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H.P.S.T Chapter 408: The Emerald Tablet

“To learn more about alchemy later on, I suggest you go to Egypt.” Flamel continued, “The wizards there collected a piece of stone called the Emerald tablet, which records the knowledge of alchemy collected by the ancient Egyptian pharaohs. It can help you to understand more this book.” 

Indeed, all ancient Egyptian pharaohs were powerful ancient warlocks. 

They were prominent in their lifetime, having absolute reign over ancient Egypt. With the help of sacrifices, they drove several slaves to build huge temples and mausoleums. 

After their death, they also attempted to resurrect with Necromancy magic to achieve immortality.

In this context, alchemy also originated in ancient Egypt. It was the most direct product of the Pharaohs’ exploration of immortality. 

Evan had heard about the Emerald Tablet before. 

In many ancient magic documents, he saw records related to this Tablet.

As early as 1350 B.C., this legendary Tablet was found by several adventurers in a secret chamber under the Pyramid of Pharaoh Hermes in ancient Egypt.

It had been preserved and inherited in the Egyptian wizarding world since its inception. 

This Tablet is recognized as the earliest literature on alchemy, and the most direct evidence that ancient warlocks once existed. It has extraordinary value and significance. 

In the Middle Ages, all alchemists had a transcript of the Emerald records hanging in their workshops, which was the ultimate guidance they needed.

Among the materials available at present, it is known that the Emerald Tablet includes 13 proverbs related to alchemy, which are recognized as the basis of alchemy.

It is said that its author was the god Thoth. 

Thoth was the god of wisdom and learning in Egyptian mythology, in charge of the moon and the underworld. 

Although in the history of Muggles, he was considered to be an ancient god of Egypt, in the wizarding world, Thoth was an ancient warlock who existed in the early human history and was very powerful. His strength and status were not inferior to that of the prophet Abraham. 

In addition to the creation of the “Emerald Tablet“, he was also the author of the legendary Egyptian mysterious magic classic “The Book of the Dead“. 

This book records many black magic spells, all related to the terrible necromancy. 

In legend, those who could understand the magic recorded in this book could truly obtain eternal life, have an immortal body, and become living gods. 

Of course, the original of this legendary magic book has long been submerged in the torrent of history.

The current “Book of the Dead” is only a fragment, which was later excavated by wizards from the tombs of the high priests of Thebes in the Eighteenth Dynasty of Egypt. 

Even so, this book is still the deepest black magic book. 

Even many of the archetypes of black magic documented in “Secrets of the Darkest Art” and the basic knowledge involved in the process of refining the Horcrux are also from the “Book of the Dead”. 

This was enough to see the value of these two legendary magic books. 

“I will write a letter for you to let the Egyptian Ministry of Magic allow you to consult the “Emerald Tablet“, from which you will surely get more than you think.” Flamel said, “The inscriptions on that Tablet are also ancient magic words. Before that, you have to master enough magic words.”

Most of the magic books handed down in ancient times are recorded in ancient magic texts. To study them, it is necessary to learn ancient magic texts well. 

Flamel was currently the world’s most proficient master of ancient magic writing, and this added to the value of the opportunity of learning from him.

Evan must cherish it; he hoped to learn all Flamel’s knowledge in a month. 

But he knew he couldn’t, but at least he could write down all he could. 

“We should go; Albus should also have finished the dessert I prepared for him.” Flamel said, “You can put them in this bag and carry them with you.” 

He unwrapped the gray cloth bag around his waist and handed it to Evan. 

Evan put the two magic books in it. This special cloth was transformed by Flamel with alchemy and the Undetectable Extension Charm, and it had a lot of space. 

Besides, it also had a certain protection magic, and would not be lost or stolen from the owner.

That was exactly what Evan needed. He had been trying to learn the  Undetectable Extension Charm, but this magic was very troublesome. He had tried many times without success. 

When Evan walked into Flamel’s office, he saw Dumbledore sitting at a round table not far from the stove.

With a cup of steaming coffee in his hand, he smiled at Flamel and Evan as if he knew everything.

His blue eyes stopped short on Evan. He did not ask whether he had succeeded or why they had taken so long.

“Nicolas, thank you for the cake. It’s really delicious!” Dumbledore stood up, smiled and said, “You must have seen the Philosopher’s Stone on Evan. What do you think?”

“Undoubtedly, that Philosopher’s Stone has very strong energy, very pure, its texture is much better than my previous one.” Flamel also poured a cup of coffee. “As long as the rest is found and the Philosopher’s Stone restores its integrity, you can use its power to break Evan’s curse, no problem at all.”

“Very well, the problem now is the whereabouts of the rest!” Dumbledore said calmly, “I already have clues. And when I was looking for the Centaurs’ tracks to find the Philosopher’s Stone, I also got some very interesting information. It seems that we’re not going to be lonely for the rest of the journey. ” 

Evan squinted. Dumbledore seemed to have something to say. 

Where on earth was the Philosopher’s Stone taken by the fallen Centaurs, and what kind of interest could it cause to Dumbledore?! 

“Albus, according to the previous agreement, I was hoping that Evan could stay for the next month.” Flamel said slowly, “This is already the least amount of time I could take. If less, I don’t have enough assurance to let him grasp all the ancient magic texts he should know.”

“No problem. I just need to confirm the clues!” Dumbledore nodded. “I will talk to Maxime about this. Although Evan and her students had made some unpleasant deeds this evening, I think that for you and me, she would still allow Evan to stay in Beauxbatons during the summer vacation.” 

Hearing Dumbledore’s reminder, Evan thought about what had happened tonight. 

He was a little embarrassed. As an outsider from another school, he made a big fuss in Beauxbatons on the first day and got away safely. This was totally unheard of before! 

Fortunately, the summer vacation was ahead of them. Otherwise, he would have to face the students of Beauxbatons, and have more trouble with Gabrielle.

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