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H.P.S.T Chapter 513: Not Allowed to Compete

“I’m going for it!” Fred hissed down the table.

“How can such a thing be without us?” George agreed.

Their faces lit with enthusiasm at the prospect of such glory and riches.

They were not alone, visualizing themselves as the Hogwarts champions. At every House table, people were either gazing raptly at Dumbledore, or else whispering fervently to their neighbors.

But then Dumbledore spoke again, and the Hall quieted once more.

“Eager though I know all of you will be to bring the Triwizard Cup to Hogwarts,” he said, “the heads of the participating schools, along with the Ministry of Magic, have agreed to impose an age restriction on contenders this year. Only students who are of age … that is to say, 17 years or older … will be allowed to put forward their names for consideration. This…”

Dumbledore raised his voice slightly, for several people had made noises of outrage at these words.

“I hope you understand that this measure is necessary, given that the tournament tasks will still be difficult and dangerous, whatever precautions we take, and it’s highly unlikely that students below 6th and 7th year will be able to cope with them. I will personally be ensuring that no underage student hoodwinks our impartial judge into making them Hogwarts champions.”

His light blue eyes twinkled as they flickered over Fred’s and George’s mutinous faces. 

Immediately, his eyes turned to Evan, and his gaze seemed to become more profound.

Dumbledore continued, “I therefore beg you not to waste your time submitting yourself if you are under 17.”

“The delegations of Beauxbatons and Durmstrang will be arriving in October and remaining with us for the most part of this year. I know that you will all extend every courtesy to our foreign guests while they are with us, and will give your whole-hearted support to the Hogwarts champion when he or she is selected. And now, it is late, and I know how important it is to you all to be alert and rested as you enter your lessons tomorrow morning. Bedtime! Chop chop!”

Dumbledore sat down again and turned to talk to Mad-Eye Moody.

There was a great scraping and banging as all the students got to their feet and swarmed toward the double doors into the entrance hall.

“They can’t do that!” said George, who had not joined the crowd moving toward the door, but was standing up and glaring at Dumbledore. “We’re seventeen in April, why can’t we have a shot?”

“They’re not stopping me entering.” said Fred stubbornly, also scowling at the top table. “The champions will get to do all sorts of stuff you’d never be allowed to do normally. And a thousand Galleons prize money!”

“Yeah,” said Ron, a faraway look on his face. “Yeah, a thousand Galleons. . .”

“That’s the most unfair thing to Evan. He’s the strongest wizard in the school, and he has proven it.” Hermione also frowned and said, “But now he’s not allowed to compete because of his age…”

“If Evan can’t be a champion, I don’t see anyone in the school who has the qualification.” Harry followed nodding.

“This is really ridiculous!”

“Yes, we have to talk to Dumbledore and ask him to change the rules…” said Fred.

“Come on,” said Evan, “we’ll be the only ones left here if we don’t move.”

In fact, he was not worried at all.

No one could stop him from becoming a champion if he could put his name in the Goblet of Fire.

Evan had several ways to crack Dumbledore’s magic to prevent young wizards under the age of 17 from submitting.

“Evan, why are you not angry at all?!” George said. “Their restrictions on age are completely…”

“Please come here, Mr. Mason, the Headmaster has something to say to you.” Professor McGonagall said seriously, walking to them, looking at them dissatisfied, “You five hurry back to the Common Room, and not block the door like this.”

Under Professor McGonagall’s Watch, Harry, Ron, Hermione, Fred and George glanced at Evan and headed for the entrance hall.

Evan went back to the teachers’ table alone, where there was only Dumbledore and Mad-Eye Moody.

“I have my own opinion about that…” Moody suddenly stopped, his magical blue fake eye fell on Evan, and he said with a hoarse voice, “Ah, second meeting, Evan Mason. I didn’t expect you to make such a big scene at the Quidditch World Cup. It really surprised me.”

He came over and shook hands with Evan. His hand was as scarred as his face. It was full of scars.

From a closer distance, Mad-Eye Moody looked even more terrible.

Evan had met him in the Ministry of magic before. Besides the two of them, only Sirius and Mr. Weasley were present.

This fake Moody in front of him even knew this. He had really put in some efforts to disguise himself.

“Nice to meet you, Professor!” Evan said softly. “I didn’t expect you to come to Hogwarts to teach.”

“I didn’t think about it before, but I’ll only teach for one year and do Dumbledore a favor.” said Moody, laughing in a hoarse voice, “Yes, only for one year, and then I will resume my peaceful retirement life.” 

This was the first time Evan saw him smile. He smiled, and his scarred face looked even more distorted and weird.

“There’s always a shortage of staff in the Defense Against the Dark Arts class. It is not easy to find the right person.” Dumbledore said gently. “If you can, I hope that you can stay. Your valuable experience is exactly what we need.” 

“I’ll think about it!” said Moody, waving his rough hand.

“Well, Evan, I am sorry to disturb your rest time, but I have something to tell you.” Dumbledore said calmly, turning his eyes to Evan, “about the Triwizard Tournament…”

“Professor, I hope to be able to compete!” said Evan hurriedly, “and I have confidence…”

“Of course I know that you can definitely break through the age-restriction magic that I have set up. There is no doubt about this.” Dumbledore said seriously. “But Beauxbatons and Durmstrang specially asked us to ban you from competing in the Triwizard Tournament, because your age does not meet the requirements. Of course, looking at what they mean, they seem to be worried that your magic is too strong and no one will be your opponent.”

Evan’s previous performance at the Quidditch World Cup was too conspicuous.

It wasn’t just young wizards, even adult wizards would not have such huge magic and strong magic power.

In this case, it was not surprising that they asked to keep Evan from participating in the tournament.

“Huh, what the weak think!” Moody said disdainfully, “Those guys are afraid…”

“That’s right, but they regard this requirement as one of the conditions for restarting the Triwizard Tournament.” Dumbledore said, watching Evan, “So I am sorry, Evan, I must ask you to assure me that you will not take part in the competition.”