Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures
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H.P.S.T Chapter 427: The Dream of the Evil God

Evan thought many times that he felt bad, but that word gained a whole new dimension when he got sandwiched between the two most evil dark monsters!

He wanted to do something, even issue a mere spell.

But his arm was too heavy to lift.

He felt his magic, the Philosopher’s Stone floating in front of his chest, and the light of the Philosopher’s Stone on the nearby altar slowly merging.

Thanks to the existence of the red mist around him, he did not die in the hands of the evil god and Voldemort.

“If only I could get that half of the Philosopher’s Stone…” Looking at the half of the Philosopher’s Stone on the altar, the idea came to Evan’s mind.

If he could fuse the Philosopher’s Stone, he could use its powerful magic to break the curse on his body, and then eliminate the evil god and Voldemort in one fell swoop!

Thinking of this, he struggled to raise his wand and aim at the Philosopher’s Stone on the altar.

The action that was usually very easy to complete, at this moment, Evan felt it very difficult and needing a long time.

Accio Philosopher’s Stone!” he shouted, exhausting all his strength.

This was the Summoning Charm that could summon objects.

For a few seconds, Evan looked hopefully at the Philosopher’s Stone.

But it didn’t even budge. In the fierce confrontation between Voldemort and the evil god, all the magic powers were lost and magic was not working.

Under the torture of the curse, Evan’s weak magic could not summon the Philosopher’s Stone.

In front of him, two monsters were fighting for the Philosopher’s Stone on his chest. Powerful forces were fighting, colliding and breaking out beside him, regardless of his life and death.

In the twisted vortex of magic, Evan’s consciousness was getting weaker and weaker.

He couldn’t use magic anymore. His eyes went blank and his headache was getting stronger and stronger.

Now, he could only hear the whispers of the evil god and the terrible roar of Voldemort.

Evan knew that everything was over. This was the end…

He was about to lose his grip, both physically and mentally.

Knowing who would emerge victorious, Voldemort or the evil god, had nothing to do with him.

In the blur, Evan saw a figure suddenly appear in the Chamber of Secrets, in the focus of the battle between vampires and monsters, his waist-long silver hair shining.

It was Dumbledore!!!

He finally arrived, and Evan was delighted and became a little more sober.

Dumbledore’s blue eyes sparkled with heart-rending, icy light.

Evan had never seen him like this before, he never saw such wrath in his eyes, and they never were so cold!

Dumbledore looked around and raised his wand high.

The white magic light centered on him quickly spread outward, like waves on the water, dispelling Voldemort’s monstrous black flames and the cursing whispers of the evil god.

With the intervention of Dumbledore, the evil god and Voldemort concentrated their scattered forces around Evan and the nearby altar, and fought with all their might.

The two monsters seem determined to solve everything quickly.

In the turbulence of magic, Evan felt his soul leaving his body.

He drifted up through the thick rocks floating over the remains of the Centaurs.

There, he once again saw the exquisite city of the Centaurs, and the beautiful place that only appeared in his dream, just under his feet.

The battle between the evil god and Voldemort seemed to be taking place ages ago!

Looking at the white clouds slowly drifting by his side, Evan wondered about the reason of his presence here.

But there was a blank inside his head, and as he looked up to the sky, all he saw was gray…

“Is this the feeling of death?” He muttered to himself, looking at his weightless body. “Have I become a ghost… doomed to remain here forever?”

Dong, dong, dong, a loud drum suddenly sounded!

Following the sudden sound, Evan slowly drifted downward. He saw many fallen Centaurs gathering in front of a river ferry.

In the world beneath, like a dry river, sand overtook the land, flowing down the hill.

It ran straight through the Centaurs’ colony and extended deep into the Albanian woods.

Many of the fallen Centaurs’ ancestors came out of the ruins and gathered there. Like Evan, they were all milky white translucent bodies.

Following the footsteps of the Centaurs, Evan also drifted over to it.

It was a very large ship on the ferry, which was shocking.

The hull was extremely long and narrow, longer than any other ship Evan had ever seen.

It was exquisitely carved with complicated decorations, painted in purple and dark green, with a peculiar exotic style.

Evan landed on the ferry and looked curiously at the big ship.

Above, a white toad-like monster was beating a drum, holding the bones of magic creatures in its hands.

Where there should be the monster’s head was a cluster of pink tentacles, with no eyes.

Evan looked at the monster and didn’t feel even a little scared. 

On the contrary, he had a kind of eccentric feeling.

In the sound of drums, a Centaur who had already gone up waved to him and motioned him to follow. 

They did not attack as expected, and looked very friendly.

The state of the whole space was strange, obviously very abnormal, but there was a certain sensation of peace everywhere, as if everything in the world should be like this.

Evan hesitated for a moment and followed him to the boat.

Because he felt something attracting him, he was very curious about what was happening in front of him, and wanted to see what was going on.

The big ship started slowly and the Centaurs stopped talking.

They tightly surrounded Evan in the middle, and then he saw it clearly.

In front of their sailing, it was no longer the dense forest, but the horrible evil god that had just emerged.

The sky started raining dark red raindrops.

It was like what he had seen in the illusion, wherever the rain fell, on the ground, on the river, on the trees, everywhere, a lot of bloody bubbles began to appear.

This was followed by layers of green film that looked disgusting.

They were like green moss or algae that suddenly grew several times higher, covering the patches, and weird plants that did not belong to the Earth began to emerge.

In the deep red blood rain, they grew rapidly.

The wriggling tentacles of the evil god were like the roots of a huge tree, and its huge mouth full of fangs and dripping with blood, was aimed in the direction of the ship where Evan was.

There must be a change of direction, and if it went on like this, it would eventually be swallowed up by the evil god.

A cold wind blew, and Evan woke up.

In the blink of an eye, the strange feeling of peace that had been surrounding him disappeared. He saw himself surrounded by countless Centaurs with cold faces like the dead.

Not far away, the strange creature beating the drum was not friendly as before.

It now looked so weird, with a lot of pink tentacles on its head, full of tiny fangs.

The souls of the fallen Centaurs around him were rapidly dissipating, mercilessly being devoured by it.

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