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H.P.S.T Chapter 462: “Old Enemies” from France

“Evan, Cho seems to care about you…” Hermione said suspiciously.

She remembered her conversation with Ginny last night, and Ginny said that there were many girls in the school who were secretly in love with Evan.

Among them was Cho Chang from Ravenclaw. She had long felt that there was something wrong with them.

Perhaps, she should follow Ginny’s advice and speed things up with Evan…

Hermione thought about it, her face was reddish, and what happened last night appeared in her mind.

Her body approached Evan in front of her, like a curious kitten. 

Although Hermione looked lovely now, Evan dared not be careless. He knew that his answer must satisfy her; otherwise she could change from a kitten to a fierce lioness at any time.

But how to answer Hermione’s question?!

She was right. Cho really cared about him. She came here just now and even talked to him alone.

Evan couldn’t say yes, nor could he say no. The more he would explain, the darker the situation would be.

If possible, he hoped to find time again and talk to Hermione alone, just like last night…

Just then, a large group of teenagers who had never been seen before came up and diverted everyone’s attention.

“Look, who are they?” Harry asked. “They are certainly not from Hogwarts. Maybe they are students from another wizarding school that Sirius talked about. Do you know where they come from?”

“Beauxbatons!” Hermione whispered.

“How do you know?” Harry looked at her in surprise.

“All of their robes have Beauxbatons’s school badge on them. I saw it in ‘An Appraisal of Magical Education in Europe’.” Hermione said, “It’s like that, two crossed wands emitting three stars each.”

“They are indeed students from Beauxbatons!” Evan followed.

He seemed to have an impression on one of the guys, who had been taught a terrible lesson by him after he had provoked him more than two months ago.

He hoped that the last experience in Beauxbatons’s Great Hall had given them enough lessons.

However, Evan’s expectations fell through. After seeing him, the students of Beauxbatons immediately surrounded him.

They still remembered the incident. Evan fought against all of Beauxbatons’s students alone and still managed to leave safely after the big fight. This was a great shame to Beauxbatons.

That night, many people wanted to teach Evan a good lesson, but in the end no one could find him.

Now they met Evan here, they naturally would not let go.

“What the hell is going on with these guys? They seem very agitated!” Ron said uneasily, “What are they talking about?”

“Something wrong, we’d better be careful!” Harry followed.

The students of Beauxbatons surrounded Evan and his friends, shouting something aggressively in French.

Evan knew it must have been a demand of apology or cursing him or something.

He saw that many of them had pulled out their wands and the battle was imminent.

With Evan’s current strength, he was naturally not afraid of these guys. If needed, he could just get them all knocked out in seconds.

It was basic; he would just have to use a relatively weak area affecting magic. That was the best way to deal with many weaker foes.

This method was simple and direct, and much better than using a single target spell and attacking them one at a time.

But Evan didn’t pull out his wand. He knew that the camp was full of officials from the Ministry of Magic.

They were patrolling around to maintain order, nervous and terrible, afraid of any accident being discovered by Muggles.

As expected, before the two sides could do anything, a wizard from the Ministry of Magic appeared beside them.

“Kids, I hope that you are not preparing to fight. Young wizards are not allowed to use magic outside school!” he said breathlessly. “In such a great weather, you should do something more meaningful instead of gathering here.”

The young wizards of Beauxbatons looked at each other and left reluctantly!

The way they looked before they left seemed to tell Evan that it was far from over. Nevertheless, he did not care at all.

In the face of absolute power, no matter how many people would be against him, they would not be able to escape the fate of being crushed.

When Evan was cursed and could not use a lot of magic, he dared to fight the entire Beauxbatons students. Now that he had regained his strength and acquired a Philosopher’s Stone, fighting them could no longer be described as an act of courage.

The brief contact made Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Ginny’s impressions on Beauxbatons deteriorate significantly.

Ron was even more direct, “What Barbarians, those French!

This kind of descriptions obviously could not be generalized, and even Ron had to admit that Beauxbatons girls were still good; especially Fleur, as well as her sister Gabrielle, along with the other enthusiastic girls.

On their way back, Evan told the story of his previous brawl with Beauxbatons, which amazed everyone.

They all admired Evan’s courage and strength, but thinking about it, it actually felt completely normal.

In their impression, there was nothing Evan couldn’t do!

When they returned to the tent, Mr. Weasley and Sirius had already got the fire lit outside the tent.

The house elf Kreacher kept throwing firewood inside, complaining that Mr. Weasley would not let him use the stove in the tent.

It took more than an hour for them to cook eggs and sausages for lunch.

Only then did Fred and George return, and Bill, Charlie and Percy arrived from the Burrow.

Everyone was eating eggs and sausages in front of the campfire, and the atmosphere was pleasant and relaxing.

They were halfway through their plates when Mr. Weasley suddenly jumped to his feet, waving and grinning at a man who was striding toward them.

“Look, the man of the moment, Ludo!” he shouted.

Everyone’s attention was focused on the wizard who had just appeared.

This wizard was the most noticeable person they had ever seen so far, even including old Archie in his flowered nightdress.

He was very energetic and vigorous, wearing long Quidditch robes in thick horizontal stripes of bright yellow and black. An enormous picture of a wasp was splashed across his chest.

He had the look of a powerfully built man gone slightly to seed; the robes were stretched tightly across a large belly, which became very fat.

His nose was squashed, but his round blue eyes, short blond hair, and rosy complexion made him look like a very overgrown schoolboy.

“Ahoy there!” Bagman called happily. He was walking as though he had springs attached to the balls of his feet and was plainly in a state of wild excitement.

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