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H.P.S.T Chapter 410: Departure to Albania

In fact, such a change was really necessary.

The idea of restoring the Triwizard Tournament was also very good, helping to break the gap between schools and countries and to integrate the European wizarding world into a whole. 

Unfortunately, no one thought that Voldemort would have a foot in this event. 

He plotted a conspiracy to bring Harry out of Hogwarts and use his blood to regain his strength.

In the original book, the upcoming Triwizard Tournament was absolutely a nightmare. 

Cedric’s death, Voldemort’s return, and the Death Eaters focus again.

Great changes had taken place in the quiet wizarding world, ringing the bells for the Second Wizarding War.

War meant disaster. Even with good prevailing in the end; losses in lives were inevitable. Even Dumbledore had fallen, and anyone could die. 

Evan did not want this to happen. Since history had changed, then it was necessary to change it more thoroughly than ever before.

He had to rely on strength, not just knowledge of the story, to defeat Voldemort. 

Now he was making a great step towards becoming the powerful wizard he wanted to be, to protect Hermione, protect lives, and protect Hogwarts. 

Nothing could frighten him, not even Voldemort. 

Evan had made up his mind to destroy the conspiracy of Voldemort’s return. 

After Dumbledore had discussed the arrangements for the Triwizard Tournament, he immediately wrote a letter to Professor Lupin, asking him to pay more attention to Barty Crouch.

Evan hoped to find the remaining half of the Philosopher’s Stone soon enough for him to find time for dealing with the problem of Barty Crouch Jr. 

He finished his juice and went to Flamel’s office with his ancient magic work.

When Evan entered Flamel’s office, he was surprised to see that Sirius was also inside, and they were talking. 

“Evan, Dumbledore has just written to us, he has already determined the location of the remaining half of the Philosopher’s Stone. Let’s go immediately.” Sirius said. 

“Really?!” Evan rejoiced, and then he looked at Flamel sitting beside him, “I haven’t learned about ancient magic writing yet.”

“I think you have enough knowledge to study on your own.” Flamel said calmly, “Evan, you are the best student I have ever taught. In more than 600 years, you are not the only talented wizard I have ever seen, but you are the one I like the most. Your future, as I see it, holds promise without limit. I hope you can find out the real secret.”

Looking at the kind old wizard, thinking of his teachings over the last month or so, and the possibility of not seeing him again after his separation, Evan suddenly felt rather sad.

He bowed deeply to him, rubbing his eyes with the back of his hand, not wanting to cry in front of Sirius and Flamel.

“Well, you have to set off to find the Philosopher’s Stone!” Flamel said. “Remember, Evan! Be sure to go to Egypt to consult the “Emerald Tablet”. It will be very helpful, even crucial, for you to understand the first part of the book on alchemy!”

“I’ll remember!” Evan nodded. 

After saying goodbye to Flamel, he and Sirius went out to the empty hall. 

“Where are we going?” Evan asked. “Where’s the Philosopher’s Stone?” 

“Dumbledore asked us in his letter to find him in a pub outside the forest in southwestern Albania.” Sirius handed Evan a rough parchment. “I’ve checked the relevant information. Near that bar is a wizard gathering area.” 

Looking at the letter’s description of the location of the pub, Evan had a bad feeling about this.

Unexpectedly, they actually had to go to the forests of Albania. If he remembered well, Voldemort was hiding there right now! 

Would everything really go smoothly on this journey to find the Philosopher’s Stone?

The Eagle Bar was located at the edge of the vast forests in southwestern Albania, just south of the capital Tirana and not far south of Greek territory.

On the wooden signboard outside the bar, an ugly black double-headed eagle was painted. 

Because it was too old, the paint on the scene had begun to fade, and whenever the wind blew, the tattered sign made a crunching noise. 

This kind of sound was like that of a crow’s cry, very ominous!

Near the bar was a small village composed entirely of wizards. After centuries of development, it had become the second largest wizard gathering area in Albania. 

Unlike the tranquil and beautiful Hogsmeade, it looked more like Knockturn Alley. 

In the small village, the dragons and snakes were mixed, laws did not seem to exist, and there were sneaky, evil-looking Dark wizards and dazzling black magic shops everywhere.

In fact, the situation in the country as a whole was generally the same.

Owing to years of war and poverty, Albania was one of the most chaotic countries in Europe, and its Ministry of Magic also managed territories outside the capital.

This situation had led to an increasing influx of fugitives and Dark wizards. Robberies and killings occurred from time to time. Chaos and disorder were synonymous with the country.

Albania was like the headquarters of the Dark wizards in Europe, where you could find any contraband related to black magic provided you could pay enough.

Of course, apart from this, the beautiful mountains and forests of this country are indeed worthy of being visited, provided the visitors are strong enough to protect themselves. 

While watching from the ferocious creatures in the forest, one should be alert to the wizards with ulterior motives around them; otherwise they might not realize they’re dying before it’s too late. 

Overall, Evan didn’t like the place.

It had been three days since he and Sirius came to this dirty little bar, and Dumbledore seemed to have disappeared from sight without leaving a message.

Sirius told Evan not to worry. Dumbledore must have been caught up with something, so he never came to them. 

With Dumbledore’s strength, there was nothing for him to fear.

Although he was comforting Evan, Sirius himself looked even more annoyed. 

As a little-known pub, the Eagle Bar had so many guests recently.

From their appearance, they were mostly Dark wizards, proud and unruly adventurers and desperados. 

After some inquiries Evan and Sirius did, it turned out that not long ago, an adventurer had found a relic deep in the nearby forest. 

To be more precise, it was a relic left by ancient Centaurs.

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