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Chapter 25: The Value Of An A-grade Jutsu

Chapter 25: The Value Of An A-grade Jutsu


Minato was really glad that he managed to throw the Rasenshuriken that far.


“Minato Nii-san, did you just throw that Jutsu?”


Ryo remembered that Naruto had to coat the Rasenshuriken with Senjutsu Chakra in the Manga to be able to throw it. But Minato was able to do it directly!


“Yeah, actually, I had developed this technique last week, but I couldn’t throw it. If I have to be in direct contact with it as it hits its target, I would certainly hurt myself. I had to inject additional Chakra within it to be able to throw it, as it needed that to maintain its shape.”


Ryo was blown away by Minato’s explanation. Naruto wasn’t able to throw the Rasenshuriken without Senjutsu Chakra coating it, as it needed that to maintain its shape. Minato actually didn’t have Senjutsu and found himself another way.


“Ryo, how come this technique’s effect seems a bit like the Sand’s poison?” Minato, not having the Sharingan, couldn’t see what was happening inside the Rasenshuriken.


”Minato Nii-san, the Wind Chakra blades inside the Rasenshuriken are extremely small. When the attack hits, the blades scatter through the tissues attacking the body at a cellular level. Many poisons share the same mode of action!”


Minato nodded. With Ryo’s explanation, he understood better the principle of this technique.


“Hold on Ryo! What did you just call the new Rasengan? Well, it does look like a Shuriken.”


Ryo couldn’t explain how he named it, so to change the topic he asked: “Nii-san who named the 1st Rasengan?”


“It was my teacher Jiraya! The name of the [Rasengan] used to be [Rasen Swirl Flash Gan], but my teacher forced me to change it.”


Ryo knocked out by that original name. “Nii-san, let’s go back to the third training ground.”


Both thought of telling Kushina about the name, so Minato used Flying Thunder God to get both of them back to the training ground.


When they told Kakashi and Kushina about the success of the new technique, the two were really happy for Minato.


Then Ryo talked to Kushina about the names for the new technique. After listening to him, she gave him a sour look. She answered with her preferred name, hitting the nail on the head: “Futon: Rasenshuriken”!


In order to celebrate the completion of the new technique, Minato took all three out with him for barbecue.


In the Hokage’s office, the 3rd looked at the hole in the Forest of Death and was nervous.


The Anbu have already confirmed that no one has infiltrated Konoha. The guards at the entrance to the Forest of Death also said that no one had entered or died in the forest.


Reports coming in to the office were getting increasingly tense, as nobody has ever experienced such a huge explosion. It was as if a Biju was released into the forest.


The 3rd just smoked his pipe and couldn’t do anything about it.


In the 3rd training ground, a week later, Kakashi finally learned Rasengan. And Minato got back to developing the Flying Thunder God, while Ryo started learning Fuinjutsu (Sealing Techniques) from Kushina.


Finally she felt the thrill of being a teacher!


The Uzumaki’s Fuinjutsu was extensive and profound. Ryo was listening to her explain the art’s history within her clan.


“Hey Kushina, could you take a break? I wanna talk to Ryo.”


It was unusual for Minato to cut his training for anything. This must be important as he took the time to chat with Ryo.


“Ryo, I want us to hand-over the Rasengan to Konoha.”


“Nii-san this is your Jutsu, why should I come along?”


Minato shook his head and said: “Ryo, this technique was developed by both of us. I thought that it would take me at least half a year before completing it when I met you. Now I actually completed it and took it to a new level in mere weeks, and that’s all thanks to your help. This technique is undoubtedly not mine alone. ”


Minato was being completely honest. While Ryo wanted to get to use Rasengan, he didn’t expect to be named as one of its developers.


“Nii-san, I agree that we should hand it over! I also want to come along with you to Sandaime sama and hand over Chidori to the village.”


Ryo’s attitude made Minato really happy. He really loved Konoha: In the words of the 3rd, he carried the will of fire. Ryo didn’t just agree to hand over Rasengan to the village, he also added Chidori to it, an A grade Ninjutsu that he himself “developed”. Minato couldn’t be happier.


“Nii-san, are you going to hand over the Rasenshuriken as well?”


“Of course not! I’ll just hand over Rasengan, the base form. You also should only deliver the base form of Chidori, no need to include any derivate techniques! ”


Ryo’s liked what Minato just said to him. To him, turning in these two techniques was no big deal. Moreover, he had already the idea of handing over Chidori in exchange for something that should be of great value for the Yamanaka clan!


The two arrived at the Hokage’s Office. The 3rd was smoking his pipe as casually as ever.


“Oh, it’s Minato and Ryo! Is there anything?”


“Hokage sama, Ryo and I have two self-developed Ninjutsu techniques that we want to offer to the village. The two are also A grade!”


“Oh? A grade techniques?” The 3rd smiled and raised his eyebrows!


“Yes, one is Ryo’s Thunder Ninjutsu technique [Chidori], and the other is my nature-neutral no-seal Ninjutsu technique [Rasengan].”


Two A-grade techniques are valuable assets for any village.


The 3rd looked at the two and was really pleased. He wasn’t surprised by the fact that Minato was able to develop one, but he never expected the 7 year old Ryo Yamanaka to develop an A-grade Ninjutsu. He saw the future of Konoha before his eyes.


He asked them to choose their rewards for such an achievement. Konoha offered rewards for those who develop a Jutsu and offer it to the village. Minato did not hesitate asking for the scrolls that had Tobirama’s research on Flying Thunder God Jutsu.


However, Ryo asked the 3rd for a promise! From now on, no Yamanaka should ever be forced to join Root!


The 3rd happily accepted Minato’s request. But he took a while thinking about Ryo’s. While the 2 were still in his office, he called for Danzo.


When Danzo entered the office, the 3rd directly said: “Danzo, Minato, and Ryo have handed over two A-grade techniques to the village. I promised that the Yamanaka clan members will no longer need to enter Root from now on. Root will not be allowed to take Yamanaka’s anymore.


“What? How can this happen? The Yamanaka’s have great spiritual power. Entering Root can hone their skill to a higher level. You are…”


The 3rd didn’t let him finish his words:  “You don’t have to say more. Root will no longer be allowed to select Yamanaka’s.”


“Oh!” Danzo puffed coldly, stared fiercely at Ryo, and left with a gloomy face.


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