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H.R.P Chapter 141: Battle of Kikyo Pass (3)

Everyone in vicinity heard Onoki’s screams, and their eyes were on this battle that seemed to be most important.

What they never expected was Onoki’s defeat!

The man with the Kekkei Tota, great mastery over most Jutsu, and the strongest Ninja in the Earth Country actually lost!

At everyone’s sight, Onoki was hit by Minato’s second Rasengan, and the Sand Rock alliance on the battleground went silent!

“He’s terrible! Konoha’s Yellow Flash is terrible!” A Rock Ninja broke through the silence, with a terrified voice.

This Ninja was one of the few to survive the Battle of the Lightning Country. He was strong, a Jonin, and had been hearing of Minato’s power ever since his days on that battleground.

Now, in Kikyo Pass, he’s finally encountering Minato. He had never expected the rumors to be true, and that Minato had already surpassed all five Kage.

Konoha’s Ninjas cheered after seeing Minato defeating Onoki, and the highest level battle on the battleground was already won by Konoha.

“Haha! Rasa, you’re going down this time! Even old man Onoki was taken down by my apprentice!” Jiraya laughed with mockery and pride.

Rasa said nothing, grunting and controlling the Gold Sand to surround Jiraya.

“My apprentice has won, I have to show I’m worthy of being his Sensei: [Senpo: Goemon]!” the hot flames immediately melted all the gold sand.

On the other side, Onoki, being hit by two consecutive Rasengan to the waist, couldn’t even stand up straight.

“You’re worthy of your title, Yellow Flash! This time, you’ve defeated this old man, but Konoha will never emerge from this victorious!”

Unable to fight anymore, Onoki cut off the part of his clothes that Minato marked. Supporting his waist, he levitated and flew away.

Minato hesitated at first, and then chased him. It was no time for him to sympathize with the elderly. If he managed to finish the Tsuchikage, this war will end.

Just as he was about to catch up with Onoki, he felt a terrible heat wave from behind.

Minato stopped immediately, and Teleported away. Looking back, he found someone surrounded by Magma.

From this person, Minato felt a horrible Chakra, and enough heat to burn all surroundings.

When Ryo saw this figure, his face changed greatly. He was clearly a new Yonbi Jinchuriki. He didn’t expect the Rock to recapture that Biju so quickly.

Ryo linked his mind to Minato’s, and telepathically said: “Ni-san, this is the Yonbi Jinchuriki, you must be careful!”

Learning that, Minato realized that he wasn’t about to kill Onoki any time soon.

“Onoki, so that’s your hidden card?”

“Brat, don’t be so conceited! Kakuzu, I will increase your reward by 30%!” Onoki said.

“So you say!” From behind a bolder not so far away, a Ninja wearing the slashed forehead protector of the Waterfall Village slowly walked towards Minato, Onoki, and the new Yonbi Jinchuriki.

Although Minato did not know this approaching person, he could clearly sense that he was a Kage tier Ninja judging by his Chakra, and one who’s not that inferior to Onoki.

“Who are you? You’re not a Rock Ninja!”

Hearing Minato, Kakuzu laughed out loud saying: “Kid, didn’t anyone teach you to respect your elders? I’m from your first Hokage’s generation you know!”

“That’s impossible! That would mean you’re over 80 years old! Who are you?” Of course, Minato was in disbelief.

“I was sent to assassinate Hashirama in the past! I wouldn’t bother to lie about such a thing!” Kakuzu was somewhat contemptuous.

“Assassinate the 1st Hokage!” Minato looked at him in amazement, and was shocked for a while.

As soon as Kakuzu appeared, Ryo used his spiritual power to link the minds of all of Konoha’s Kage tier Ninjas.

“Orochi san, who’s this person, do you know?”

“Kakuzu, if that’s Kakuzu, then yes I do know him. He’s an S Class Missing Nin from the Waterfall Village. He’s a bounty hunter that loves money, and he’s been in the oldest of Bingo books.” Orochimaru told everyone everything he knew.

“How can he still be alive?! Back in the day, after the battle in the Valley of the End, the 1st Hokage was seriously injured. After returning to Konoha, he wasn’t in as good shape as before. At this time, there was an assassin sent after him, and that’s Kakuzu.” Jiraya continued with what he knew.

“How about his power level.” Thinking that this person assassinated the 1st Hokage, Kushina was concerned.

“Strength? Well, all he did was throw a Kunai at the 1st Hokage. And then he was scared away by the latter’s Chakra and fled away.” Sakumo said with a sneer.

“Oh, that’s the assassination he’s so proud about?” Kushina was speechless!

“Of course he’d be proud to live! The power of the 1st Hokage is something beyond you youngster’s understanding!” Said Jiraya.

“Jiraya san, you also haven’t seen the 1st Hokage either, or did you?” Said Ryo.

Jiraya coughed and didn’t answer.

Hearing that, Minato felt a lot more at ease. If all what happened was throwing a Kunai at Hashirama, he shouldn’t be so worried.

Determining Kakuzu’s current strength, Minato decided to go all out on him first.

Kakuzu was already under a Flying Thunder God Kunai. Minato did not hesitate, teleported there and broke through his heart with a Rasengan!

Kakuzu obviously wasn’t expecting such speed. He didn’t have time to react, and lost a heart before he even started fighting.

From the Manga, Ryo knew already what should be done to kill Kakuzu: all five of his hearts should be destroyed, and Minato hit only one.

“Kid, you’re very good! Your heart shall suit me well!” Kukazu’s right arm was clad with Lightning, reaching for Minato’s heart.

Seeing his enemy’s agile movement, and him showing no signs of “dying”, Minato was astonished, teleporting immediately to his initial location.

Kukazu was annoyed, saying: “Dammit, this time-space Jutsu is really convenient!”

Just as Minato returned to his initial position, the Yonbi Jinchiriki started attacking from the side as well, and Minato’s foothold got surrounded by magma. Helpless, he could only teleport again.

“Onoki, that this guy, he cannot get away from us! Kushina, Ryo, whoever of you can take down his opponent first, go and support Minato!” Said Jiraya telepathically.

“I know Jiraya san. I’m already on it!”

Saying that, Ryo began to gather Lightning Chakra in his right hand, while a crystal clear Ice Blade appeared in his right hand.

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