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Chapter 3: Chakra & Affinities

Chapter 3: Chakra & Affinities


Ryo began to refine his Chakra under the guidance of his mother.


Chakra is the body energy that stems from one every cell in one’s body, and gaining mental strength can help people to perceive Chakra more quickly and then extract it. The amount and type of chakras determine the direction of a ninja’s growth.


As he was starting out, getting help from his family would increase his odds in succeeding. This world is after is one ruled by power ever since the six path sage. Yet even though Ryo didn’t have a clue about who his father was, he didn’t want to rely one bit on dreaming about his help. He decided to find his own path in life.


He was using the methods inherited through the generations of the Yamanaka family to extract chakra. His cells were actually overflowing with it, so it was so easy for him to perceive it. It didn’t take him long to feel the rush and he wondered: “This is Chakra?” At the mere age of for, he took his 1st step towards becoming the strong man he wants to be.


As he was finished with this task: he couldn’t wait to see what techniques he could perform.  As he already watched the original “Naruto”, he already had quite an idea about how to practice for some Ninjutsu. Well, it shouldn’t be that easy by just knowledge to perform them, but practice won’t hurt. To him, it was a must in order to stay alive.


It was clear to him that he could never avoid fighting through the 3rd world war regardless of him being willing to participate in it or not. Konoha already lost so many shinobi throughout the years that it had to put the newer graduates on the battlefield anyway. His talent will be good for him in the future but he needs to get strong fast in order to survive.


“Mom! I did it! Can I learn ninjutsu?”


“Ryo, how many times do I have to tell you? Don’t be too arrogant and take go step by step. Learning ninjutsu doesn’t happen overnight!” Chinse shook her head, she knew her son was born to be a genius, but she didn’t expect him to have this much talent in him. Refining chakra was a small and easy task for him.


“No Mom! No! I must learn ninjutsu NOW!” he was using the advantage of resistance being normal coming from him, a child! She might just give in to him as he keeps asking her this way.

“Ryo, to learn ninjutsu, we need 1st to learn what affinity we have. We the Yamanaka’s specialize in mind-centered techniques, in addition to regular ninjutsu techniques.  But everyone is bit different. Here try to focus your Chakra on this piece of paper.” As she finished talking to out a Chakra test paper.


These test strips weren’t that easy to obtain, you would have to be a highly ranked shinobi to get it easily. At 1st he didn’t think about his mother’s powers that much, but it seems now she was no ordinary ninja. “ What is this?” he asked pretending he didn’t know about it.


“This is a chakra test strip. Depending on your affinity the paper will react differently. It will get wet if it’s water, get sliced if it’s air, get burnt if it’s fire, crumble into the dirt if it’s earth or gets wrinkled if it’s lightning! Go ahead and try it!”


Ryo put his finger on the strip and injected chakra into the strip. And it became half wet and half wrinkled.


Ryo breathed a sigh of relief. Dual affinity is great for him. He was a surgeon in the past life. He knows the human body very well. He can use the lightning powers to heal or paralyze, and there’s also Kakashi’s Chidori. This life is starting to look so much better than his past one.


As for the water affinity, he didn’t care much about it. After all, just how powerful water powers could get in the original story wasn’t something well shown.


“Thunder water dual Properties? Thunder like him!”


“What did you say mom?” Chinse’s voice wasn’t that loud. So Ryo didn’t get to hear her well


« My boy had a dual affinity, my genius! » she said it she was praying!

Ryo nodded his head. Chinse thought that he had been fooled and was relieved. “Son, your mother has ninjutsu scrolls of three techniques here. You have a dual affinity, so these two ninjutsu skills should suit you.” She said as she gave him the scrolls


Ryo took the scrolls. In addition to the “Mind-body technique,” the other two were ” Water Trumpet” and “Thunderbolt”. Even though getting just these three got him very satisfied, he was still eager for more. Still, regardless of his mother having (or not having) more advanced techniques, it is still nice to get the three especially that he didn’t work that much on his chakra.


“Ryo don’t rush into ninjutsu, and keep refining Chakra until your reach your full potential with it”. She was looking at her son’s excitement and feared that he would skip chakra refinement for the sake working on ninjutsu techniques exclusively.


“ Yes, mom. I know! I’m going to practice.”


“Good! Go!”



He went back to his room, sat down, and following his mother’s instructions he continued refining his chakra until, after a week, he stopped feeling progress.


He was feeling his chakra level, and as he didn’t have any idea about other people’s chakras, he didn’t have a way to judge what he has. His spirit was fairly strong, so the Chakra he harnessed from his body should probably be plenty.


Little did Ryo know that his chakra wasn’t just plenty, he had a lot of it, close to a medium adult Shinobi. He was eager to open the scrolls to start learning ninjutsu.


“[Thunderbolt]” Looking at the few small sparks jumps in the courtyard, Ryo didn’t feel good about it. This is good enough for a protagonist? He can’t even learn a simple ninjutsu at 1st glance. Doesn’t he have enough chakra?


Cursing his fate, Ryo opened another Ninjutsu scroll [Water Release: Water Trumpet].


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