking at her, it seemed that because Evan the black cat was too cute, she couldn’t help but reach over and kiss him.

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