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Chapter 1: Crossing to Naruto’s World!

Chapter 1: Crossing to Naruto’s World!


In the public hospital of Magic City, busy at the operating room, the was Guo Ryo: the hospital’s chief physician. He finished med school with a strong medical foundation and he’s been working here for the past 5 years, so you could say he was doing a good job fitting in.


Back when he was 6 years old, his parents got divorced to form their own families. So he had to live with his grandpa, who sadly died to heart disease. That event was what made him want to become a doctor: He wanted to never feel that helpless again. And to achieve that goal of his, he worked really hard, and the only pleasure he let himself have was watching anime in his spare time. Guo Ryo’s favorite anime was « Naruto ».


It was hard for him to find a moment of rest. As he just finished an operation, he was ready to watch Naruto. But then the director’s phone rang: a group of sons of some of the country’s wealthiest have been racing, and their cars collided. Ryo was needed immediately in the operating room.


Between the broken hearts of their lovers, and his duty as a doctor, Ryo couldn’t just let them die: He rushed into the operating room and worked for 7 hours more until 5 am the next day.


« God I’m tired, do I really want to do it? » he complained quietly, as he returned to his office. As he lied down on the table to sleep, he felt everything around him changing and he found himself in front of a massive orb of light, and from within it, a writing appeared:


Applicant: Guo Ryo.


The world: “Naruto”


Hazard coefficient: ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆


Risk factor higher than three stars gives a lucky draw chance, please use.


Guo Ryo looked around; you could take him for a drunk as he was so tired: « What is this? A dream… right? » He pinched his thigh, and the pain told him loud and clear that it was all true.


“Dangerous factors reaching more than 3 stars give a lucky draw chance to use.”


“What is it that you are? A machine? And what do I draw and why should I cross!? ” Ryo asked while staring at the orb.


“I am an « InterWorld Portal ». I represent the portal the existing parallel worlds that are over 119.000 in number. You don’t need to say anything; your brain waves resonate with me and tell me that you are NOT satisfied with your life. With the passing conditions, you are likely to be drawn into the universe you want to access, if you make your lucky draw. Please do so!”


Even though he was still shocked, Ruo couldn’t help but to think about the reward of making such a move. After all, he is all alone, his parents have been nowhere near him already, and he doesn’t have a lover… With all of this in mind, going to Naruto’s world seemed like a good idea! He just said the words: « how do I draw? »


Golden rays came out of the orb as it turned into a fortune wheel, that was divided into 3 areas : science and technology, elemental class, life skills class. «Turn the wheel, please! ». He did, and it stopped in the elemental class area.


The wheel shined golden again as it got divided, the time into dozens of zones. Ryo took a closer look: the element class had so many possible natural elements within it. He turned the wheel again and it kept on spinning for a whooping two minutes. As it stopped, he heard the orb say : « This applicant gets ice elemental affinity ».


The orb’s voice faded, as Ryo lost sight of everything before losing consciousness.


After an undetermined amount of time, Guo Ryo slowly regained his consciousness. He slowly opened his eyes, to find himself still in the dark, but not too far from a light source, into which his instinct drew him. It was a long struggle, but eventually, he was born.


His movement towards the light was in was assisted along the way by the woman who gave birth to him. She was in a great deal of pain, but she looked at him with eyes full of care, and her looks warmed his heart: it’s was maternal love!


The beautiful scene was disrupted by a weird fact… Ryo, unlike any newborn child, did not cry.. The nurse looked at him in awe: he is perfectly healthy, is he too dumb to cry? She saw the doctor’s signal, so she took him and spanked his ass.


« Bitch get your hand away from my ass!! » That’s what he really wanted to say. But instead, no words came out, only a loud cry. Everyone around were finally relieved, and his mother smiled, and fell asleep satisfied.


Maybe it’s because of the Chakra, or some other reason, but newborn children in Naruto’s world are more robust than those born on earth. Two days later, Ryo was taken home by his mother.


Naruto’s world’s language was Japanese, and Ryo was fortunate enough to learn in his past life. So he had an easy time understanding what’s happening around him right off the bat.


A few days later he learned that his mother was called Yamanaka Chinse. She was the cousin of the Yamanaka family head, who was the man that came to him (as the family’s newborn child) often. His name was Yamanaka Akihito. At this time, Yamanaka Inoichi was still a little child. His new name was given to him by his uncle who named him: Yamanaka Ryo.


A month after he was born, he understood a lot of things from the conversations around him: Konoha is now 33 years old. Under the leadership of 3 generations of hokages, Konoha went to two world wars, the second of which is still undecided.


Konoha at this time had under Sarutobi the three Sannin: Jiraiya, Tsunade, and Orochimaru. They also had the white fang: Hatake Sakumo. And along with the likes of Kagami Uchiha, Ino-Chika-Cho, and the Hyuga family, it all provided a certain level of stability for Konoha. So unlike other villages, the hidden leaf was still in peace and tranquility.


His uncle was part of the 14th generation of Ino-Chika-Cho. The alliance was a supporter of Konoha since their establishment.  But it was actually formed before, during the warring state era when the 3 clans joined forces to face enemies. In order to keep the special bond they had, three ancestors set the rules a long time ago together.  With a witness from the Sarutobi clan, each generation of Ino-Chika-Cho would pass down their ear—rings to the next generation who swear upon them to be brothers. And they themselves will pass down tradition as well.


This 3 man mode of action greatly enhanced the combat effectiveness of the team and their survival rate. It was so impressive, that after 2 generations of graduated from the Konoha ninja school it became the standard required from all students. This was mainly inspired by the Ino-Chika-Cho model.


In this way, the three clans fought with each other. On their own, none of them were at the level of the Uchiha or Senju clan. But when together, none of them is to be neglected: every clan had special techniques and they were complementary. They all fought with protecting each-other in mind, so they were not to be underestimated.


Because of Ryo’s birth, Yamanaka Akihito put down his in the front line to return home, that is how much he loved his nephew. However, what made Ryo peculiar is that his birth was only celebrated within the Ino-Chika-Cho clans. Even though the entire village knew about it, nobody came to congratulate his family. That, along with the fact that he never saw his father, made him understand that his life is not to be simple. He also knew, his family must be hiding something!


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