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H.P.S.T Chapter 407: Flamel’s Legacy

Compared with the treasure keys left by Hufflepuff and Ravenclaw with no clues, Slytherin was troublesome here, but the clues were very obvious. 

First of all, Slytherin had a special Vault numbered 1 under Gringotts, on the island surrounded by magma in the deepest part of the earth.

Under the goblins’ supervision, the Vault had not been opened for nearly a thousand years. The scepter must be hidden inside.

Secondly, Evan had previously obtained the nameplate left by Salazar in the underground relics. 

With Harry’s help, all the words recorded in Parseltongue had been deciphered. 

There was also a map behind, which led to the ancient Temple in ancient Greece where Slytherin had found the evil god created by Herpo the Foul. 

The last ancient warlock in the history of magic and the root of the most evil magic known to modern wizards, Herpo the Foul, was definitely there. 

Maybe Slytherin was there looking for the snake Scepter?

In any case, it was necessary to explore that temple. 

Besides Slytherin’s Locket hanging on Evan’s chest, he also knew where two other items left by Slytherin were. 

As one of the Horcruxes, the Ring inlaid with the Resurrection Stone was hidden by Voldemort in Gaunt’s shack. After the adventure of the Philosopher’s Stone would be over, he was planning on going to look for it. 

But the curse that Voldemort left on him was no small trouble. 

If it wasn’t for Dumbledore by his side, Evan didn’t think he would have much of a chance to break it.

As for Slytherin’s wand, it was kept by his vampire descendants for generations. 

If Elaine’s prophecy was true, then Evan was likely to be the one who was destined to help them solve their problems. 

It wouldn’t take long for them to take the initiative to come to his door.

With so many clues, it should not be impossible to get that snake scepter, but it would be very troublesome and difficult.

The first part of the book had Flamel’s research as a reference. He had just to learn it to master it. 

There were also some clues to decipher the second part. 

Evan continued to turn over the pages. 

On the first page of the third section, there was no text above. 

But there was no pattern. There was a dark mass, like a large piece of dripped ink, covering almost everything on the page. 

Evan flipped back, and the following pages were the same. They were all dark and unclear. He stared at them for a while and could not see any clues. 

The black ink on the pages seemed to have magic. Evan just stared at it for a while, and he felt that his soul was being sucked out and absorbed by the book. 

“This is the power of magic. This book is resisting our attempts to read more. Only when we really understand the second part can we see the content beyond it.” 

Flamel’s voice came at the right time, interrupting Evan’s thoughts. 

He raised his head and looked at the magic book in his hand. Only then did he realize that he had been too careless and did not consider the danger of the book. 

The shock of reading “The Book of Abraham”, and the fact that Flamel had studied it for more than 600 years, made Evan overlook that the book itself was a legendary magic item, and that its contents were not as simple as they seemed.

“The first part of this book is about alchemy. You need to understand the meaning of this part before you can continue to study what’s beyond that. Alchemy is the basis for deciphering Abraham’s legacy of magic.” Flamel stepped forward, flipped the pages back to the first page and pointed to the Philosopher’s Stone above. “Remember, the Philosopher’s Stone is the key to everything. Of course, you can also choose to use Alchemy to transform it and gain immortality and wealth. I won’t blame you if you do that, but I hope you would choose a qualified successor and pass on the book if that had to happen.” 

Under Flamel’s gaze, Evan Solemnly nodded. 

Despite the temptation of immortality and wealth, he wanted to stick to it until the end and see what kind of magic and secrets Abraham had left behind in the book.

And he also had a feeling that as the Secret Treasure left by the Four Founders of Hogwarts gradually intersected with “The Book of Abraham”; the hidden parts of the book would play a vital role at critical moments.

“Very good, this book is yours!” Flamel stared at Evan for very long, slowly putting “The Book of Abraham” into his hands. 

He sighed softly as if he had fulfilled his last wish in life.

“In order to avoid misleading you, I can’t pass on my results to you.” Flamel said slowly, “But as one with experience, I can give you some advice to help you shorten the study of the first part.” 

Evan focused on what Flamel was going to say next.

“The first is the ancient magic inscription on it. If you chase it word by word, it may take you hundreds of years to find the inscriptions in hundreds of ancient books.” Flamel took a thick piece of parchment from the gray cloth bag he carried with him. This is my research manuscript. I call it “The Pictographic Dictionary. It should be helpful to you.” 

Evan took “The Pictographic Dictionary” and looked at it briefly.

This manuscript was of extraordinary significance. Not only did it record a large number of ancient magic words that had been deciphered, but also Flamel’s experience in alchemy.

Getting “The Book of Abraham”, Evan was his only successor. 

He had to break the secrets left by the ancient warlock Abraham on Flamel’s behalf, and complete what he had failed to achieve. 

In that way, getting “The Pictographic Dictionary” was truly getting Flamel’s legacy. 

Although in modern times, the main way to acquire magical knowledge was entering wizarding schools, some special forms of magic were still being handed down inside pure blood wizard families, and some of them through this ancient way of mentoring. 

Evan bowed formally to Flamel, paying tribute as a humble apprentice.

“You need to stay in Beauxbatons for a month. I will personally teach you the basics of ancient magic and alchemy, so that you have enough ability to study alone in the future.” Flamel helped Evan up, “I talked to Albus about this, and also it needs time to confirm the clues to the whereabouts of the remaining part of the Philosopher’s Stone.”

Evan nodded, and it seemed like he was about to spend most of his summer vacation in Beauxbatons.

Being able to follow Flamel’s teachings was an honor and a very rare opportunity. 

As the longest living wizard in the world, he not only was the strongest alchemist, he also knew a lot on other forms of magic and secrets beyond imagination. 

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