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Chapter 4: The Ice Element!

Chapter 4: The Ice Element!


Ryo’s attempt with this water release skill was different from the one with Thunderbolt, as the release of water waves was  very successful. He had enough chakra to use this jutsu 10 times in a row. He remembered wondering about the amounts of chakra he had. And then he remembered out of nowhere that he had a trump Card!


“Yeah! My special power!” It’s been 4 years and he never saw a sign the ice affinity he drew before entering this world, so he actually started to forget all about it!


“Well what is it exactly? And do I have to try with actual Ice to understand it?” He rushed out straight towards the kitchen, and took out a large chunk of ice.


“This is it!” Ryo found himself not feeling even a bit cold with the ice in hand. And the Ice didn’t show any signs of melting. “I see! So I will not get… cold!?”


Ryo felt that his trump card, his hack given to him so he could survive this world, couldn’t be so simple and weak. He started pouring chakra gradually into the ice cubes, and it suddenly seemed like could see inside of it. He felt that he himself was turning to ice. He held his breath and tried to stay calm.


“Huh? What is this?” In this state, Ryo found that his body had changed, and all his began to shift toward the molecular structure of the ice. When the change was completed, He tried to focus chakra into each of his hands one after another, and they both turned into ice on command.


This physiological change that he experienced reminded him of another anime he used to watch in his past life: One piece! Where the former marine admiral Aokiji (The blue bird/Kuzan) ate the Ice-Ice fruit. He was able to turn his body into ice and avoid physical injury. But this is the world of Naruto, where there nothing such as Haki! Would Ryo be invincible as no one should be able to hit him?


The idea shattered his focus. He was eager to know if he had powers comparable to a logia user!


“I don’t think I could survive this world without taking risks!” Ryo went back into the kitchen and grabbed his mother’s kitchen knife. And then he turned his arm into eyes and sliced his finger.

The kitchen knife went right through!


The kitchen knife went all the way though, and painlessly, his icy finger was cut right off.  He reverted to his non frozen state and his fingers were back as they used to be. And he still had the ice finger that he chopped off his hand in front of him! Afterwards, Ryo performed a variety of experiments and finally he became sure that he could turn into ice, control ice around him and freeze any water in front of him.


“[Water release: water trumpet!] Freeze!” later on he discovered that he could turn water he produces with his jutsu into ice. And then he can teleport immediately through the ice as long as his chakra was being pumped into it. It was similar to Tobirama’s body flicker technique. But that technique wasn’t distance related, and it didn’t need such initiation. His technique had a limit of 50 meters, but through that distance the teleportation took no time. He was happy with this technique.


The only thing that bothered him is that this technique consumed a lot of energy, as he could only perform it 3 times in a row.


As 4 year old , he though the chakra of a average adult ninja was sufficient. He never expected that doing this with a simple C class jutsu would consume a whole 3rd of his chakra.


Ryo recalled the method of increasing the amount of chakras in the anime. There were 2 main solution: integrating Hashirama’s cells in his body, or becoming a Jinchuriki by capturing a Biju (Tailed beast) inside him.


He knew that the of using the 1st hokage’s cells was too great. With no Sharingan to assist him in suppressing these cells, they would probably start phagocytosing his own in no time.


Then, for the Biju:


This might work, but he needs one that’s strong enough. From one to 9, the nine tailed one is definitely not okay even though it’s the strongest: it’s Konoha’s Biju, and he has no idea if he can control all that power.


He could only think of 2 that should fit his powers: the 3 tailed one and the 6 tailed one. The 6 tailed one has snow/ice related powers, and the 3 tailed one will have no jinchuriki after the death of the 4th mizukage. But they are both out of reach for him now.


“After all, I’m not strong enough! But today’s progress was great. Off to sleep now.”


It is year 38 since Konoha’s establishement, and Hatake Sakumo killed Chiyo’s son and his wife, getting the sand to their knees as those 2 were the village’s strongest puppeteers.


That year is also the one when Ryo enters ninja school. In the past year he mastered the mind body technique. And now he also masters Thunderbolt skillfully. He also learned in addition to the Water Trumpet Jutsu another water based technique: The Water Wall Jutsu.


Because of his ice affinity, he found a way to reinforce this technique creating a new one that’s even better defensively: Ice Wall


He also had a slight boost in Chakra levels. He was able to use Water Trumpet Up to 14 times in A row now, up from the 10 times he had last year as he started.


Even if he didn’t use his Ice escape (his teleportation technique he developed), he was at a level where he could beat Genins. If he masters his ice related powers he could probably overcome the elite. He was eager to graduate at the age of 5 to overcome Kakashi.


“Wait a second, Kakashi Graduates next year. But wait! Isn’t he one year younger than me? Does he start school a year younger?!” He felt weird about all of this. His classmates this year should be Guy, Kakashi, Asuma, Kurenai… all the ones that made the backbone of Naruto’s plot.


“Oh! It’s a hassle!”


“Ryo, You’ve been lost in your thoughts for long enough now!”


“Big brother Inoichi! Your mission’s over?” Ryo thought since Inoichi is back, His uncle should be back soon too.


“Well not just the mission, the whole war is over! You should have ninja school in a few day come on let’s go!”


“Yes Aniki!”

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