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H.P.S.T Chapter 428: Book of Abraham, Part 3

In this quirky space, the surrounding atmosphere felt extremely bizarre and evil.

Evan wanted to go over and stop it, but he was tightly surrounded by the souls of the fallen Centaurs.

They blocked him in the middle like thick walls, and his body was as cold as ice.

The big ship slowly moved forward, and the huge body of the evil god became clearer and clearer.

As seen in Gryffindor’s illusion, its body was distorted and ugly.

It was like a cysticercus that had been magnified many times, or like a giant tree root with countless branches.

It slowly rose from the horizon, floating in midair, with its huge mouth open in the middle, waiting for Evan.

The big mouth was covered with green mucus, and filled with many black fangs.

On its bumpy body, there were many mouths of different shapes, set off by wrinkled skin around it.

Above the head of the evil god, at both ends of the edge of the black meat, two big disproportionate eyes were watching Evan.

The Dark red eyeballs slowly rolled inside, tracking Evan’s position.

Its body was surrounded by countless tentacles wriggling restlessly, with eyes or claws hanging from it.

It was too large and seemed to be filled almost to the point of bursting, with several cracks bursting open and closing all over it.

The pale green liquid rolled out from their inside, soiling the surrounding environment.

“Young human wizard, surrender to the fear in front of you!” It slowly said, “Give me the Philosopher’s Stone, and then kneel on the ground and tremble. The great presence is coming, and pleading is the only thing you can do.” 

Hearing the call of the evil god, Evan subconsciously wanted to cast the Patronus Charm.

This spell had a strong resistance to all negative emotions and protected him from the evil god’s Legilimency.

In the illusion, Evan had tried it and achieved good results.

When he put his right hand on his waist, he found that he didn’t have a wand.

He looked around blankly, not knowing what to do.

This sudden and weird space, as well as the absurd scene in front of him, was very strange.

In the Temple of the Centaurs, the evil god and Voldemort were fighting, and it clearly had not yet come to the real world.

Evan began to doubt the things he was seeing right now. 

Could it be that he had entered another illusion, an illusion created by the evil god?

None of this was real. It had never happened, and there was no need to worry about it.

But Evan had an inexplicable feeling that if he was really swallowed by the evil god in front of him, all would be over.

No, he had to run away!

He pushed aside the Centaur in front of him, squeezed himself to the edge of the big ship and jumped down.

The current was swift, and Evan tried his best to move forward, hoping to stay away from the evil god.

He didn’t know how to get out of this space, but he remembered that Dumbledore had arrived before he came in.

As long as he stuck to it, there would be a way.

“Foolish human, like your ancestors, you are choosing to uselessly resist!” The huge body of the evil god leaned forward and stared at Evan coldly. “It’s ridiculous, I didn’t destroy you immediately. That’s already the most benevolent thing in the world.”

“You don’t know that from the moment the world was born, my companions and I were already there, feeding off others in the darkest corners of the world.” The evil god said in his cold voice, “We were still very weak at that time, but with the constant supply of evil, darkness, fear, greed and all the other negative forces in your hearts, we slowly became stronger.”

The evil god continued to move forward, and its tentacles were already able to touch Evan.

“Thousands of years ago, your forefathers discovered the space where we existed. As soon as they ventured there, they were shocked by the reality of what they saw with their own eyes.” The evil spirit said slowly, “That is the present of our world, and the future of your world. Remember, under the vast ocean, there are endless secrets…”

The next second, the tentacles of the evil spirit directly rolled up Evan, no matter how hard he struggled.

The evil god raised Evan to its front, and seemed to be ready to swallow him.

“Human wizard, do you want to explore our world and the mysteries of fear like your ancestors?” The voice of the evil god sounded deep in Evan’s mind. “You have the Philosopher’s Stone on you, which means that you are qualified to enter our world. But your ending has long been doomed, not to be driven mad and become our follower like other creatures; but just like your ancestors, flee from the light to a new era of darkness and seek illusory peace and safety.”

The evil god’s tentacles were tightly wrapped around Evan, and below it was its enormous body, like a black mountain.

Its cold glassy eyes glared at Evan, and its big mouth opened slowly.

“Come on; take a look at the truest of fears in the world, and welcome your end!”

Without any warning, its tentacles violently loosened, and Evan fell vertically from above.

Looking at the evil go that was getting closer and closer, his heart beat violently.

As the evil god said, everything was coming to an end…

Evan did not know what that world of the evil gods was like, and he did not want to visit it.

No doubt, if he was swallowed by the evil god, he would die!

He tried his best and couldn’t think of a solution to the current predicament.

This was a real illusion created by the evil god. Everything that happened here was beyond his understanding.

No matter which magic book, no such ridiculous things and horrible magic would be recorded in it.

Just as Evan thought so, a thick magic book suddenly flew out of him.

The pages glistened with golden light, flipping rapidly in front of Evan, as if blown by high winds.

Evan looked at the magic book in surprise. It was The Book of Abraham given to him by Nicolas Flamel!

The pages moved forward at a very fast pace and soon came to the first page of the third part.

There, all the pages of the book were still covered with ink, and the specific content couldn’t be seen.

But Evan noticed that the thick ink in the central part seemed to melt away, and the color became lighter and lighter.

In the blink of an eye, a pattern appeared there, looking very abstract.

Evan recognized it at a glance. It was the image of this horrible evil god in front of him.

“This is the Power of the seal…” The evil spirit said in a disgusting tone, “Foolish human, no matter how powerful your magic is, you can’t prevent me from returning to the world. One day, I will come!”

Its voice became weaker and weaker and soon disappeared.

The things that Evan saw in front of him disappeared as quickly as the ink merged into the water, and the surrounding scene retreated backwards.

In no time, he returned to the real world.

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