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H.P.S.T Chapter 412: Missing Witch

He stared curiously at the swaying skeleton figure in the old wizard’s hand for a moment, and felt a strange wave of magic from it.

This feeling was very similar to the snake bracelet in his arm. It was somewhat a similar kind of curse. 

In general, this kind of witchcraft was considered to be one of the many branches of Dark Arts. 

Evan saw the description of this witchcraft in the book. Unlike wizards who use wands, these wizards prefer to use other media to complete curses.

For example, the doll in the hands of the old wizard was a medium of casting spells. 

Because of the diversity of casting media, this sort of witchcraft is more evil than ordinary black magic in the impression of most wizards, and was a taboo and uneasy subject to many. 

Evan and Sirius talked about it for a while, discussed methods of defense against it until the bartender came over and interrupted them. 

“Did you hear?!” She lowered her voice and said in a funny tone, “There’s a witch missing. She’s from England like both of you. Maybe you’ll be interested. But let me say it’s not a surprise in a place like this, but you’ve asked me before about this, I think.”

She stopped and looked at Sirius and Evan with a smile. 

Sirius knew what she meant. He took out a Gold Galleon and threw it to her. 

“Well, maybe that’s the person we’ve been looking for.” He muttered.

Since coming to Albania, Evan had been looking for Bertha Jorkins. 

According to Lupin’s feedback, they had not heard from her since she went on vacation in Albania’s forests. No one knew where she was. 

Sirius, though, thought that she was likely to venture into the remains of the centaurs, or be too confused and get lost in the nearby forest. 

But Evan had a feeling that even without the help of Peter Pettigrew, Jorkins would still be caught by Voldemort as in the original plot.

If that was the case, then things were going to be really bad. 

Voldemort would get everything he wanted from her, whether the names of the most loyal servants who had remained out of Azkaban, or that Hogwarts would host the Triwizard Tournament. For Voldemort, who was intent on restoring his strength, all this information was crucial.

“Her name is Bertha Jorkins!” the waitress continued. 

She put Sirius’s Galleon into an old wooden locker and the drawer slid open by itself and swallowed the money in.

Evan and Sirius exchanged glances quickly. It was Jorkins indeed!

“About half a month ago, she set out from here and followed an adventure team to the hunt of the treasure in the remains of the Centaurs in the forest.” The waitress leaned on the bar. “Of course, besides stones, this group of unfortunate fellows found nothing. They were back here today, and there is one person missing in the team, the witch named Bertha Jorkins. It is said that she suddenly disappeared from the camp one night after entering the ruins, and she has never been seen since.” 

“That’s all?” Evan frowned and asked. 

“You want to hear some more?!” The waitress laughed and poured a glass of wine from a dirty bottle. “Don’t expect those guys to tell the truth, they don’t care about anybody’s life. Maybe THEY did it.” 

Evan was silent. If Voldemort had captured Jorkins that night, it would be clear that he was also in the remains of the Centaurs.

Perhaps that’s why Dumbledore was taking so long.

As long as Voldemort appeared near the Centaur ruins, Dumbledore would definitely continue to follow him. They might even be fighting now. 

Although Voldemort was no match for Dumbledore in his current state, he still had a lot of black magic beyond imagination. 

Moreover, Voldemort’s understanding of the darkness of human nature was the most terrible. 

“Don’t worry!” Sirius whispered, “Things may not be like you’re imagining. With my knowledge of Jorkins, she may have left that team.” 

“I hope so.” 

“Speaking of it, there have been more and more news about the disappearance of witches recently.” The waitress looked at Evan carelessly and said, “You’d better know, there may be a group of vampires around here, and children are the favorite food of these monsters.”

“Thank you for your concern!” Evan responded faintly. 

Since knowing Elaine, he did not think that vampires were so terrible. 

Albania was originally the headquarters of Dark wizards, and it was not surprising to encounter more “special” Dark creatures such as vampires and werewolves. 

Vampires were hard to deal with, but Evan was no longer easy to mess with either. 

Without using too much magic, even if he couldn’t fight, he could still escape safely.

“This morning, there was a little boy your age crying around. His mother actually brought him here for vacation.” The waitress sighed. “But she disappeared into the jungle, leaving the child alone to ask for help.”

“And then?!” Evan vaguely remembered that someone was crying downstairs in the morning. 

But when he went down for breakfast, he didn’t see him. 

“He was taken away by a group of adventurers who said they would help him find his mother in the Forest.” The waitress shook her head, apparently not optimistic about it. 

No wizard here had ever been so kind. 

All things could be happening to that poor boy. It was said that there were many witches who specialized in collecting the hearts and minds of boys to perform evil witchcraft. 

“I don’t think a wizard of your age should be here. It’s not a good place for a holiday.” The waitress looked at Sirius and added, “Although your uncle is very strong, you are too weak. Accidents can happen. You’d better leave here as soon as possible.”

“We will leave in the morning!” Evan whispered. 

By the standards of ordinary people, Evan did look weak. Whether it was age or size, he didn’t seem even little threatening.

When faced with danger, a young wizard like him should not be able to resist. If one person in the pub would be targeted among all these people, it should probably be him.

If Sirius hadn’t been with him all the time, trouble would have already come to his door. 

The waitress persuaded him with a few more words. Thinking about the experience of the boy of his age, Evan felt bad and did not want to continue listening.

He pulled Sirius’s sleeve and the two got up to prepare themselves. 

Just as he reached the stairway, Evan suddenly had a strange feeling. He turned his head quickly. By the dim candle light at the stairway, he finally saw the three wizards sitting in the darkest corner of the fireplace. They were looking at Sirius.

The man in the middle looked familiar. He was tall and strong, and Evan vaguely felt he had seen him somewhere before.

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