Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures Harry Potter and the Secret Treasures
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H.P.S.T Chapter 518: Three Unforgivable Curses

All third-year students seemed to realize that Evan knew so much.

In the past, they only knew that Evan was very strong, but they never had a clear idea about the extent of his knowledge and power.

Young wizards in Hogwarts generally believed that he was just ahead of his peers, but still weaker than the senior students.

It wasn’t until the recent World Cup that everyone realized that Evan was strong enough to shake the wizarding world.

In today’s class, Evan spoke in one breath of so many types of Dark Magic that none of them had ever heard of before.

The young wizards in the classroom all gasped and looked at Evan in disbelief.

Needless to say, some of them have heard about some types of Dark Magic, a couple, maybe even a dozen, but tens of thousands?

For a moment, everyone had the illusion that Evan was the actual professor of Defense Against the Dark Arts!

It was clear that Moody was also very surprised when he heard Evan gush about it. None of the things that Evan said was the answer he wanted, but there was no mistake in what he said.

He knew that he had to stop him, or he could go on about it for the rest of the session…

At that time, it went without saying that the demonstration of black magic was estimated to make everyone go out dizzy.

Evan even talked about Necromancy, which was beyond everyone’s comprehension.

Although for Evan, it was a very basic thing, or not even basic, but just common sense, for the other students, descriptions of these branches of black magic from hundreds of years ago sounded like un-understandable gibberish.

In the end, Moody interrupted Evan because of his outstanding performance, granting 10 points to Gryffindor.

“What Mr. Mason said is very good, but I think it is imperative that you understand the three techniques most commonly used by the Dark wizards, the so-called Unforgivable Curses, rather than the cold and remote black magic of centuries ago,” said Moody. “So, can anyone tell me what these three unforgivable curses are?”

After a while, Ginny raised her little hand trembling. “There is the Imperius Curse, Professor!” she whispered.

She still had fresh memories of Ron being controlled by Peter Pettigrew last year, and him remaining in the hospital for a long time after that.

The Weasleys had discussed the whole incident and the curse many times, so Ginny could never forget it.

“Yes, Miss Weasley!” said Moody appreciatively. “Your father would know that one. It gave the Ministry a lot of trouble at one time, the Imperius Curse.”

Moody got heavily to his mismatched feet, opened his desk drawer, and took out a glass jar. Three large black spiders were scuttling around inside it, looking terrible. 

All the students recoiled slightly into their chairs and stared at him intently.

Moody reached into the jar, caught one of the spiders, and held it in the palm of his hand so that they could all see it. He then pointed his wand at it and muttered, “Imperio!”

The spider leapt from Moody’s hand on a fine thread of silk and began to swing backward and forward as though on a trapeze. It stretched out its legs rigidly, and then did a back flip, breaking the thread and landing on the desk, where it began to cartwheel in circles. Moody jerked his wand, and the spider rose onto two of its hind legs and went into what was unmistakably a tap dance.

Everyone was laughing – everyone except Moody.

“You think it’s funny, do you?” he growled. “You’d like it, would you, if I did it to you?”

The laughter died away almost instantly, and everyone looked at Moody in horror.

“Total control,” said Moody quietly as the spider balled itself up and began to roll over and over. “I could make it jump out of the window, drown itself, throw itself down one of your throats…”

“Years back, there were a lot of witches and wizards being controlled by the Imperius Curse,” said Moody, and everyone knew he was talking about the days in which Voldemort had been all-powerful. 

“At that time, the Ministry of Magic was really busy. They had to sort out who was being forced to act, and who was acting of their own free will. But this was hard to do. Depending on the magic power of the caster himself, the spell can last for a long time. When people find out, it’s often too late.”

At that time, it was estimated that no one dared to trust the people around them because they could not determine whether or not they were controlled by the Imperius Curse.

It’s quite possible that you would utter a few words against Voldemort to your best friend in the morning. When you get home from work, you will see the Dark Marks drifting over your home and all your family members dead.

What a horror it was!

“The Imperius Curse can be fought, and I’ll be teaching you how, but it takes real strength of character, and not everyone’s got it. Better avoid being hit with it if you can. CONSTANT VIGILANCE!” he barked, and everyone jumped.

Moody picked up the somersaulting spider and threw it back into the jar.

“Anyone else know one? Another illegal curse?”

Next, a Slytherin student stood up and named the remaining two, the Cruciatus Curse and the killing Curse.

Moody explained them to everyone again, practicing them on the spiders.

It was definitely not a pleasant experience to see a swelled spider twitching horribly, rocking from side to side, twitching violently, and breaking one’s leg abruptly.

As for the Killing Curse, needless to say, after Moody’s wand gave out a flash of blinding green light, the spider just jumping alive in front of them died so quietly. 

It rolled over and lay onto its back on the table unscathed.

In the open classroom, it felt like an invisible thing was soaring through the air. It was the shadow of death.

It had just arrived here, taking away the life of the spider in front of Professor Moody’s wand.

Several students could not bear it, screamed hard, and everyone looked terrified to the extreme.

In the subtle messy sound of the “Avada Kedavra”, Evan could feel a powerful force.

This power acted directly on the soul and life, and no one could resist it.

Of all the protective magic Evan knew, only a few were able to defend against the Killing Curse, but at a high price.

Among them was the loving sacrifice used by Harry’s mother, Lily. She used the loving sacrifice to protect Harry, but the price paid was her own death.

“Not nice,” said Moody calmly, sweeping the dead spider off the desk onto the floor. “Not pleasant. And there’s no countercurse. There’s no blocking it. Only one known person has ever survived it.”

Everyone knew that the person he meant was Harry.

“Avada Kedavra is a curse that needs a powerful bit of magic behind it … you could all get your wands out now and point them at me and say the words, and I doubt I’d get so much as a nosebleed,” said Moody his magic eye sweeping everyone’s frightened face. “But that doesn’t matter. I’m not here to teach you how to do it.”

Of course, Evan was definitely not included in these people he was talking about.

Although Evan’s soul had not fallen to evil ill thoughts, his strong magic was enough to allow him to use an extraordinarily powerful killing curse, horrifying beyond the general sense. What he would cause would definitely not be a simple nosebleed…