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H.P.S.T Chapter 409: Summer Life in Beauxbatons

At noon, the sun shone through colorful mosaic glass, leaving mottled shadows on the ancient stone pillars and arches of Beauxbatons Academy of magic.

At the very edge of the light and shadow, a handsome boy sat at an exquisite long table. 

He was sitting quietly in a black wizard’s robe with an indescribable temperament.

The young man’s eyebrows were slightly wrinkled, and he concentrated on the parchment scroll in front of him. 

He was about twelve or thirteen years old and had a handsome face. 

His black hair was soft and slightly curled, and his eyes were a little blurred; violet light seemed to flow through their sclera. In his focus, hint of childishness could vaguely be noticed.

Evan had been in this position for a long time. He was studying the ancient magic inscription on the parchment in front of him. That was Flamel’s assignment for him. 

The parchment was full of complex, esoteric magic symbols, and he stared at these ancient magical texts for a long time. 

Suddenly, with a flash of inspiration in his mind, he seemed to finally understand. 

With the quill in his hand, beautiful magic words were written out one by one. 

Under the influence of magic, air was swirling within the circle half a meter away from Evan. He was at the center, and he seemed to be within gently rotating crystal clear glass.

This was the power of the deepest ancient magic writing, invented by ancient warlocks. It was originally created to better record and use magic. 

Although Evan did not use incantations, the power of the ancient magic text itself still faintly resonated with the magic of his body, forming a wonderful rhythm. 

A few minutes later, he let out a sigh of relief, put down the quill, stood up and drank half of the juice. 

Evan took a sip of juice and looked at the work that he had just finished satisfactorily. 

With the help of Flamel, he had now mastered more than 300 ancient magic words.

This meant that Evan was now getting started. 

He was able to identify the vast majority of magic words written in ancient magic scripts. 

In fact, his learning of all these words in such a short time was barely short of a miracle.

Indeed, unlike the ancient magic inscriptions already published in the wizarding world, many of these magic inscriptions that Evan had mastered were exclusive collections of Flamel. 

Some of them took him dozens or even thousands of years to decipher them, and it took Evan only a month to learn them. Not starting from scratch was proving to be extremely helpful.

For a month since the start of summer vacation, Evan had been in Beauxbatons. 

During the day, he would follow Flamel to learn ancient magic writing, listen to him about the contents of the “Hieroglyphic Dictionary”, alchemy related basic knowledge, as well as all kinds of magic secrets, and occasionally share classic operas with him.

There were many things that interested Flamel, and in a sense, he was even more knowledgeable than Dumbledore. 

Although not deliberately collected, more than 600 years of life were enough to make him know a lot of things that had been forgotten and lost in the long history. 

Listening to Flamel telling about these as a witness, the effect was several times better than looking them up in books. 

Every night, Evan spent most of his time in the library. At Dumbledore’s request, Maxime allowed him to use the library of Beauxbatons. 

However, if he wanted to read banned books, he had to get Flamel’s consent. 

Flamel didn’t care about that at all, which meant that Evan could go through the magic books of Beauxbatons for hundreds of years at will without any worries.

He enjoyed his present life very much. He was freer here than in Hogwarts.

At the very least, Madame Pince would not let students arbitrarily flip through the dangerous banned books. Even if they had a professor’s approval, it would still be hassle. 

Needless to say, Filch would appear in every corner of the castle, monitoring students anytime, anywhere, not allowing them to do this, not allowing them to do that…. 

Because of the holidays, the current Beauxbatons’ campus was quiet. 

There was no one else on campus except the Flamel couple, Evan, Sirius, a handful of professors and ghosts.

Every night, if Evan was tired of reading, he went to Sirius to practice gladiatorial combat… 

Because of the curse, he couldn’t use a lot of magic, but it gave Evan enough opportunity to practice those low-level spells and various casting skills.

Sirius could not give much help to Evan in such professional magic subjects as magic and alchemy in ancient times, but he was absolutely the most competent teacher in Dark Arts defense and fighting. He had many very unique training methods. Although it was very hard, Evan had to admit that the effect was very good.

It was many years ago that Sirius had taken the Auror test. His training methods came from that.

After he passed all of them, he was eligible to register with the Ministry of Magic to become an Auror, and was the youngest Auror ever. 

In short, despite not learning more powerful magic, through more than a month of practice and improvement, Evan’s overall strength had definitely increased and more than doubled.

His current level of strength had completely exceeded the level that the young wizard should have. 

In fact, not just young wizards! In many spells, even those well-known adult wizards who had graduated from the Wizarding School were no better than Evan.

Everything went very smoothly, and all that remained was to find the piece of the Philosopher’s Stone taken away by the fallen Centaurs, and to break the curse that Voldemort had left on Evan. 

But there was no news from Dumbledore. Shortly after the beginning of summer vacation, he and Maxime had left Beauxbatons.

Sirius said they had to go back to the British Ministry of Magic to discuss the upcoming Triwizard Tournament with Durmstrang’s Headmaster and Ministry officials.

Under the joint initiative of Fudge and two other Ministers of Magic, the entire European wizarding community and the three Wizarding Schools were interested in restoring this ancient event. 

They intended to use this as a platform to strengthen communication and exchange between students.

The Triwizard Tournament had been very popular in history. It was an ancient tradition among the three schools. However, it was gradually abandoned because of the large number of deaths.

Since then, there had been no formal communication platform between the three Wizarding Schools. Due to the confidentiality of their own unique magic and teaching methods, the trend of closed doors in the three Wizarding Schools had become more and more obvious.

All in all, this was not conducive to the development of the European Wizarding world. 

Especially in recent years, under the leadership of the Magical Congress of the United States of America, the American wizarding world had shown a thriving scene different from that of Europe, and its overall strength had greatly increased.

In this context, European Ministries of magic, especially the mainstream Ministries of Britain, France and Germany, were under great pressure and were often criticized by the mainstream voice for being too conservative.

They had to try to make a change, and the first step in that direction was to restore the Triwizard Tournament, which had been suspended for nearly a century.

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