Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures
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H.P.S.T Chapter 500: Leisure Time Before School

“Evan was enchanted by You-Know-Who when he got the philosopher’s stone!” Ron hesitated for a moment before he continued. “But that was just a curse, not a mark, wasn’t it?”

He looked at Evan with suspicion and hurriedly removed his gaze.

“That’s for sure. There’s nothing to doubt about that.” Hermione glared at him, as if particularly angry. “How many times have I told you that what the old fraud said was not accurate at all, and that the three of you are wasting your time staying in Divination class.”

She had a deep prejudice against Professor Trelawney and thought she was a complete liar.

Driven by this thought, she had left the classroom directly and gave up Divination class last term.

This was something that had never happened in Hogwarts in recent years. At that time, it caused a lot of talk in the school. Many young wizards thought she was too daring.

Hermione was very dissatisfied with Evan’s elective Divination class this year. She had talked to him many times about this matter, hoping to persuade him to transfer to Arithmancy.

But whether it was Divination or Arithmancy, Evan was actually not interested, and did not want to study it in depth.

The main reason he chose to take Divination class was to get closer to Professor Trelawney, for she could utter out new prophecies at any time.

Evan knew that Professor Trelawney had the ability to make true prophecies, and he was in urgent need of her help in the matter of evil gods. 

Looking at the arguments between Hermione and Ron, Harry did not speak.

He had the terrible idea that he was the one mentioned in the prophecy; the one chosen by Voldemort, and that the scar on his forehead was the proof.

That also explained why he had been able to enter Voldemort’s mind recently and see those horrible scenes.

However, Harry did not say these words, not even to Evan.

“Well, stop thinking about these things!” said Ron. “Let’s go down for lunch and then have a Quidditch match in the orchard. Evan, Bill, Charlie, Fred and George will all play.” 

“Ron!” said Hermione. “Harry doesn’t want to play Quidditch now!”

“Who knows? He might want to try out the Wronski Feint!” said Ron, “the one that Krum used.”

After Krum and other Quidditch players rescued everyone from the box, Ron became an admirer of Krum.

Although he did not speak to him at that time, it did not affect Ron’s worship of the Seeker.

“I think we’d better go through the books and look for records related to cursed scars…” Hermione didn’t give up.

“Well, I want to play Quidditch,” said Harry suddenly. “Hang on, I’ll get my Firebolt.”

“I have no objection either. I can be a goalkeeper, and it should be very helpful to overcome my acrophobia.” Evan followed.

Like Harry, he didn’t want to keep on talking about the scar.

There was no point in continuing the discussion except to make Harry more confused and uneasy.

Hermione left the room, muttering something that sounded very much like “Boys!”

Neither Mr. Weasley nor Percy was at home much over the following week. Both left the house each morning before the rest of the family got up, and returned well after dinner every night.

As for Sirius, he hadn’t even appeared.

He sent a few letters to Evan and Harry, giving them a brief account of himself and the current situation, so that they would not have to worry.

The first thing he did after becoming an Auror was to track down the traces of vampires everywhere.

It was bad enough just to think about it, but Sirius enjoyed it!

As could be seen from his letters, although they had not yet found the whereabouts of Caresius and Voldemort, they had grasped a lot of clues.

These days, the Aurors of the Ministry of Magic almost turned over the entirety of Britain.

In addition to Sirius’s letters, Evan also received many strange letters.

On the second day of his stay, hundreds of owls crowded into the Burrow and letters nearly filled the place.

These were from witches and wizards who had heard of Evan’s deeds, from all over the world.

Some of them were his admirers, others wanted to know the truth of the incident.

There were also some wizards who sought to explore the secrets of Evan’s great power.

Eventually, Evan was so bored that he handed over all the letters to Dobby, the house-elf.

Since then, no strange owl had ever appeared.

Lupin came to visit the Burrow several times and bought a lot of gifts for everyone.

He was also very busy now, there were so many things waiting for him to do.

With the increase of sales and coverage of Hogwarts Magic, the pressure and workload on him became a lot tougher than before.

Although he had hired other people, and Evan and Hermione could help, Lupin still took the initiative to take up most of the work.

For example, the recent interview and follow-up report on Evan was almost completed by him alone, working day and night.

Another glaring point was that, although Evan gave him a good salary, he did not buy a new outfit.

He still wore his own patched, washed, whitish shabby clothes, but his mental state and temperament were much better.

As a werewolf, Lupin had been wandering for more than a decade since he graduated from Hogwarts, living in the shadow of the edge of society.

Before, he could not imagine getting such a stable and respectable job, so he cherished it all the more.

Any words of thanks would seem too artificial, and would not say more than the effort he was making.

Anyway, Evan was very reassured to hand over Hogwarts Magic and the store to Lupin.

In his opinion, Lupin, like Percy, was too tired and devoted almost all his time to his job.

He was in urgent need to have a girlfriend and to form a happy family. It was the most urgent thing for him to do.

In the next few days of rare leisure time, in addition to studying ancient magic scripts and finishing the summer homework he learned from Ginny, Evan played wizard chess and Quidditch and other games with Harry and Ron, or helped Mrs. Weasley with housework and worked on new prank products with Fred and George.

He even came up with some new ideas, so that they would not be limited to prank products, but broaden their horizons.

Besides, Evan also talked with Bill several times. From the latter’s description, he was more determined to take time to go to Egypt.

In addition to the “Emerald Tablet“, the ancient ruins and mysterious magic left by ancient Egyptian wizards are also the main reasons to attract him.

Nicolas Flamel said that he obtained “The Book of Abraham” in Egypt more than 600 years ago.

There was the place where everything had started, and Evan had a feeling that he might get the secrets of the evil gods from there.

In this way, the happy times always passed quickly, and in the blink of an eye, it was the last day before the start of school.

The only thing that Evan was dissatisfied with was that his relationship with Hermione had not made any substantial progress during this period.

Although they were together almost all day, Hermione hurriedly changed the subject or dodged whenever Evan wanted to say something or tried to take the initiative to do something.

The events of that night were so fresh in her memory that she did not give Evan a chance at all.

In particular, Hermione was a little scared. If Evan was to make a move again, she felt she had no way out.