Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures
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H.P.S.T Chapter 514: Abnormal Mad-Eye

In a sudden change, Evan was particularly banned from participating in the Triwizard Tournament by two other wizarding schools.

This was the second accident after the name of the fake Moody couldn’t be marked on the Marauder’s Map tonight.

It was too sudden, but it seemed reasonable.

Evan’s previous appearance at the World Cup was too high-profile. Whether it was his duel with Caresius or the magical transformation of the stadium’s main building into a giant, it was beyond the imagination of most wizards.

His reputation had spread throughout the European wizarding world and was still spreading abroad.

Whatever the idea, Evan’s power had been recognized by the public, and now some people were even saying that he was Dumbledore’s successor.

Especially considering his age, sky was the limit for Evan’s future. This was good news for Hogwarts and the British wizarding community, but bad news for other countries and forces.

At present, if Evan became Hogwarts champion to take part in the Triwizard Tournament, Beauxbatons’s and Durmstrang’s champion would have no chance. They would not be able to defeat Evan no matter what.

The so-called “Triwizard Tournament” would just turn into a stage for Evan to show his strength.

Beauxbatons and Durmstrang did not want this to happen. They mentioned Evan by name to be excluded from the competition. And they gave a good reason. Evan was under 17 and did not satisfy the requirement. In fact, he was only 13 years old now.

This age limit was originally intended to protect the young wizards who lacked strength and to avoid losing their lives in vain.

It was now used to exclude Evan from the competition, and there was nothing wrong with that. Hogwarts and the British Ministry of Magic couldn’t refute.

Because this competition was to be held in Hogwarts, Beauxbatons and Durmstrang would hold primary elections for age- eligible students and bring them to Hogwarts. Dumbledore, on the other hand, would be responsible for restricting wizards under the age of 17.

Evan knew what magic he would use and he had a way to crack it.

Dumbledore naturally knew that, so he needed Evan’s assurance that he would never enter the competition.

In fact, Evan had no interest in this so-called Triwizard Tournament. But if he didn’t take part in the competition, how could he get in with Harry without attracting Voldemort’s attention?

No, in the end, he had to get into that maze and touch the trophy with Harry … or think of a better way to wipe out Voldemort, who would have successfully recovered his strength…

Looking at Dumbledore’s bright blue eyes, Evan nodded slowly.

Dumbledore should have guessed Voldemort’s plot by now. What plan did he have to deal with it?!

Dumbledore seemed reluctant to continue talking on this topic, maybe because of fake Moody’s presence or because he had his own considerations.

When he saw that Evan had agreed, he asked him to go back to bed as soon as possible.

After leaving the Great Hall, Evan walked alone in the dimly lit hallway, thinking about it in his head.

“It’s not fair. They can’t exclude wizards from competing because of their strength. Those weakly cowards play with these means!” Moody’s hoarse voice sounded behind Evan, and he followed him out of the auditorium. “It’s always been the case, they …”

“Professor, the rules must be obeyed!” Evan turned to Moody and said to his slight surprise, “I’m not really seventeen years old, and of course I shouldn’t break the rules and play. Dumbledore doesn’t want that to happen either.”

“Hum, students taught by Dumbledore, you’re too idealistic. Those people don’t think like tiy.” Moody said dismissively, “I’ve seen too many Dark wizards, if you have such naive ideas…”

“Beauxbatons and Durmstrang are not Dark wizards!”

“Never judge easily by outward appearance. You don’t know the past of those people at all. Stay always alert!” Moody’s magical eye turned around. Staring at Evan, with a hint of bewitching in his voice, he said, “Boy, Be honest, do you want to compete or not?!”

Evan looked at Moody, and a strange thought rose in his heart.

This fake Moody was really abnormal. Why would he come over and say this to him?

Looking at him, he seemed to be tempting him to secretly take part in the Triwizard Tournament.

But why would he do this? What good would it do to Voldemort?!

Did fake Moody want to take both him and Harry out of school?!

Or was it that Voldemort hadn’t given up on his Philosopher’s Stone yet?!  

“It doesn’t matter whether I want to be in or not. I have already promised the Headmaster and I must abide by it.” said Evan softly, “Professor, you’re not encouraging me to take part in the competition secretly, are you?”

Moody’s figure was completely hidden in the darkness that the torches could not dissipate, and Evan couldn’t see the expression on his face.

It took him a long time to say in a husky voice, “Of course not. I just came to test you. Dumbledore spoke highly of you. I now believe that you do not disappoint. A qualified wizard must have his own bottom line.”

Evan did not answer, and there was a silence between the two people.

If it were really Mad-Eye Moody who said that, Evan may believe it, but knowing that the man in front of him was fake…!

They walked along the dark hallway again, and Moody’s office was on the second floor.

From the fake Moody beside him, Evan felt the looming danger.

“I received a letter from Lupin and Black a few days ago. They introduced the current progress of the Defense Against the Dark Arts course.” Moody suddenly said, “Looks like you have learned how to deal with dark magical creatures and mastered a lot of basic knowledge?”

“Yes, Professors Lupin and Sirius gave us a lot.”

“Very good, but this is not enough, not enough!” Moody said, limping forward, “I think you need to learn how to deal with black magic, I am going to give you a taste of the spells cast between wizards.” 

“Black magic?!” Evan turned to look at him.

“You should know that incantations come in many forms, and their magic varies. According to the Ministry of Magic, I should teach you all kinds of spell-breaking, that’s all.” Moody said, “According to them, you’re not in the sixth year yet. The School should not tell you what the illegal black magic spell looks like, because you’re still too young and you would not handle it. But in my opinion, the sooner you know what to deal with, the better. How can you protect yourself from something you have never seen before? When a wizard is about to use an illegal spell, they wouldn’t tell you what they’re about to do; they won’t read his spell to you frankly, fairly and politely. He’ll just…”

“Professor, do you mean to teach us the unforgivable curses?!”

“Not teach them, just demonstrate to you what real black magic looks like.” Moody said, “I’m sure you’ll like this course…”