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H.P.S.T Chapter 406: A Scepter, and Two Giant Snakes

“More than 600 years ago, I returned from Egypt to Beauxbatons with this book and put it here!” Flamel explained, “The seeds of this tree were also brought in at that time. I did not notice that it was actually caught in the pages of the book. By the time it was discovered, it had already begun to germinate and grow. With a few hundred years of alchemy experiments, it absorbed the powerful magic overflowing from the Philosopher’s Stone and slowly grew up, gradually becoming what it is today.” 

Evan looked up at the huge old crystal tree.

Then, his gaze quickly turned to “The Book of Abraham” in the center of the tree!

As Flamel said before, this was a very big and thick magic book.

It looked very old, and its pages were made of delicate and smooth bark, which exhibited a strange lilac color under the fluorescence. The edges of the pages had begun to crystallize.

Yes, they were made out of crystal!

Like this huge old tree in front of him, they seemed to be of the same material.

Evan had a feeling that the pages of “The Book of Abraham” were made of this strange crystal old tree in front of his eyes, and they were all one.

He took a step forward so that he could see more clearly.

Simple, heavy breath came to him, although he did not touch, let alone flip the pages, Evan could clearly feel the traces of time that passed on the book.

It quietly resided in place as if it was never moved.

Thousands of years had gone quickly. It was conceivable that in history, countless talented and powerful wizards had owned this magic book.

Each of them was a powerful wizard who could leave a trace on the history of magic. Around the ownership of such magic book, there must have been countless fights and conspiracies.

From the current results, no matter how many people had ever obtained “The Book of Abraham”, none of them knew its true secrets.

Flamel should be the closest one to the truth. He had gained endless life and unthinkable wealth.

But he said that his starting point itself was wrong.

Evan took a deep breath and wondered if he could penetrate the mystery of the book, or like the previous owners, ultimately die with great regret.

He shook his head and hurriedly focused.

In front of Evan, the cover of “The Book of Abraham” was tightly wrapped in a large construction of brass.

It was covered with tiny, complex lines, and occasionally glowed with dark gold.

On the front cover there was no name written, nor were there horrible designs like other ancient magic books, as a warning to later generations.

On the contrary, it was densely covered with strange words.

Looking at these ancient words, Evan felt that he was vaguely acquainted, and he seemed to have read them somewhere.

Then he realized that these were all ancient magic words.

Not long ago, he had seen something similar in Hermione’s textbook.

Every Thursday night, Hermione spent more than five hours practicing ancient magic words she had learned on parchment or looking for information to learn new magic words.

Because he watched her too much, Evan also learned a lot.

But in front of him, these magic words were more ancient and complex than all the ancient magic words he knew. Strange patterns were twisted, and they were all looking like hieroglyphs.

Even if Evan racked his brain, he could not understand the meaning of these words.

“This book is yours now. Sooner or later you will know the meaning of these words. As I said, it’s a powerful spell.” Flamel said, “It doesn’t need magic, it can be put into practice successfully just by the power of language. I sincerely hope that you won’t have to use it someday.”

The power of this spell should definitely be beyond imagination for Flamel to repeat his advice.

Looking at the old words, there was a lot of speculation in Evan’s mind, but in the end they were all refuted one by one.

It was true that Abraham’s power as God’s spokesman in the world should not be understood by ordinary people at all.

Evan couldn’t imagine what kind of spell it would be.

At Flamel’s suggestion, he stepped forward and gently turned the pages open.

The pages were heavy and very rough!

Evan flipped through the book and noticed that it was divided into three parts, each consisting of seven pages.

On the front page of the first part, there was no text but a stone.

Evan only looked at it once and recognized it as a Philosopher’s Stone.

The next seven pages were all ancient magic texts like the cover. They recorded the knowledge related to alchemy, from which Flamel developed the method of making Philosopher’s Stones.

On the first page of the second part, there was no text, but a pattern.

It was a huge scepter with its head and tail swallowed by two giant snakes. To Evan’s surprised, they were ones that he had seen before.

His underground experience in Aragog’s Lair was still vivid in his mind.

In the stone chamber where the horrible eyeball monster was located, Evan saw four magic items left by Salazar Slytherin on the last mural.

They were the Locket, the ring, the wand, and a scepter that was surrounded by two green snakes from bottom to top; it was the scepter drawn on the book.

No mistake, Evan could be sure.

Apart from the fact that the scepter was surrounded by two snakes from the bottom to the top, and that the scepter above the picture was being swallowed by two snakes, the details remained exactly the same.

There was no difference in the lines on the body.

Evan was short of breath. He didn’t think that his premonition would actually come true. “The book of Abraham” was related to Slytherin himself.

Salazar might have gone a step further than Flamel, who only had the Philosopher’s Stone at his disposal. Flamel just studied and understood the first part of the book.

But Salazar Slytherin got the snake Scepter, and he had possibly figured out the second part.

Because he had so little information, Evan could not be sure whether Salazar had ever acquired the book. If he was the owner of the book, why did it not remain in Hogwarts, but was lost in ancient Egypt to be finally found by Flamel?

If Salazar hadn’t read “The Book of Abraham”, where did he get the snake Scepter?

He did not know what it meant. It was all a mystery.

Evan tried to calm down, not to think about these things, and kept turning back.

Behind the scepter swallowed by the giant snakes, there were six pages of ancient magic inscriptions.

These magic words were more esoteric and incomprehensible than the previous ones. Evan felt like they were a child’s graffiti, purely meaningless patterns.

He looked at it for a while, without the slightest clue.

No wonder Flamel had studied for hundreds of years and hadn’t found anything.

It seemed that the only way to understand the meaning of the above words was to find the snake Scepter left by Salazar Slytherin.

Thinking of this, Evan could not help but sigh.

It seemed that there was only endless trouble associated with Slytherin.

Besides the evil god created by Herpo the Foul, there were his descendants of vampires who were facing great difficulties.

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