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H.P.S.T Chapter 389: Beauxbatons Academy of Magic

“Beauxbatons Academy of Magic?!” Evan blinked. This was really amazing news. 

He read about the school in many magic books, but never thought he would have a chance to come here.

Like Hogwarts, the sites of such famous wizarding schools are hidden.

In order to ensure the safety of students and prevent secrets from being stolen, ministries of magic and wizards in various countries have imposed unimaginable protective spells in every school.

That means it’s hard to find a wizarding school without knowing the exact address.

Even if the Muggles accidentally stood outside, all they could see was a pile of ruins. 

There would be signs hanging at the entrance; DANGER, NO ENTRY, UNSAFE and so on. 

Of course, these protective spells are equally applicable to uninvited wizards. 

Evan only knew that Beauxbatons Academy of Magic was located in the south of France. Just like Hogwarts, it is one of the three major wizarding schools in Europe. It is famous for its long history and elegant and comfortable teaching environment. But he didn’t know exactly where it was. 

“Dumbledore brought us here for help, and the Headmistress Olympe Maxime warmly welcomed us.” Sirius smiled and said, “She is a very special witch, very strong, and when you see her, you will understand what I mean.”

Indeed, like Hagrid, Mrs. Maxime was a female half-giant. 

This sounded really interesting, but Evan’s mind was not on it at all. 

He thought of Fleur, and Gabrielle Delacour, who had been writing to him. 

They were students of Beauxbatons. Letters from Gabrielle had almost filled a large tin box, and Evan had never met her before.

In his impression, she should be a cute little girl with blond hair and blue eyes, a sweet smile, a quarter-Veela French young witch and a strong French style. 

Unlike Hogwarts, Beauxbatons Academy of Magic requires young wizards to enter school from the age of nine. The school is not divided into four Houses, and there are only the years. Gabrielle should be at school now.

At the end of the semester, there should be no school holiday.

Anyway, Evan wanted to see the girl who had been writing to him. Besides, he wanted to see by himself the magic preserved in Beauxbatons Academy of Magic about which he had read relevant records in many books of magic. 

“Dumbledore said you might probably wake up today. I am going to inform him about this. He should be with Nicolas Flamel.” 

Sirius stood up from the chair, smiled at Evan and said, “You can go out and walk around, but don’t go too far. To welcome us, there will be a banquet in Beauxbatons this evening!” 

“Oh I see!” Evan promised, ready to go out for a visit. 

He followed Sirius out of the room, just for his eyes to be shine at the sight of the luxurious decor of the room extending all the way to the school corridor. 

Unlike the black, rough stone walls of Hogwarts Castle, the corridor in front of Evan was all white marble with gold and blue decorative patterns. Soft carpets were laid on the floor, and gorgeous brilliant crystal lights were hanging in mid-air. 

The walls were painted with huge colored murals, and the characters inside were walking around. 

On both sides of the corridor were elegant statues, vases and other decorations, each of which was a priceless antique or a unique piece of art. 

“To tell the truth, I was surprised when I first saw it!” Sirius was not surprised by Evan’s reaction. He said, “These rich Frenchmen!” 

At the end of the corridor, Evan separated from Sirius. He looked at the murals on the walls and came out of the building along another empty corridor. 

The warm wind of June blew in front of Evan, and there was a large garden in front of him. 

It was not as magnificent as Hogwarts’s huge castle. Beauxbatons looked like an amazing manor.

A French-style building was situated in it, and everything in front of him had a different flavor. 

It should be situated on the top of a big mountain. Evan could see the vast lawns and mountains around the school. 

There was no cloud in the sky, which was like a pure sapphire. 

Evan walked two steps forward. Outside the flower garden was a Quidditch field. The flag fluttering around it was the school’s coat of arms of Beauxbatons. There were two golden wands crossed over one another, each shooting three stars. 

In French, Beauxbatons means “beautiful wands”.

The sparkling river passed through the edge of the Quidditch site, like a silver ribbon, and across the river was a dense virgin forest. 

With red eyes and golden manes, the Abraxans, ’winged-horses’ were lying leisurely by the river. They were all very rare magical horses. 

Evan’s current location was just the boys’ dormitory. In the middle of the distance was a great palace-like building, which was the main body of the school. 

In front of the palace, there was a magnificent golden fountain resembling that of the hall of the Ministry of Magic. 

The above figure was Nicolas Flamel, which was there to thank him for his donation to Beauxbatons at a young age. A large part of the land and buildings were Flamel’s donations. 

Of course, these things happened more than 600 years ago.

What interested Evan was that the fountain apparently used a lot of alchemy-related knowledge. Although he didn’t quite understand it, he could clearly feel that the ordinary spring water passing through the statue of Nicolas Flamel had a subtle magic. 

These magic powers were amazing and seemed to have healing and beautifying properties. 

Evan couldn’t help but go over to study it carefully, but he quickly found that the situation was a bit wrong. 

He didn’t know when they came out, but there were more and more Beauxbatons’ students around him.

Their school uniform robes were all pale blue, made of fine silk, in contrast to the mostly black school uniform on Evan.

He could hear the voices of the people around him.

“Who is this boy?” 


“The boy who came with Dumbledore and Sirius Black.” 

“He’s so handsome. I heard that he is that Evan Mason!” 


“He looks a little weak, not as strong as the rumors!” 

Of course, these discussions were all in French, and Evan couldn’t understand a word. 

He felt like he was a treasured animal in the zoo. What made him feel more stressed was that most of them were girls.

They pointed at Evan, and from time to time they burst into laughter.

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