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H.R.P Chapter 140: Battle of Kikyo Pass (2)

Ryo’s battle against Kitsuchi was no small deal, and others naturally noticed it.

The Sand had been facing Kitsuchi for quite some time. Chiyo and Ebiso had a clear idea of his level. Besides Rasa, the two knew that the Sand didn’t have anyone who is opponent to him.

What they didn’t expect was that not so long after Ryo started fighting him, the Tsuchikage’s son was the one seemingly losing.

Ebiso pushed Sakumo back and said to Chiyo: “Ne-san, is this the new Yamanaka Genius that you often mention?”

“I haven’t seen that brat for a few years, and his strength is already this terrifying!” Chiyo said with a heavy face.

“Indeed, Konoha is a cradle of Geniuses. First there were the Sannin, then Minato Namikaze. Now, there’s this Ryo Yamanaka. I’m afraid we’re not going to have it easy this day!” Ebiso sighed.

“Alright alright! Instead of complaining, let’s both go all out and kill Sakumo. I don’t believe that he can really beat our Brother-Sister joint attack.” Saying that, Chiyo manipulated her Puppets and rushed towards Sakumo.

Seeing his sister going forward, Ebizo put his frustration aside and attacked along with her.

Back at Ryo’s battle, Kitsuchi’s left hand was frostbitten, and he didn’t have any sensation in it. Ryo thought he had his victory, but did not expect his opponent to have a hidden card.

As soon as Ryo Lightning Chakra Flickered to his foe, a massive stone giant broke out of the ground, with Kitsuchi on top of its head.

“Oh, damn! This exists!” The sudden appearance of the stone giant shocked Ryo. He wanted to use the Lightning Chakra Flicker to escape, but found that the ground underneath him had been turned into mud by Kitsuchi.

“You’ve been too arrogant, Ryo Yamanaka! Your time has come!” As he said that, Kitsuchi controlled the giant’s massive fist to hit the ground.

BANG! The fist was huge, and it directly pierced throw the mud, shattering the ground underneath it.

Kitsuchi sensed the surroundings and found no trace of Ryo’s Chakra. He laughed ecstatically.

In the distance, behind a stone, Ryo left his Lighting Chakra Mode gasping. The Giant, despite its massive size, was too fast. He was almost late to teleport to one of the Ice Scalpels he had buried in advance.

Ryo took his time. observing the giant, he found it was somewhat similar to Onoki’s Golem.

Opening his Sharingan, Ryo saw the giant structure in details. He concluded that this giant must be an improved version of Onoki’s Golem.

In comparison, the giant was even bigger, and much more flexible. It also sacrificed some of the Golem’s defensive capabilities, in exchange for a more powerful attack.

After analyzing his enemy’s technique, Ryo smiled, and his Lightning Chakra Mode broke out as he flickered back to the battlefield.

Kitsuchi’s face became heavy after seeing Ryo. He wasn’t able to sense Ryo’s Chakra before, so how come he reemerged in front of him one again?

Ryo, not waiting for his foe to understand, threw an Ice Scalpel at the Stone Giant: “Kitsuchi, it’s my turn!”

Ryo’s voice just fell, when he disappeared in front of Kitsuchi. The latter was surprised that his perception ability could not keep up with Ryo’s speed.

Ryo actually used his ice teleportation, and he reappeared at the Ice Scalpel that was planted on the Giant’s right leg. Immediately he hit that leg with a Rasengan!

Being hit on the leg, the Stone Giant lost balance, and its body trembled.

Kitsuchi increased Chakra flow to the giant’s leg to stabilize and repair it. But Ryo wasn’t about to wait for that, hitting the left leg with another Rasengan.

In under 30 seconds, Ryo flickered back and forth between both legs, delivering dozens of Rasengan to both of them, until the giant finally collapsed.

That scene was witnessed by everyone on the battlefield. After a constant flashing of blue light, the stone giant turned in a pile of gravel.

Kitsuchi, who climbed out of that pile, had a feeling born within him, a feeling that this foe he was facing was invincible.

Ryo suddenly stopped, looking in Minato’s and Onoki’s direction, who were fighting not too far away.

Kitsuchi sighed and took time to treat his right hand, while also looking in that direction.

The battle between those two was fierce. Ryo knew Minato for so long, and he never saw him look so serious.

Like Ryo, Minato was also a speed type Ninja. Onoki relied mainly on powerful Ninjutsu, so it was reasonable for him to be restrained by Minato.

But unlike most people, Onoki had the ability to fly, limiting the Flying Thunder God’s efficiency. This battle was quite the challenge for Minato.

Onoki remained in mid air, constantly using all types of Jutsus to force Minato to use the Flying Thunder God to the locations he keeps spared. As soon as Minato did that, a Dust Release attack would hit his new location.

This Kekkei Tota, Dust Release, attacks could disintegrate anything to a molecular level. Even Minato could only teleport out of its way.

Facing such a strategy, Minato was pretty helpless. Even when he tried throwing Flying Thunder God Kunai, Onoki just disintegrated them in mid air.

It was clear to Minato that his current strategy was a dead end, and he needed to do something to end this situation.

After hesitating for while, his eyes became firm. He threw a smoke bomb where he was at, and then used Flying Thunder God to avoid Onoki’s attack as he condensed a Rasenshuriken in mid air.

After completing it, the smoke was also exhausted, and Minato threw his attack into the air.

Onoki looked at this incoming Jutsu with a heavy face. He sensed, out of experience that this technique held a deadly threat.

He attacked it using Dust Release, but he didn’t expect that it wouldn’t break it down. Seeing the attack getting closer and closer, he quickly dodged to the left.

All his attention was drawn to that deadly technique, and he didn’t notice the Kunai that were flying nearby. As soon as he dodged to the left, Minato teleported to where he was at.

By the time he noticed Minato’s sudden attack, it was too late for Onoki to react, and he received a Rasengan right to his waist.

Only an explosion was heard, followed with a scream. Onoki fell from midair, holding his waist, within a cover of smoke he made at the last moment.

The smoke on the ground hadn’t ncompletely dissipated. Minato cautiously threw a Flying Thunder God Kunai within it, and waited until its exhaustion.

At soon as he saw Onoki’s figure, Minato smiled.

He teleported behind Onoki, placing a Kunai on his neck. The later fiercely stared at Minato, as his hands began forming a shining cube. Minato smiled again, and teleported with him in front of Han.

He then grabbed Kushina and disappeared instantly.

“Boom!!” After a huge explosion, Han was blown ten meters away.

“Minato, what’s going on?” Kushina was a bit puzzled.

Minato did not explain, but in his right hand, he condensed a Rasengan, and immediately moved to Onoki’s side, hitting his waist again.

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