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H.P.S.T Chapter 411: The Centaurs’ Relics in the Depths of the Forest

As things stood, it was no surprise that the Centaur remains were the ultimate destination of Evan’s trip, and the Philosopher’s Stone was probably there.

Eight hundred years ago, the fallen Centaurs sailed across the sea with the broken Philosopher’s Stone and the statue of the evil god, eventually rebuilding a new colony in the forest of Greece on their own. 

Their original purpose was unknown, and there had been no news of them since then. 

All in all, this rogue Centaur clan suddenly disappeared from the history of magic, leaving only the ancient mysterious remains quietly standing in the depths of the forest. 

Not long ago, several adventurers found the remains of the Centaurs in the forest. 

They brought back a large number of exquisite ornaments made of gold and gems, as well as a lot of tablets carved with ancient magic, which shocked the entirety of the wizarding world. 

Although the Ministry of Magic of Albania had repeatedly stressed that all the belongings of this Centaur relic belonged to the country, it was in vain.

Driven by greed, more and more wizards flocked to this remote village, trying to get a piece of the treasure from the newly-found Centaur remains.

Evan disdained the recklessness and stupidity of these people. The remains of the Centaurs were not as simple as they were rumored to be. That terrible evil spirit must be there.

Although the fallen Centaurs were no longer there, the spirit must still exist. 

If it was re-summoned, then more people would be just its sacrifices and become part of its massive flesh body.

What’s more, this could happen in this dark forest, with Voldemort lurking there, waiting for intruders, planning a new plot. 

Although Evan didn’t care about their lives and deaths, he had to admit that these unexpected adventurers had disrupted his previous plans and that if any of the guys had found the Philosopher’s Stone in the Centaur ruins, things would be extremely terrible.

Obviously, Sirius thought the same way.

After warning Evan to stay in his room and not run around, he began to go out frequently to get information about the progress of those who had entered the forest. 

Creak, creak, creak…

Evan put down his quill pen, and in the shaking sound of the tattered sign outside, it was difficult for him to concentrate on the study of ancient magic writing.

His mind seemed to be all about the Philosopher’s Stone and the Centaur relics. The noise of the ground floor lobby penetrated the thin wooden planks, which made him even more upset. 

With a sigh, Evan pushed open the window, which was piled up with thick dirt, and let fresh air blow in to disperse the strong smell of mutton in the room.

There was no news from Dumbledore for a long time. 

Watching groups of adventurers leave the village and enter the forest; Evan had an impulse to follow them in.

Whatever it was, it was better than staying in this small, dirty bar.

His eyes looked away from the edge of the forest and went to the low, dark doorway opposite.

An old witch with a hood was looking at him with an unkind smile on her face. 

She was looking at Evan wickedly, as if he was a lamb about to be slaughtered. 

Although Evan did not feel threatening by the old witch, it was still really uncomfortable.

He closed the window, falling back on the bed. His consciousness gradually blurred. 

When Sirius woke Evan up, it was already late. Some rough candles on the rough wooden table gave an unpleasant dim light. 

Sirius looked very agitated and seemed to have just experienced a battle. 

“We can’t wait any longer!” He said quickly, his voice sounded a bit hoarse. “The latest news I got, the adventurers have entered the Central Temple of the Centaurs colony and completed the exploration of the ground floor of the place. They did not encounter any obstacles and continued to move up into the core area, which sounds like trouble!” 

“But Dumbledore,” Evan hesitated.

“Let’s go into the forest first. Dumbledore will find us.” Sirius said, “The Central Temple of the Centaur Remains is exactly the same as the Temple of the Moon in the Forbidden Forest of Hogwarts. With our understanding of it, we should find the Philosopher’s Stone.”

“Time to act?!” Evan sat up from bed, and then asked, “Just the two of us, or with other adventurers?”

“Just the two of us, we’ll go tomorrow morning!” Sirius said, “I can’t believe in those guys out there. They’re all fugitives, thugs.”

Evan quite agreed with Sirius. 

The adventurers downstairs were really not reassuring. They seemed to be more willing to ditch their companions for the treasures in the centaurs’ ruins. 

Acting on their own would avoid the two many unnecessary troubles. 

After discussing the specific action plan, Evan followed Sirius downstairs. 

Unlike the daytime, the bar tonight was extraordinarily quiet, and most of the guests had their faces firmly blocked. 

Here, it was very popular to do so. 

Just like now, there was a man at the bar whose whole head was wrapped in dirty grey bandages, but he still could smoke and drink through a bandage gap in his mouth. 

At a table by the window sat five sneaky figures in hoods, batches of tattered robes that looked like those of Dementors. 

In a dark corner beside the fireplace sat three wizards, dressed in heavy black robes worn only in winter, with the hem hanging down to their feet, and a dark scarf wrapped tightly around the head.

Evan couldn’t see anything of them.

The bartender was a middle-aged witch who looked very strong. She served Evan and Sirius two dinners and a free drink.

In fact, in this small and old bar, Evan, who was young and dressed in a clean robe, seemed to be the strangest one. 

He just sat down and there were a lot of unsightly eyes. 

But after seeing Sirius next to Evan, most of them turned their eyes away, with an unwilling look.

“Watch out for the wizard in the corner!” Sirius whispered.

Evan raised his head and glanced quietly at the old wizard in front of him. He was hunched so badly and the stick in his hand was evenly shaking.

Under the stick there was a little skeleton doll hanging with a thread. It looked very evil. 

“That’s one of the most popular evil magics in Africa; it can curse a person and destroy him completely.” Sirius said, “Come on, we’d better stay away from him.”

During the past three days, Sirius had introduced to Evan many things he had never seen before, and it had benefited him a lot.

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