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H.P.S.T Chapter 426: Mutation

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Voldemort was activating the curse on Evan, and in a few seconds he would die.

With his blood flow, the black snake pattern went straight up his arm.

On top of the piercing pain, Evan felt that his strength, magic and vitality were rapidly dissipating and being consumed by the curse.

He difficultly cast another spell against Voldemort and put down his wand decadently.

Evan’s body was getting heavier and heavier, to the point he felt barely capable of keeping his eyelids open!

“Impotent fool, under my curse, say hello to your death!” Voldemort roared fiercely, “I shall regain my strength and return once again!”

Under the effect of Evan’s last spell, the body of the vampire to which Voldemort was clung was injured.

Like an Inferius, it struggled to get closer to Evan.

But he was so badly injured that he took only two steps before falling to the ground immediately.

Voldemort let out an impatient shrill roar. He flew straight out of the body and rushed towards Evan like a black ghost.

Black smoke filled the whole chamber, moving forward with terrible momentum.

When in contact with Voldemort, Evan felt as if he had fallen into dark, cold water.

He sunk, landing in never-ending darkness.

The power of the curse was getting stronger and stronger, wreaking havoc in Evan’s body, devouring magic, light, hope and everything it could encounter.

Evan even started hallucinating, and heard someone calling his name all the time.

Just as he was desperate, the Philosopher’s Stone suddenly flew out of Slytherin’s Locket hanging on his chest.

It floated on Evan’s chest, giving off a soft red light, dispelling Voldemort’s power.

Under the influence of a warm magic, the power of the curse on Evan quickly subsided.

The black smoke made up of magic was isolated by the soft light. Voldemort swung around Evan and greedily looked at the Philosopher’s Stone floating on his chest; he could feel that there was huge magic within it!

That was the power he’d been dreaming of. He wanted to get it, but now he was mere shadow and vapor. He couldn’t do anything without physical help.


Caresius hesitated for a moment before he said softly, “As you wish!”

He walked over to Evan, who had fallen to the ground, ready to take away the Philosopher’s Stone from his chest.

But before he even acted, the chamber began to tremble quickly, the whole place shook violently, and large, massive rocks fell from above.

The magic in the air was completely out of control, for the evil god was about to arrive!

With a thud, the green magic barrier finally broke.

The magic left by the fallen Centaurs in this Temple had been broken. They had recovered from their skeletons to their former bodies, and the air was filled with old and evil stenches.

Caresius stopped and frowned at the altar in the center of the chamber.

“I feel unknown…” he said softly, raising his wand.

“Welcome the coming of your destruction!” As if in response to him, the cold voice suddenly sounded.

This seemed to be a signal. The voice just fell, centered on the altar, and the bodies of the fallen Centaurs around it began to change rapidly.

Their skin was irregularly bulging, as if something was going to break out.

Crunch, crunch, crunch…

The strange scalp numbing sound lingered in the chamber, emitted by the Centaurs that had just recovered their flesh and blood, becoming horrible monsters.

With whatever strength he had left in him, Evan raised his head slightly and saw many of the monsters he had seen in the illusion of the Temple of the Moon.

It was that fungi-insect body he had already seen. Their heads were those an odd creature with oval leaky pores all over them.

They buzzed and rushed at the bewildered vampires.

Behind them, there were multiple other monsters that Evan had only seen on the ancient murals of the Fallen Centaurs, which were even more terrible in appearance.

The monster’s huge body was distorted, and it gave out a terrible roar. Its legs were two and a half feet long and had horrible claws.

Just when Evan thought he had seen it all, another lower limb appeared in front of him.

Next, a huge arm covered with black fur appeared out of its torso, splitting into two at the front, and each grew a paw-like hand.

It had two bright pink eyes. The giant freshly awakened monster, its head as big as a barrel, staggered out.

The two eyes protruded up to two inches on each side of the head, protected by coarse hair and bones. The most frightening thing about the head was its huge mouth: it did not grow horizontally, but vertically, full of huge yellow teeth, cracking straight from the top of the head to the bottom.

In the black smoke made by Voldemort, it looked even more frightening. 

The vampires were in a mess. Curses, screams, Voldemort’s curses and monster roars coincided, filling the underground chamber.

Evan had a terrible headache. He had the illusion that the room turned into a terrible hell almost instantaneously.

Now, no one was paying attention to him. The vampires were fighting monsters.

Only Voldemort was still spinning around Evan, hoping to break through his last line of defense and kill him to get the Philosopher’s Stone.

However, he couldn’t break through the blockage of the Stone.

A few seconds later, Evan felt that he was slowly moving. He saw two gray, horrible, wrinkled monsters coming out of the ground.

They clamped Evan’s legs and dragged him toward the altar.

There, the remaining half of the Philosopher’s Stone gleamed red, reflecting on the statue of the evil god.

They were ready to take him and offer him to the evil god.

STOP THEM, STOP THEM!” Voldemort growled. “Caresius, kill the boy and bring me the Philosopher’s Stone!”

But it was too late. There were countless monsters filling up between Evan and the vampires.

“Welcome destruction, human!” The whisper of the evil spirit echoed. “Soon, everything will be over, and your feeble courage will soon disappear. Close your eyes and sleep forever. My minion will devour your rotten body!”

The spirit of the evil got was getting stronger and stronger, and all it took was a body to come to the real world.

“NO!” Voldemort screamed, the black mist rolling.

It was like a torrential river, coming towards Evan, instantly crushing into powder the two indescribable monsters that were not protected by the Philosopher’s Stone mist by his legs.

In order to compete for Evan’s Philosopher’s Stone, the evil god and Voldemort were confronting each other!

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