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H.P.S.T Chapter 477: The Temptation of the Veela

“Ladies and gentlemen, good evening! Welcome to the final of the four hundred and twenty-second Quidditch World Cup!” 

Just as Ludo Bagman finished, the audience burst into cheers and applause. 

Thousands of flags waved at the same time, adding their discordant national anthems to the racket. The scene was very lively. 

The huge blackboard opposite the was wiped of its last message (Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans-A risk With every Mouthful!) and now showed the score of the two teams BULGARIA: 0, IRELAND: 0.

“All right, all right, and now without further ado, allow me to introduce… the Bulgarian National team Mascots!” 

The right-hand side of the stands, which was a solid block of scarlet, roared its approval. 

“I wonder what they’ve brought,” said Mr. Weasley, leaning forward in his seat. “Aaah! Veela!” He suddenly whipped off his glasses and polished them hurriedly on his robes.

“What are Vee…?” 

No one answered Harry, for a hundred Veela were now gliding out onto the field as everyone looked at them intently. 

Veela were women, the most beautiful women anyone had ever seen. 

Their skin shone moon-bright, and their white-gold hair fanned out behind them without wind. 

Each Veela had an aura of seduction about her, stirring everyone’s hearts. 

Evan could not find the exact words to describe them, but felt that every second passing with him witnessing their beauty wouldn’t have any better use.

These glamorous perfect beauties were like an enhanced version of Fleur, with pairs of clear and bright big eyes, soft and full red lips, and charming and exquisite small noses between their pure and fair cheeks that were even more heart dazzling with the cute dimples on them.

Each of them had a slender and graceful figure, soft jade arm like snow lotus root, graceful round slender smooth legs, and smooth delicate and athletic hips. They were really graceful. 

Looking at these charming Veela, all the men in the crowd wanted to step into the pitch.

With the sound of cheerful music, Evan gradually shed off all the thoughts that were plaguing his mind, just staring ahead. 

The Veela started to dance, and his mind went completely and blissfully blank and felt extreme joy. 

All that mattered in the world was to keep watching the Veela, because if they stopped dancing, terrible things would happen…

This was a kind of magic directly acting on the spirit, and a natural characteristic of the Veela. 

It might be because he had been invaded too many times by the spirit of evil gods, or because he was too familiar with Gabrielle and had developed immunity, or because he had seen Elaine’s lovely face, or because he liked Hermione to the extreme… In short, Evan immediately woke up from his daze.

Occlumency, which he had practiced hard, naturally played a role, shielding his mind against all external spiritual invasions. 

Beside him, Sirius looked at everyone with a smirk ready to watch the show. 

He was obviously very surprised at Evan’s sudden soberness.

Hermione and Ginny sat there, somewhat discontented; Veela’s magic had no effect on girls. 

After these Veela appeared, the boys beside them suddenly seemed to be different people. 

Hermione turned her head and watched Evan closely, seeing that he was already awake before moving her eyes to Harry and Ron. 

Evan’s loss in the Veela’s beauty was too short lived, and thanks to his quick reaction, Hermione did not catch it, but Harry and Ron are not so lucky. 

The two seemed to be floating among the clouds by then.

As the Veela danced faster and faster, wild, half-formed thoughts started wandering through their dazed minds. 

Although Evan had been recently teaching Harry Occlumency, it obviously did not play any role.

Harry felt dizzy and wanted to do something very impressive right now. 

Jumping from the box into the stadium seemed a good idea… but would it be good enough? 

“Harry, what on earth are you doing?!” Hermione finally couldn’t help saying. 

The music stopped, and Harry blinked. He was standing up, and one of his legs was resting on the wall of the box.

Next to him, Ron was frozen in an attitude that looked as though he were about to dive from a springboard.

Below, angry yells were filling the stadium. The crowd didn’t want the Veela to go. 

Harry just stared at the Veela, while Ron was shredding the shamrocks on his hat. 

Mr. Weasley, smiling slightly, leaned over to Ron and tugged the hat out of his hands. 

“Well, Ron, once Ireland have had their say,” Mr. Weasley said, “You’ll be wanting that.” 

“Huh?!” said Ron, staring at the Veela, who had now lined up along one side of the field. 

“Oh, what’s wrong with you two?” Hermione made a loud tutting noise. 

She reached up and pulled Harry back into his seat, very dissatisfied with his reaction. 

“I don’t know, I only feel a blank inside my head!” Harry gasped. 

“That’s because you and Ron are too weak. Evan had nothing.” Hermione said, “These girls are not mere humans, they are a kind of magical beings, don’t be confused by their appearance. “

“But they are really beautiful!” Ron said, “They’re the most beautiful girls I’ve ever seen. I want to be with them forever!”

“If you want to marry a Veela, it is not impossible. Many people have done it,” said Evan. “Veela are highly intelligent creatures. They can marry human wizards and have children. Only female offspring will inherit Veela’s lineage.”

Evan thought of Fleur and Gabrielle. Their grandmother was a Veela. 

“That sounds good!” Ron nodded blankly. 

Looking at him, it is obvious that he is considering the possibility of marrying Veela.

Although if they were not humans, they were so beautiful and weren’t out of the question. 

It’s known that Veela originated in a country near Bulgaria. They are a kind of deformable fairies. 

Usually, the wizards think that they live in forests, lakes, mountains and clouds. They can become swans, horses, eagles, snakes or wolves, but they have the most attractive human form. 

When they become humans, they turn into beautiful young women who dance in the veil of the midsummer nights. 

Men would get obsessed with them and forget everything about the world, even to eat, drink and sleep.

If any unfortunate soul was to join a Veela for a dance, he would have to dance until he dies of exhaustion. 

However, they are generally very friendly to human beings, treating diseases and predictions for them. 

If a Veela meets a satisfying human male, she could marry him and live happily together. 

But Veela have a temper, and they would not tolerate being cheated on. Those who fail to be loyal would be punished severely.

Despite this, there are still many wizards who wish to marry a Veela…