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Chapter 2: The Yamanaka Genius !

Chapter 2: The Yamanaka Genius !


Year 34 after Konoha’s establishment, the second Ninja War has become increasingly fierce. Although Konoha has achieved some advantages on various battlefields, things don’t look like they are heading in the best direction. Thanks to the recent clashes between Cloud and Earth villages, Konoha was able to save some troops to concentrate on the battle with the Hidden mist and Hidden sand.


On the other hand, Yamanaka Ryo had his 1st birthday! He was able to say some easy to pronounce words by the time he was 6 months old. “The newborn Yamanaka is a genius!” those words were spreading amongst the Ino-Chika-Cho Alliance. It was spreading across the whole village. After all, Ryo, after three months of being born, didn’t wet his bed once!


At first, Yamanaka Chinse felt that her child’s progress was normal. After all, one of the secret techniques of the Yamanaka clan is to nurture the child with chakra. Back when he was in her womb, she used those secret techniques. However, just after he had his 1st birthday, Ryo Surprised his mother!


Ryo, who was just 1 year old, learned how to copy after his cousin he had demonstrated several skills. When Yamanaka Chinse saw her son’s fluffy little hands clumsily practicing the hand seals, she was shocked. What kind of ninja talent is this?!


Whether he was a genius was unknown even to Ryo himself. He was only a one year old so he couldn’t refine his chakra, not to mention learning ninjutsu. In the deadly shadowy world of shinobi, and especially in this period of war, while he didn’t need to participate in this second war, what about the time when the 3rd one (as he already knows from the anime) arises? In the original storyline, Kakashi graduated at the age of 5 and this genius was sent to the battlefield. What is certain is that if Ryo graduates normally he will also be sent to the battlefield. So he might not be able to learn ninjutsu or even refine his chakra, but he can always practice his hand seals.


On September 15, year 34, Hatake Sakumo’s son Kakashi was born on a night of a full moon. All families went to congratulate them, and the Yamanakas were no exception.


The family sent the next generation of Ino-Chika-Cho, the one that graduated last year. They will be the next heads of the family, and the parents of the original storyline’s Ino, Shikamaru, and Choji.

Yamanaka Chinse also received a personal invitation from Sakumo. On October 15th 4 people and a baby arrived together to congratulate the Hatake family.


Hatake Sakumo, at the rise of the war, was really famous.  His Chakra infused white blade has harvested the lives of hundreds of skilled enemy shinobi. He was at the very top along with Konoha’s elite.


While the Hatake clan wasn’t particularly large in number, people from all over came in to celebrate Kakashi’s birth, so there was quite a line of people entering.


“Oh, didn’t you get a personal invitation from Sakumo San? You can go directly through the side door “


“Great! You can help us now! If we don’t get a seat soon we won’t actually find a place to eat!”. Akimishi Choza is mainly here for the food: That’s the Akamishi way. It made Tory roll his eyes.


“Yeah, It would be such a drag to wait in here!”, said, Shikaku Nara, while looking at the long queue in front of him impatiently. The three of them reminded Ryo so much of their children.


Yamanaka Chinse nodded politely and entered through the side door. In her arms, Ryo was looking around into the Hatake house.


“You’re finally here, Chinse!” A purple-haired woman in Hatake’s household looked very happy at the sight of Ryo’s mother.


“The flower from our hospital is now a mother!” Kakashi’s mother and Yamanaka Chinse obviously knew each-other. They talked very happily while Ryo was watching Kakashi who was sleeping by their side.


One-month-old Kaka is naturally not equipped with a mask, and in his past life, Ryo was a fan of Kakashi. He graduated at the age of 5 breaking the world record. While he got the Sharingan, it actually drained his Chakra too quickly. That was due to the Sharingan’s demands from a non-Uchiha.


He is a Hokage, and one of the most talented Ninja ever and nothing can take away that. But amongst the seven generations that Konoha has seen, he was dubbed by many fans as the weakest Hokage.


“Chinse, you are here!”


As the two new moms were chatting their hearts out, Hatake Sakumo came in. Ryo looked up and stared at the man in his plain clothes. He had long silver hair Tied as a horsetail. At this time, He didn’t look like Konoha’s White Fang, he just was an ordinary man greeting his family and friends.


“Sakumo, long time no see!”


“This is Houyi’s child?”


“Yeah! Is name is Yamanaka Ryo.”


“Ryo? Very good. The news that you got married is not known by many people. It is correct to not return to that family! After all, Houyi’s is not there. If you need me, I’ll help you with whatever I could do. After all, you and Houyi are both my Friends.” As he finished talking, Sakumo waved at little Ryo and went on to welcome and entertain the rest of the guests.


“She was right not to return to that family? And my father is not here? And Sakumo being a close friend of my parents?”  The dialogue between His mom and Sakumo got his mind racing through thoughts. It seems that his father is not an ordinary ninja.


Now is the year 35, and the 14th-generation of Ino-Shika-Cho went to the battlefield of the land of earth. Ryo didn’t want his uncle to go. This gentle man, often holding him, while being his uncle, represented the closest thing to a father figure that he has ever had.


At the same year, the 3rd Hokage’s disciples, Jirraya Orochimaru and Tsunade, faced the man claimed to be a half god: The great warrior Hanzo the Salamander. And even though they lost to him, they gain his recognition, and were dubbed by him as the legendary Sannin. And the great news has reached Konoha cheering the people up.

The same year, Tsunade managed on the battlefield to make an antidote to the 1000 deadly poisons of puppet master Chiyo, leading the Sand Ninja to retreat. Konoha’s Ninjas were making great progress in the field.


Year 36, the Village hidden in the clouds and Konoha faced each other in a full-out war. Because of Konoha’s endurance and high pressure, the cloud had nothing to do but to retreat. In same the year, Nawaki, who was Tsunade’s brother, fell victim to an explosion.


In year 37 post-Konoha’s establishment, Dan Kato died despite of Tsunade’s attempts to save. She developed hæmophobia because of the fact.


In the same year, Ryo began to refine his Chakra taking his first step in his road to power.


Writer’s Note: Tsunade developed hæmophobia definitely during WWII. As she had to fight Hanzo and develop the antidotes to Chiyo’s poisons on the battlefield, It is my speculation that she didn’t develop it until near the end of that war.


Translator Note: The dates here while they might contradict what is stated in Fandom sites, are overall in line with what the storyline dictates, and all different timelines are also nothing but the results of smart-guessing. So, while these might not be the actual dates, they go well in hand with what’s in the Manga.

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